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redpill me on isdd

This one was 5 seconds faster, but the other one has better sniff in the OP

Cute OP

>but the other one has better sniff

But it isn't the best doa.

Dont start this shit again please


sigma when

I never said it was

Probably in the next few months

Do you thik there will be a trailer after scr top 8?
It makes no sense to have monster hunter trailer before sigma or black panther

sniff my sweaty hairy balls

Please root for my mane Maygo
Hes top 5 karin in the world and a fighting game god ya know?

Not a top sniff but a cute sniff

Is there even any point to start learning Chun-Li now or should I wait until the season 3 balance patch?

This fuger would be cool in MVC.
Could start the fight with the ride armor until it breaks, or give him the ability to exit and reenter.

He can airdash, fly and has all sorts of projectiles on him.

i mean it could happen since its a tourney with the stone

One of these does not belong

What could Kappa have done here?

>le epic 50/50 meme reset character

I hope you have a good time with fighting games today /fgg/!!!

I didnt follow the stone shit
Who had it and who has it now?

I know. Just saying if it was a better doa than honkers I'd agree the other thread is better.

this is the le epic 50/50 meme reset game, what are you expecting

Fucking mago you need this top 8

do NOT click

Vile is cool but we already have 3 characters from Mega Man X, there are others Capcom franchises that need the love aswell like Captain Commando.

buzz off


you're really bugging me

How to close out the match as chun-li?

fucking rude

>this Rog got to top 16 in winners
I can't wait for Rog to get nerfed and all the rog using frauds to get exposed

instant overhead with jump LK

Is Abigail mid tier?

>and yet balrog is the unfair character

>tfw can't do instant air legs

It's pretty funny that Balrog gets buffed to shit in Season 2 and then PR Balrog starts getting worse results.

Is Problem the best bipson?

Morrigan smash puny bee.

wow rude

Why are the people here shitting on injustice 2? Poor pcuck spics? It feels far better to play than MKX, is far better balanced and is fundamentally far more fair/ isnt focused so hard on 50/50 rushdown

>round settings changed again
is this really the players or is someone else doing it


nrs animations look like trash

bee is higher tier

who is who?

DC stuff is a big turn off in general to be honest, at least for me, MK characters are way more interesting.

waah le animation meme

literally everyone, even your precious youtube memer has conceded that injustice 2 has fine animations

>sion is in uniel
wtf i love french bread now?!

But morrigan is in more games. Therefore bee succs.

idc what other people think the game looks like garbage to me that's why I'm not going to play it
deal with it kusoge beggar

that's not broski. broski is sitting somewhere in the front.

I don't think that's Broski

Would Ant-Man and Wasp work as a sace character? One gets small while the other gets big and vice versa?
I think it would be cool

>tfw morrigan will never get her coolest super back

was that black thing a man or a woman?

no wait what the fuck why

why does photobucket still exist in 2017

its all just starting now, whoever wins scr gets the space stone

Her best super is upgrading her account?

her best super is turning a gif of soul eraser into a "no hotlinking" image when you try to upload it


I can never do them either, it sucks. I've just out right have learned to play without it.

I want her to get an unblockable level 3 again.

why does chun-li have to be so execution heavy, it's not fair. I like her playstyle but I'm too much of a baddie.

that chimpout lmao

Why is everything Dictator does safe on block? This looks so unfair.

Why can't Jedah do this move anymore?

is broski still in it

I miss SRK forums. It's a wasteland now and I don't like IRC or discord

why is darkstalkers so fucking weird

>it's a Jiewa flies across the globe to finish outside top 8 episode

I don't think she is that bad, if she's execution heavy I should just play an easier character. Airlegs is pretty much the only thing I can't do. Combos, setups, whatever I can do it as chun, airlegs? Nope. As I said, Ive just learned to live without it, never crosses my mind as an option even during a match. Feels meh man.


What about one where she starts off with ES Shadow Blade with Shadow Servant following her, then does Astral Vision twice and the Morrigans do Finishing Shower, Cryptic Needle, Valkyrie Turn, and Soul Eraser respectively, then they do a 4-succ version of Darkness Illusion and finally Eternal Slumber with a unique pose at the end with the various Morrigans wrapped around the opponent that has multiple kiss-shaped acid burns

We live in different times.

Because Darkstalkers is all about being spooky and weird (but still in a cartoony way)

>Bison mains still want Psycho Axe to be an overhead

Disney ruining LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Na but if its startup was too slow for darkstalkers it'd probably be bad in marvel too

NRS games look and play like garbage

And I say this as someone who played a ton of MK 1-3 as a child and has nostalgia bonus for them

>ISDD hasn't made a shit post for an entire hour
Did he kill himself guys?

When's a fighting game dev gonna get their head out of their ass and put some skinner box features into a fighting game to keep my potential punching bags coming back

I heard Gunslinga made top 8 which would mean he beat broski but smash hasn't updated yet so who knows

injustice 2 has lootboxes

Fantasy Strike planned to add those if the Fig succeeded.

No flatties to inflate in mvci.

Sounds like something that'd be in mugen.

The characters in MVCI don't have assets for breaking in half and going back together.

My man MOV needs mad blessing for season 3.
Hes still running with chun and doing pretty well even after all those nerfs

>that crowd pan
holy shit UK has changed

Captain Commando might be the biggest Capcom noname even though he was supposed to be the company mascot.

uk more like Yuk

Anyone wanna some EU PC Mahvel?


Did tyrant just say we're getting gay up in here.

what about agrippa, from the 2005 hack and slash Shadow of Rome

what about the kid from gotcha force

>Groove C
>Groove A
>Groove P
>Groove S
>Groove N
>Groove K


Damn Europe has one of the best Kens in the world
Fuck yall, we are claming Big Bird.

holy shit