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Bloodborne discussion is welcome here, but you'll get more help in their general: >KING'S FIELD
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Is OP the same mong who created yesterday's thread? Can we ban him from making new threads somehow?

I like Dark Souls

I'm so glad you didn't add a number like "2" or "3" to your post.

Could anyone on PC be so kind to drop me a Untrue Dark Ring? I've already reached my desired level cap and I really don't want to go above that by allowing Yoel to give me 5 AIDS marks.

whats your ranking of the souls games?

DeS>DS2>DS>BB>>>DS3 for me

what would you want in the nest from game?


new general w/out embed

I'm glad we agree good sir.

Don't spam threads. No, I don't care that OP's a faggot, you are the one who decided t doublethe thread.

I'll give it for a Sage Ring +2 :^)

Alright, meet me at High Wall, password is dsg. I'm gonna put the sign down.

despite having done this before, I am having a really hard time beating Oceiros at a low level. I will get him 1/2 to 1/3 and then I get 1 shot by his instant dash. Do I just need enough hp to tank the dash if it comes, or are there steps I can take to not get hit by it?

I try to get behind him as much as possible, but the hop>instant dash or tail-swipe into instant dash has been fucking my shit up.

What dumbass trick am I missing here, because it ain't git gud.
I know this because most twinks are retarded.

>Image MD5 filter for 4chanX users

Player list: pastebin.com/9hG50KHX
Steam group: steamcommunity.com/groups/DarkSoulsGeneral

I finally found a route to kill Ingward without being hit by ghosts, halfway to darkwraith at level 19 (pyramid head w/butchers knife, for now.) long story short, roll alot, jump the broken stairs, go in a window to lose your tail, pray on the ladder.

your experience may differ, its not like I figured it out first run...

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I'm a retard, I should have asked for a secondary Dark Hand. Ohwell.

Don't have one, if I did I wouldn't have to ask here for a Dark Ring either. Thanks for the trade.

Welcome, you spared me of having to do NG++ on a SL27 character, which I'm already doing TRC with.


you can avoid the dash if you roll into him as soon as he jumps to face you. it's easier to do with Quickstep i think. if you block with a 100% physical shield, the dash will do no damage, but it'll break your guard most likely. you don't even need to have the stats for the shield

I think I used the shield thing before, thanks.

Didnt know I could do the dodge, I always thought the back legs would catch me. Will have to try.


Can someone help me transfer some items over? DaS3, PC.




It breaks my heart to see the difference between Welcome in 2 and 3

As a pure mage settling at SL85 in DS3 can I consider keeping my END at base levels? I don't exactly have a lot of points to spare.

looks good, is there neck in the back? i hate that raime's shows neck with DB helm

prisoner's chain should help, but yes regardless

How are small weapons like daggers/curved/piercing swords fare in DS2 PvE? Want to do a thiefish run but have concerns of damage viablity.

couldnt get the dash to work, but holy shit does the shield invalidate that fight. Its the ultimate safety net in that fight, it even works against the ending dash if you get caught underneath him during his chain flailing.

Everything is good in DaS2 PvE. Literally everything.

pretty much this similar goes for PvP if you are good, unlike DS3 where turtle estoc can beat anything

dodge for the dash to work*

EXCEPT the Ladle.
It's the Straight Sword Hilt of DS2

Will do that. Thanks.

Rapiers are speedrun tier.

I see, thanks, My attempts at DS1 dagger run ended with me weilding Black Knight's sword because I was sick of doing no damage. I hope I won't suffer the same fate in 2.

>everything was so viable on release that they actually nerfed the Ladle

yeah cuz the pve is braindead easy and shit

Where will you all be doing co-op when return to lordran is up?

Just kill every enemy until they stop respawning and only then proceed with the boss. Never fails.

riposte everything and double buff powerstance daggers for anything you cant

>not invading

Rapiers are amazing DPS vs bosses and normal enemies, stone ring 2handed strong attacks will stagger almost any enemy that can be staggered
Daggers work but you might want to go mundane/elemental infusion since most of them have pretty poor scaling
Curved swords are workable, but not that amazing in PvE and the potentially strong ones are all pretty lategame

Daggers still have huge critical modifiers, to learning DS2's convoluted parry system is recommended to make the most of it.

>there are actually shitters on /dsg/ who have done this

warped sword tho

Thanks for advice, guys, tho part of the problem in 1 is me asking myself why I'm bothering to parry with a dagger instad of GS.

Thanks, that's very helpful advice.

>Warped Sword powerstanced with Washing Pole

Isn't it only exceptionally good for PvP?

The first time I played das2 on release I joined the CoC and didnt know what it did and also didnt invest in adp at all, and some of the bosses had me stuck so long that this happened to me from killing stuff before the boss so much.

This was before the CoC stopped the despawning

>he doesn't powerstance two Majestic Greatswords

Can I get two on NG with ascetics?

Parrying with parrying tools is significantly easier in 2 as opposed to 1 where even the worst parry tools could be used easily on reaction.

Honestly though powerstanced double buffed (equip a catalyst like a chime/staff/pyro hand in your right hand, buff your left hand weapon with a spell, then swap out your right hand casting tool for your second dagger, buff that with a consumable) does plenty of damage so you can just R1 your way through a lot of shit

Yeah boi.

my time has come

I must be twice the artorias that artorias was

Is there an 100% droprate script for ds2? The grind is ridiculous and I want OUT
No, it's in a metal chest

Aw tits.
Just realised this.

Ah well, he still has NG+ to get it in.
Or he could just ask for a second one

>Is there an 100% droprate script for ds2?

Just use the item mod in the cheat table

>Soul Arrow
>Heavy Soul Arrow
>Great Soul Arrow
>Great Heavy Soul Arrow

I've always been confused by this.

It takes too looooooooong
And I want to at least feel I earned it somewhat. But after the umpteenth time, I'm kinda upset

heavy are effected by gravity. simple.

What are you looking for?

Is this a joke?

It's a big arrow.

>kill one enemy and get everything in one go or just cheat all the items into your inventory
yeah, you really earned those.

That's the problem. If it was a few shit, I'd just spawn them.
I want everything. It's my issue, I want one character who has it all. Mainly armors for fashion purposes, but weapons too.
More like
>>kill one enemy 50 times and get the same item 4 times out of a roster of 6 and nothing else.
>>kill one enemy once more and get everything in one go

What is your favourite spell that does not have arrow, spear and/or ball in it?



Black Flame

dark edge

I cant decide between Soul Flash, Soul Greatsword, Flame Whip and Soul Bolt.

Soul Flash

Boulder Heave. It's stupid, works maybe one time out of ten, but that one is enough to make it worth it.
Or Forbidden Sun, that name isn't as out there as Chaos Bed Vestiges.

homing crystal soul mass NIGGA

Oral Decay

doesn't deal that much dmg from what I remember
incredible poise dmg for a spell

So i have no idea where to go once i enter blighttown, could somebody tell me where I can find the bonfire and how to get there?

Just finished my first playthrough. I have two questions:

Is NG+ supposed to be so easy? It felt much harder in DS1.

How should I upgrade my maxed out sorcerer now? Should I start getting vigour and endurance, or faith to be able to cast every spell in the game?

Very bottom of the map. Protip: go back to the Asylum and get Rusted Iron Ring.

What game? Dragon's Dogma?

get to the bottom with the swamp, then look for a big lump with stick growing out of it, has a bunch of rock chucking giants standing guard round the base

Its usefulness in duels doesn't stretch far, at least in my experience, but can be really useful in invasions with the knockback


>that pic


Focus Souls. When someone thinks they can dodge HCSM by rolling towards you and they just eat four lasers, five crystal pursuers and an MLGS R2 for good measure, it's the greatest feeling.

>sick of all these fucks roleplaying summoners during invasions
>pick up exile greatsword
>dark infusion it
>mfw one combo can kill a host
>mfw sometimes can two shot phantoms
Oh man. I feel like a scrub for resorting to using this weapon. But these fucks deserve it. They deserved it I enter a world of 4 phantoms and a host spam summoning.

God does it feel good to point down on these fucks.
My dick is rock hard

I'm new to this series (Starting with DS1). I just reached the Painted World and I have some doubts. I'm following a guide and it said for me to kill Gwynevere, so I killed her. However, I didn't know that this game had a good and a bad ending. Can I still get the good ending ? What are the rewards for me killing Gwynevere ?

>I'm following a guide

>where I can find the bonfire and how to get there?
Once you are past first toxic sniper you should end up on a platform with two broken bridges and one good one to the right. All three if you follow them in the intended manner lead you down a level to a stone bridge with a bonfire in the middle. The quickest way is to sprint up the leftmost bridge and jump on a platform containing a special sword, and than jump down from it. You should now be 1 step away from bonfire. The rightmost bridge is the safest bet, make sure to turn left when you have an option to do so.

>I'm new to this series
>I'm following a guide
What the FUCK are you doing son?

well, why don't you ask your guide what happens?

can i get some fun weapon/build suggestions for ds2 playtrough? Preferably something that isn't 100% meme like ladle


Skeleton Fisters, powerstance Smelter Swords, powerstance Bent Blades.

Endings are decided at the literally end of the game.
I suggest not going with a guide for the first playthrough, they're skewed towards 100% completion, and thus will make you do things you might not want to have done.

Like, killing Gwyndolin (It's a trap btw), will make Anor Londo into Dark Londo sort of, you should be glad there's no crazy online activity or you'd be constantly invaded by now.

Just drop the guide and play the game.