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Ded edition

Gwent Standalone's open beta is out!
>Gwent General
GOTY Edition is out !

>Latest patch, free DLCs, The Witcher books (first six are officials) and short stories

>Witcher gear location, recommended mods
>Console Commands
>Where do I find Gwent cards?
>Witcher lore, books and all
>All vanilla Gwent cards ready to be printed out
>Redirect to the current thread
wtcg.pl or wtc.pleb.pl/
>Discord server

Cyberpunk 2077
>First trailer

>Creator about Cyberpunk 2077's world

>Cyberpunk all possible classes included

>Any new infos ?
CPDR is recruiting right now, so the game is still in early stages.
Still no release date, and we won't have one anytime soon.


Geralt and Triss OTP



If it dies, at least it'll die in Triss' warm embrace.

>I hooked up with a girl that has Yen's personality today...Triss doesn't approve...
>mfw even trissposters choose Yen irl

What if he only wants to fugg her.

I'd let Yen be my mummy.

She kind of chose me and wouldn't take no for an answer. Not that I complained...

beta as fuck

Triss was enjoying her time in Novigrad before the Witch hunts came. She always did find Skelligan accents endearing

Beggars can't be choosers.

Did Ciri ever have sexual feelings for Geralt?


Why do you find this thought appealing, I've always wondered?

why is GoT viewed by so many, same reason

There's many reasons people decide to watch GoT, thankfully forced taboos are scarce in TW.


Why is Triss's outfit from AoK superior to the one in WIld Hunt?

Not really.


I like both of them but I agree, her TW2 outfit was the best. Sexy, stylish and practical.


i want to poop in her mouth


How did a sweet girl such as Triss ever wind up working as a court mage, hags like Philippa and Yennefer are well suited for the job, but Triss is so young, what advice could she possibly offer

it's so lonely in the discord :(

Triss is at least 50-60 years old

Are there only waifuists in the discord?

so she still counts as a barely legal little sister material by sorceress standards.

Triss = Ass = Negroes
Yen = Face = Civilized Men

>not accepting Cara as your trad dominatrix queen
>promoting the greatest slut of the Northern Kingdoms

yup you've got shit taste.

I equally like Triss' face and ass.

Y*nnefer's face is 6/10 at best.

What's a 10 for you then, user?

I really wish to see a TW3 Yen when she's enhanced her beauty with elixirs.

good thinking.


I'm starting to miss the Ciri posters, please don't die


Keira deserves better than that retarded fuck undergoing an existential crises

She'll fuck him straight.

I like to think they both straighten themselves out while still retaining their whiny, bantery behavior and they become neighbors/good friends with Triss and whoever she's with in Kovir. 2 years later and i don't even have a concrete idea of who to pair Geraldo with

Keira and Lamberto can stay with my Geralto and Triss in Kovir.

Did ciri ported to modern earth?


>can't close the damn gate cause geralt keeps going into his battle stance
nice game there you fucking pole hacks

I'm sure they would make for fun company until they find their trust misplaced as the key they gave them was used to fuck on their kitchen table, evidenced by the jizz stain


Does the game stops with the railroad our will i need to reload my savefile before the isle of the mist quest?


It stops after the KM sequence

Thanks, was starting to get worried, wanna upgrade my bear gear

Is Griffin armor the worst looking armor in the game? It makes Geralt look like a complete chode. Look at this fat fuck

That's correct.


Nah. Considering how much ugly ass armor is in the game, it's got some stiff competition


I want to touch Ciri's cervix with my fingers. . .


ciri > geralt



Bear is the worst armor
Not canon
Enales anime tier sword abilities like whirl and rend


Yeah, Geralt was never meant to wear heavy armor anyway.


>tfw you will never grope Trissfus tits from behind while she pokes at your cock with her busty ass

Patrician taste

>tfw can't say no to Radovid when he asks for Anais
>tfw can't say no to Emhyr when he asks for help with Ciri

Henselt was right. Everyone dreams of being ploughed by a king. I don't even regret it given neither TW2 nor TW3 choices matter.

Geralts hands are seriously retardedly big

You need big hands to fit Triss' tits in them.




>trissfags are the kinda niggas who would antagonize Yen in Vizima because she's not Triss instead of talking about Ciri

I don't have to antagonize Yen, I just don't care about her. There's no need to explore further dialogue options. She's there to give info about Ciri and then she can do whatever.

Sure buddy

Sorry, I don't hate your waifu.

I want to finish The Witcher 1 fast so I can play the good ones.
I'm still at the third chapter and god, it hurts so much. the Oblivionesque dialogues, the boring drawn-out plot , the bland characters, it's been 3 years since I started this savegame.

I think I'm about to finish the third episode, so at least that's something

Second part of the game is better

Plebs can't handle W1.


Do you think Philippa Eilhart touched young Radovid explaining why he's so desperate to see her dead?


I like challenging my imagination, but that quote doesn't even remotely imply it. She could have starved him for all I know. Is there no other medium offering a firmer ground on the subject?

Of course it doesn't imply it, but nothing does. If you want to imagine kid Radovid getting molested, you'll have to stretch your imagination.

So hm, why the diagram for some of the witcher gear isn't showing on the chests?

Very well. When you put it that way, the idea loses whatever puny amount of charm it had.

I wish I could rest my head upon Trisses tits right about now desu

Cu ure not looking in the right chests!

I want to replay TW3 but I don't know if I want to start from scratch or do a NG+


the only variables that really distinguish the two is that you dont have to reacquire potion recipes for NG+ and you have more interesting build flexibility by virtue of having so many skill points, which is also a + for NG+

She's mad


Yeah but dunno I kinda enjoyed all the hunting for armor diagrams, witcher gear, potions, etc. and the progress associated with finding new shit. Felt like a real adventure

Truth : if the highest criteria in your women list is not the face you might be a muh dick melaninated individual

idk what the highest is for me, but I still prefer Triss' face > Yen

Same, Triss is way cuter. Yen has a resting bitch face.

woah what the fuck is up with this squad of lv45 witch hunters?