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best robo friendo

comfy drug den.

vault girl is watching me sleep.


Link to face preset?



ded thred.

unzipped desu


Wow the thread was butchered already, good job you fucking spastic manchildren

do you think we can have quality discussion about a two year old game which doesn't get anymore content?


Which is why I'll ask; why hasn't /fog/ died yet?


There are better games for that.

>ED-E has died!
>You have lost ED-E's Enhanced Sensors Perk.

>Boone has died!
>You have lost Boone's Spotter perk.

>Veronica has died!
>You have lost Veronica's Scribe Assistant perk.

The fuck happened?

Creation Club

love has no boundaries


What the fuck is wrong with these people.


>ports female slutwear to male
>models anime boy haircuts
>uses ugliest possible character to show them off

paid mods 2 electric shekelroo

neato I can finally slap together the classic tattered vault suit with this as a base


I love japs


Wait did they actually put in vehicles?

So why did Kellog kill Nora?
Surely there was a better option.

Not according to Bethesda's writers.

Pretty much yeah, although there's already been a couple of mods with driveable vehicles.


>takes 5 minutes to run across the entire map
>adds vehicles

that's a big mole rat!

Still waiting for this one.

My character has 2 endurance.

Still don't understand how this wasn't the first one.

I'm not complaining, I've wanted a shredded vault suit since day one.
Guy really is a full on degenerate though.


it fits perfectly with the modular armor

also everyone is been asking you to use the HOTS model to update this old outdated piece of crap since LL is scared shitless to touch anything related to blizzard, even if they said that they are cool with ports like Sylvanas Voiced Companion

Has anyone done a "kill everything" run in fallout 4?

Does it change the game drastically if you just shoot every NPC you come across?

lolessential is a bitch.

Has anyone used that Film Workshop enb? Is it actually good for gameplay or just good for pretty screenshots? Seriously thought this pic was a painting at first.

i think there are some NPC's you can't kill but even if you mod it, all the essential NPC's will be gone but all the settlers and raiders will just respawn.

Stop this posting this troglodyte please. I know you do it for (You)s but this is just getting ridiculous.

I meant as everything but essentials.
I was wondering how the progress is affected if you just kill everything except the essentials, since they'll most likely still get pissed at you.

what enb preset would fit best with lush green areas?

probably not much except some NPC's will be pissed off, in other words: not worth it.

this is a good thread i bet you are that guy who spent $4 on shit

How many raiders have you killed? After a while life just gets cheap. He was sent to do a job, there was an obstacle, he shot it.

What mod is this?

i'm using a bunch of environmental mods and vivid weathers.

Jewry, Jewry never changes.

the one that adds all the vegetation is mostly ReGrowth Overhaul

i decided to install the binaries only, i wish that the vivid enb wouldn't require NAC to work.

shit, forgot the image.

What's the best fallout 4 enb?

Don't give me something with DOF bluring the whole screen and lighting that burns your eyes out

You can turn off dof you know.

I fucking love RPG combat

>RPG combat

What did he mean by this?

Man, this is the damndest bug I have ever seen.

If I launch Fallout 4 from the Launcher, the Creation Club and Mods options are greyed out and inaccessible.

If I launch Fallout 4 from F4SE, same thing.

But if I launch Fallout 4 by using the game executable itself, the creation club and mods options on the main menu become accessible and I can use them per usual.

What the fuck.

I did an 'oops you started me' to all the factions you can join.

dance accidentally gets caught in the cross fire during the ghoul raid

accidentally shoot railroad leader when the light flashes on

kill some old asshole that has the nerve to enter the room you were in after he fucked with you, with that fake shaun thing

hope you like building a lot of settlements though, on that run i hadn't even set up sanctuary, was awful having to do nothing but set up multiple settlements for a block of hours, its one thing peace meal. the minuteman main quest requires a lot of people in a lot of settlements to proceed at one point.

Need more curie

Games where things get harder by just multiplying enemy health over and over
You know, RPGs

>tfw could have my game look like this but then Boston would run like shit because of them requiring the disabling of busecombinedobjects

That doesn't seem to encompass an entire combat system though, just a method of health scaling.

needs less meme though

just reminding you guys that this came can become beautiful if you mod it enough.

I fucking love my overhaul mod that removes RPG progression among MANY other things, that might have gotten released this weekend if I had access to a FUCKING functional script extender, on my days off.

Dude I'm the boss of institute. Let me custom my waifu synth like I want dammit.

FO3: Pitt > Point Lookout > Broken Steel > Anchorage > Zeta

FNV: Honest Hearts > OWB > Lonesome > Dead Money

FO4: Far Harbor > Nuka World > Automatron > Workshit

>meme eyes
>meme armor
>meme companion
>meme game

looks memey and ridiculous

>meme faction

>Be director
>Build waifus instead of improving the commonwealth
Dunno if you're better than Shaun 2bh

Old /fog/ didn't have any trouble discussing the classic fallouts, FO3 and NV for years after release, but that was before the FO4 newfags, waifushitters and namefags rolled in and shat the place up.

>improving the commonwealth
Just shut the fuck up, be a good director and pick up the next report faggot.

There is something wrong, Father....

>Games where things get harder by just multiplying enemy health over and over
So you mean Bethesda games?

i vault girl is the best waifu.

when was the last time you threw a hatchet through a raiders face?

The Institute have the greatest potential to improve the Commonwealth than anyone else.

my man.

Institute has to potential to be all the other factions rolled into one. with one SS at them helm.

Institute will be the best faction after father and the heads fucked off and died.

>and to think that he voiced this guy



>complaining about being unable to use not!Paid Mods and Bethesda's-Own-Nexus-with-Blackjack-and-Hookers

>the most rushed and safe DLC
>the best

What's the best start for New Vegas? I have all DLCs.

Release order.
Even if I generally start OWB before Dead Money coz I want all the gold bars.


>he doesn't immediately set all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. to 10 and all skills to 100 with console commands and give himself 99999999 botltle caps, stimpak and radaway as soon as starting the game

back to /tesg/

>survival mode
>game crash after over 2 hours no save

thanks todd


m150 just added the Raider Quad Bike that some user was looking for.

Use mods.

You're like three years late with this meme my dude.

These digits confirm Fallout 5 will be the next new vegas

Not really. Valve said they're still planning on paid mods as they think mods should be marketable and they want their cut.

>I fucking love my overhaul mod that removes RPG progression among MANY other things

Sounds like something that would be good on my STALKER themed run.

Thee digits confirm Fallout 5 will continue to be bland and lackluster.

You are deeply unintelligent.

>Institute will be the best faction after father and the heads fucked off and died.

I'm still peeved that there isn't some kind of "hijack the Institute" ending. Not sure how it would be done, perhaps beaming in a team of guys with an upgraded relay during that meeting Father calls and threatening to off him and the heads if he doesn't shut down the synths and surrender.

>well as much as i would love to use this even with everything required installed the preset looks nothing like the images so what the hell am i doing wrong ? can you help in any way
eg. steps to get this working in detail because im not the only one having problems getting this to work

>Edit or never respond at all thats good too