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September 24th 18:00 JST
- 1 free 4* of your choice
- 30 Quartz
1st: HP Fou x10
2nd: 4* EXP x10
3rd: 3* ATK Fou x10
4th: Mana Prism x100
5th: 10M QP
6th: Golden Fruit x10
7th: Tickets x10
>Rate-up schedule
9/20-27, 10/1-4: Merlin
9/28,30,2,4:Artoria (Saber)
9/29,30,3,4: Artoria (Lancer)

>[Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017]
- 5* Okita: September 20-21, 24-25, 27
- 5* Hijkata: September 22-24, 26
- 4* Tamamo Cat & 4* Suzuka Gozen always on rate-up
- 5* GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CE (Taunt & ATK Up +10% for 3 turns)
- 4* Launch Order! CE (Quick +10%, Buster +10%)
- 3* Fate GUDAGUDA Order CE (Quick, Arts, Buster, Star Generation, Star Weight, NP Gain, NP Damage, Debuff Rate, Debuff Resist +1%)

>English FGO has its own general for now, search /fgoalter/ in the catalog
>Monthly items: Dragon Fang, Unlucky Bone, Magical Spinal Fluid
>Epic of Remnant 3 ~Stage of Corpses and Streaming Blood~ to be released mid-Oct


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: June 29)
Add yourself docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCq3eZgh3zlUtZ3G6Y-zzv1kaXt4GHuWVBRlV__V3Q3rC2Pg/viewform
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Alternate Servant/CE DB

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5th Grail war
Shirou: Musashi
Rin: Gilgamesh or Alcide
Sakura: Ozzy
Ilya: Heracles
Atomic Gatorade: Merlin
Bazett: Scathach
Zouken: Kiritsugu
Kirei: King Hassan

Remove thyself, flatfag

So how do I fuck this cutie without dying?

Best boy is finally home.





Finished this today bros

>Nero gets bigger implants in every new appearance

Shamelessly dick picking.

A Servant's worst enemy.

Enough of these faux-loli Oriental HAGS!

Drake Lily when?!

Nobu a CUTE.

>121 runs

I feel sorry for your fingers.

Did you pick them yet?

I did it over the course of 4 days, but yeah it was tough

Got Alter going for Merlin and I don't need Nito since I already have good farming units

Doesn't Nitocris cuck you?

Both have spooked me in the past already. I'm still wondering why I don't burn my level 1 Nitocris. I'll never level her, let alone use her even now that my giftbox is full of exp cards.

I already had both

No, but I had to deliberate over these two.

After Kiara gets her Beast costume

Got both already.

I think I made the right choice.

I already got her fom the gacha so picked and summoned Saber Alter, i love them.

Got spooked by Nito while rolling for Merlin and I don't give a shit about Lancer Alter.

KH kills Kirei and wins war by himself.

Nice fluid druid

>Fue start drawing porn again

No, he wouldn't.

I want Lovecraft to bully Nito when he appears.

I thought he was under contract what happened?

Almost went for her myself, but I felt like I'd probably get spooked by her down line so I went for lostman instead.

>Fue will never draw a CE or servant

Who should I pick user,
Lanchuria, Herc, Tristan, NP2 Wu, NP2 Pent, NP2 Saberlot, NP3 Gorgon?

Alter Jeanne gacha after this one

What contract?

You did

I'd roll my tickets and try to upgrade her NP.

Wu is fucking garbage, shittiest servant in the entire game. Why the fuck would someone ever willingly pick her?

Good job my man

>tfw no Merlin

The fact he couldn't get a contract is why he has returned to lewds.

I already have Nito and I don't think I need another Lancer.

She is cute

I want her to step on me and tell me I'm a disgusting pig.

He is realy tough to defeat.
His battle skills is hifgher than knights of Camelot and he can teleport.
For example when he meet Gil and Gil baegin spaming him with GoB he just teleports behind him and says "nothing personal kid"
He even doesn't BELL DUDE XD

Because I don't get triggered over little girls unlike you.

So what's happening on Wednesday?

>choose Astolfo
>0 plumes and 0 berserker rocks

I did a mistake.

dumb male master

You're missing the point. King Hassan only kills who the bells tell him to. He'll spare anyone that the bells aren't ringing for.

5th Grail war
Shirou: Okita Souji
Rin: Ishtar
Sakura: Quetzalcoatl
Ilya: Heracles
Atomic Gatorade: Edison
Bazett: Lancer Artoria Alter
Zouken: Yan Qing
Kirei: Edmond Dantes

>good at escaping
>her most famous part of story is when she tricked men and ate them at Rashomon gate
>good at disguising herself
>managed to trick and steal her arm back from a house with tons of anti-demon barrier
You have 10 second to tell me why Ibaraki wasn't an Assassin

They were both in Nerofest.

His bell said you shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens every wednesday


Quetzalcoatl breaks everyone over her knee.

He can't draw porn if he works for TM. They must have fired him.

I really want to pick Astolfo, is there still a chance of them buffing him or at least fixing his NP recharge rate, given he's one of the most popular characters in the airing anime?

Why do you guys always give Shirou the shittiest servants and put him against Gods?

Despite hearing this a hundred times I've yet to see literally any proof for this.

And who the hell farmed gold medals in nerofest if not for the SSR Fou alone?

You can draw porn, just not of Type-Moon characters

I did it for the CE.


No such thing.Also Fue doesn't draw shit in FGO.
>inb4 muh anthology
There a guy that draw Mashu's porn and still allowed to do FGO anthology.

That's not the 5* I was rolling for

He already got buffed, he is one of the best door farming units now

>be an autist living on a farm
>spend 50 years working with cows
>cows are love, cows are life
>develop a Reality Marble where everyone except you gets a cowbell on his neck
>summon KH

>Thought about taking Lancer Alter
>Her My Room lines are even more boring and lifeless than Scathach Lancer's,most are not even a full sentence or complete thought
jesus christ

I wish he'd spook me one day.

>Okita has the best battle skills with Sasaki and Ryougi Assasin in the Fate franchise
And Nasu give him win even against gods.

cool suit bro

Fuck off Nguyen.


dude tits lmao



She was great in Go West

After Illya gets hers

which servant I should use for clearing EXP quests?

Better than your cuck waifus.

What the fuck, please delete that photo. don't fucking dox me

That doesn't make the version you summon any more appealing.

Plenty of servants are fun in events but are shit when you actually get them.

Is footfetish Grand Fetish?

literal seanig

Aber Aber is that you?

SEAmonkey massacre when?

>Picked Ibaraki
>All out of rock candy

MyRoom lines are limited and linear.Event and story are not since they are more flexible.

I can't understand them anyway.


I want to grail Mashu. Am i right?

Why the fuck does Wu quick buff doesn't work on herself?

I wouldn't mind this either since I have her and Kiara.

Boudica no

Jesus fuck
Wu looks like a boring character, dialogue wise.