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Poschengband v7.0.0 released: angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=8500
Play the OOOK.CZ comp you casuals

InfraArcana v19.x has been released: sites.google.com/site/infraarcana/downloads
IA v19 Changelog can be found here: raw.githubusercontent.com/martin-tornqvist/ia/v19.0/res/release_history.txt

Angband 4.1.0 has been released:

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

>Roguelike Servers:

roguenex.us/ (CDDA, angband, PCB)
angband.live/ (Angband and variants, including PCB)
hardfought.org/ (Nethack and variants, including slex)

Other urls found in this thread:

sourceforge.net/projects/crawl-ref/files/Stone Soup/

First for the oook.cz comp.
Play it you casuuls.

What is the most Kafkaesque roguelike?

Infra Arcana, play it.
It even has tiles for the faggot queers.


Tales of Maj'Eyal: Odyssey of The Summoner

just let arelgee permadie please

stupid question time
How do i play old version of DCSS ?
namely 0.14 one, i can't find the ususal exe file to start the game

no, then I would have to hang out on the shitty discord

>Vore every artifact on the planet
>Still get stunlocked to death
good desin

the discord is complete cancer but at least adom's channel is surprisingly good for a dead shitty hacklike

You can play all the way back to .10 if you're willing to play online.


>vore every artifact on the planet
>become literally invulnerable to melee
>still die because oots dev can't put in a single movement ability that isn't based on consumables, in tome of all things

its much more convenient for me to play offline tho, also i don't feel like showing my embarrassing plays online

Aww, user is shy

Fuck IA is hard.

Reminder that you probably aren't playing a roguelike.

Tales of Maj'Eyal

Infra Arcana

Troubles of Middle Earth
Linley's Dungeon Crawl and 4.1


Dungeon Crawl SJW Soup
Nethack and variants
Dungeons of Dredmor

Mystery Dungeon

for some reason they have purged everything but mac versions of older DCSS versions from crawl.develz.org/release/

the devil's team strikes again
you weren't trying to escape their changes were you user? did you not think current crawl was balanced and fun?

no bully

You could have chosen not to shitpost

Shit I might play some tanglederp today.
Seems like a shitty kind of day anyway.

name one (1) flaw of tangledeep

Wow that was easy

Allows playing without permadeath, therefore pandering to filthy casuals.

so thats why i couldn't find exe and get this game to work.
Makes me remember why i stopped playing this game at some point

What is there to even do in Elona outside of murdering everything and getting money from your wacky farm of lolis?

killing the gods
killing the bigger gods inside of the gods
murdering every named NPC in the game and displaying all their driver's licenses in a row in your museum
seducing your pet loli and/or pudding spirit by feeding her steaks dosed with love potion and then "making a gene" together
decorating your cave/shack/house/castle to be the prettiest in all the land
modding the game so your pets' sprites are all images of your waifu
grinding all your stats and skill levels to 2000
doing the main quest i guess

No. You pick a class that doesn't matter then all your skills shoot up to godhood like you're playing Skyrim, but that's all ok because it was developed by a Jap and you can cultivate little girls. It's a sandbox game with hardly anything to do outside of shit that's typical of the genre.

>all your skills shoot up to godhood like you're playing Skyrim
oh sure
after over a billion hours of grinding and trying not do have a death the makes you lose all your shit

Death barely matters in Elona. You drop like 1 or two items and everything is replaceable thanks to the little girl NPC anyways. It also doesn't take very long to outscale everything in the game if you don't use pets that steal exp from you and if you do they scale so retardedly fast and get such large gains compared to you from everything they'll just win the game for you

tbqh the item loss is less annoying than the figuring-out-which-items-you-just-lost part because for some godawful reason the game doesn't tell you and you're normally running around with 7-10 pages of inventory items

then 5 hours later you'll realize that you're missing some small rarely-used but relatively important item and have to go find a new one

without gold you can't do shit

How do I git gud at Elona?

Yea that's dumb

You can do quests poor as fuck and naked because your pet will body them for you.

It has its own far more succesful general on /JP/ and I posted in the last thread the short and easy. Basically start as farmer, buy good shit, game is won.

>have two suits of power armor
>still haven't found any .308

Do you have Blazemod? The tanks and humvees often have belt-fed machine guns mounted on, with like a hundred rounds of .308 just sitting there for the taking.

Oh shit, I thought they would be chambered for 5.56.

Now I feel like a dumbshit.

>sandbox game with hardly anything to do outside of shit that's typical of the genre

I always wondered why I couldn't get into Elona compared to an overworld Roguelike like PCB or a sandbox one like Cata.

Some are. You'll also find a lot of .50 BMG and some 30mm. I don't think it's even set in vehicle blueprints, they seem to just get random mounted guns on them.

Jesus christ you shitters.
sourceforge.net/projects/crawl-ref/files/Stone Soup/
All the old versions of DCSS for online play.


We're talking about /rlg/ here, 90% of players use mouse + tiles on Windows

i play with a controller. I just binded o+tab on a button then occassionally mobe

why did you give my shitpost a (You)

there is literally no way to defend using mouse for roguelikes

Two words
Aut tism


>it's excusable to remove old game versions from the main site because hurr durr they're available in other places literally nobody aside from devshitters would look for

Oh my bad, I assumed that was just a source code mirror. Good thing I was wrong, wouldn't want to lose the Cookie Clicker audience

I can't think of any other roguelike that would generate this type of butthurt, most people just play latest stable

>want to play tangledeep
>have to wait for steam to do bullshit
This is why no one likes your game.

It's on GOG too


both from the autists that play it and whine about devs and the counter-autism that this thread experiences whenever someone tries to discuss it

Seeing as every single commit of the game is available for your perusal on github, I do not give a shit what they do with the release versions for useless schmucks like yourself who can't even compile a roguelike.


Dude, breaking taboos and shit

dragon dildos ahead


infra arcana is literally too hard

What level did you make it to?
Is there an "easy" class?

>early access
>elder god tier
Fuck off with your stupid bullshit, nigger.

>made vibrators usable without batteries

Awaiting the masturbate command to dethrone adom's clean ears.

Every time I boot up cdda to play it I immediately ask myself why I'm playing this and shut it down.
Never even make it past the first hour.

Starting out is fun.

every roguelike is either in early access or dead

In all honesty, vibrators should be craftable.

It's just a shaft and a little electric motor with a counterweight on it.

I'll give you a shaft with a little electric motor and a counterweight on it.

>cat warriors are faster than Sprinting
>come in a pack
>and have Exchange Places
This is some bullshit, I tell you what.

>It's on PB too
Fixed that for you

Post your runs niggers.
You DO play roguelikes don't you?
I just died on lvl 4 of tangledeep, this game is hard.

>You DO play roguelikes don't you?

Incursion: Return of the Forsaken when?

literally never he gave up and quit roguelikedev


what the fuck are those stats son
don't be a pussy
dump ego and get some actual toughness

>ego not dumped harder than a single woman you just learned has a half-black child

toughness is the worst dump stat ever
youre gonna die the first time you see a goat with grenades

actually just
>chimera in the first place
it's a literal waste of a point, it does nothing for you
chimera/esper only affect what kind of results you can get with the 4point "buy a new random mut" option
if you actually take multiple good physical mutations then you are gonna spend all your points on leveling them up instead of buying new ones anyways

did somebody say "page 10 anime bump"?

So this is the rumored 2 stones in 1 cat

>of Chei
>Full Fast Agi Blade

>D3 Hippogriff


seriously someone explain to me why a cheicat is hasted

i used mouse to click a potion of resistance so I can resist the branded stones but I accidentally clicked an unID'd potion. It happend to be haste, good thing I used mouse

tfw aim is shit

chei doesn't unhaste you or care at all? someone page the devil's team

Chei has never cared about accidental haste from an unidentified item.

It feels like the only enjoyment I get from crawl now is finding loot.

And I found an electrowhip, too.

Pretty sure cat warriors are exactly as fast as sprinting. Anyway, you kill the niggers with the normal tricks: Flank+Dodge, and/or Zone of Control.

It hurts to live.

Should have been more careful. I'm sure you can find the fault in your heart.

He can't help it since the fault itself is playing a roguelite

Does anyone of that paint drawing of jubilex with the pc sitting next to him looking frustrated?

pls reply :3


devnull is coming up soon.
Hope you are all brushing up on your nethack.