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>GX in charge of not being shit

Waifu devotion in every thread until Madolche support is announced for Link Vrains Pack

tfw the poor sales rumor was true

>We are close to December
>Which means we are close to premium pack 20
>Which means we are probably going to get Dark Anthelion Dragon, Starving Venemy Dragon, Pendulum Xyz, Dowsing Fusion and Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon in this year

>DARK Link 2 never



Print meeeeeeeee

ice bell reprint when?

Indeed. We'll probably also get some D/Ds, White Auras and miscelaneous cards from throughout the different Yugioh Mangas.
Still hoping for pic related.

Card sells went into the shitter when master rule 4 was introduced so Konami is trying amends by printing shit for older cards from the GX era, they're doing a piss poor job of that as these older cards suck pretty hard, for example, this one, it still doesn't solve the problem of Timaus not being quickplay and searchable

Timaeus doesn't need to be quickplay.

what are people using to play online these days? ygopro devpro or dueling book?

DP19-JP021 アームド・ドラゴン・カタパルトキャノン (Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon)
Level 10 LIGHT Machine-Type Fusion Effect Monster
3500 ATK
3000 DEF
Cards Used: “VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon” + “Armed Dragon LV7”
Cannot be Special Summoned unless you have Special Summoned all the above cards during this Duel.
Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by banishing the above cards you control and/or from your Graveyard. (You do not use “Polymerization”.)
(1) Your opponent’s cards and effects that have the same name as any banished card cannot be activated.
(2) Once per turn, during your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can banish 1 card from your Main Deck or Extra Deck; banish all cards from your opponent’s field and Graveyard.

Is this what staring into the abyss feels like?

To the guy from the end of last thread: fusion tag isn't the only issue, prisma says send from main deck

>Every single card nowadays has You can only activate 1 "X" per turn.
>Opening multiples of the same card is now bad
Why this?

I always found it weird how Giltia gets no kind of nostalgia love. Maybe my mind is just playing up how much of a signati card he was though

Because loops got out of hand, and Konami is bad at card design so this is the only safe way they can guarantee balance.

This is what happens when Konami sees Chazz' tendency to combine completely different archetypes with no synergy into one deck, and then try to combine them in a misguided attempt at making it worth running both VWXYZ and Armed Dragons.
They should have just given us more Ojamas.


>tfw there's a yugioh thread on an obscure board
>want to shill it here because there's barely anyone there and its a good quest
Would anyone even care to participate?

Ojama+VWXYZ that is :^)

best card

Mecha Ojama King and Ojamachine Yellow when?

Fuck it, posting it.

In what, a stall deck? I would only run in Cubics 1 if not for Karma and the fact that he is one of 2 that can be normal summoned.

>Cubics can use Master Piss

God dammit that would actually have tons of synergy
Just ban Master Peace, I'm sick of that faggot poisoning my petdecks.

>cubics + master pizza
will try it

>Duelist Pack 3 is released
>New Ojama Support
>It's a fusion of VWXYZ, Armed Dragon Lv7,
and Ojama King

Not before you try him with SPYRALS

*Armed Dragon Lv10

should I swap veil for gofu?

Hoshiningen and Witch's apprentice will both come out in Vrains' 5th core set.

You should swap deck for other deck.

haha meme

On which yugioh simulator can I challenge you fucks do a duel? Besides percy since it has no links.

what the fuck do you get out of gofu


decode talker

-2 Magician of Dark Illusiom
-2 Dark Magic Veil
+1 Dark Magic Inheritance
+1 Ash Blossom
+1 Maxx "C"
+1 Warning

Why are people acting like Konami aren't going to release a way to make LV7 and VWXYZ easier in this very set? That card has a hilariously broken effect.

>beelze is 40$
Fuck this shit. This card needs a reprint


sooner or later its literally only for master piss its not worth the cost of buying it if castel exists

>hilariously broken effect.
It could literally get stopped by effect veiler. and guess what? no one RUNS EFFECT VEILER ANYMORE YOU DUMBFUCK

Because helping out VtoZ helps out AtoZ Dragon buster cannon and ABC, they should have just made an Armed Dragon fusion monster

I really don't think 3 new cards would be enough to make it easy enough to summon both Armed Dragon LV7 and VWXYZ easy enough to make it worth it.

It's used on your opponent's turn. Not your own. How the fuck is Veiler supposed to stop it?

ABC got nuked by the Japanese banlist. They did make an Armed Dragon fusion.

>abbreviating VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon's name

>Can literally be stopped by Effect Veiler
>Using Effect Veiler during your turn
It's a shitty card but come on.

Both Silent monsters got cards that lets them drop their evolved forms. The only real problem is the VtoZ but they can fix that with a card that lets you fuse those cards from the extra.

>hey hold up i can mill armed dragon then bring it back with level modulation or some other meme
>so for the vwxyz i just need to--
>mfw there is ACTUALLY no way to cheese this, you have to do it properly
I guess they learned from stuff like Inzektors letting you cheat out AtoZ. I'm predicting he'll get two or three other cards, one of which should help get this out, but holy shit that's a terrible summoning condition.


Is there a way I can download ygopro2 without joining a forum?

yea i got it off youtube or something


Legend Duelist 2 Consists of:
- "Bandit" Keith Howard
- "Insector" Haga
- Pegasus J. Crawford
- Manjoume Jun
- Chrono de Medici
- Johan Anderson

Toon Table of Contents & Level Up! get reprinted

This seems like the most credible Legend Duelist 2 rumor so far since everything is spot on besides the Toon Table of Contents reprint unless one of the GX characters have a toon for some reason.

We've had dinosaur cards from before the GX era.

what if one of the relinquished supports is a toon

Leakers usually include a small amount of false info in order to have plausible deniability.

Would anyone buy a hacked client for Duelingbook :D

Ya'll got anymore of them Synchros?

Let's figure out how to cheat this cunt out.

>level modulation

VWXYZDCC is up on percy. Jump on into fantasy land and try to summon this thing in 1 turn, in a format without mr4 no less.

Which is why they aren't going to make it easier to get out.

Toon Table of Contents makes no sense unless they do more than 3-4 reprints since TER has been confirmed and Relinquished/spell + Idol are pretty much guaranteed.

Legendary Knight Hermos + Battle Mania

This. It's nostalgia support, and clearly one of those bosses you're supposed to "work for", just like Imperion Magnum and AtoZ

They're going to make it easier to get out because they are worried about sales.

I'm trying to build a Performapal deck WITHOUT any Pendulum, can I use pic related tokens for Links or its another "Kaiju The Ophion" situation?

The fact that it's nostalgia support is what'll sell the pack (pretty sure Legendary Duelist had great sales despite being utter garbage), they won't bother making it actually easy to get out

If the ass pain is strong enough think they'll repeal MR4 and redo the EDZ design? Or double down on it for at least some years?

>Cannot special summon from the extra deck while you have hippo tokens
If you can't synchro with 'em you can't link with 'em.

>I'm trying to build a Performapal deck WITHOUT any Pendulum

Legend Duelist was one of the sets said to have had bad sales. Japs complained because the cards were pretending like MR4 wasn't in effect. This pack so far as skirted that issue and all the new support works well together.

Okay, if you're so sure that Konami will actually make a Sophia-tier field nuke viable.

>and all the new support works well together

>build Performapal deck
>without Pendulum

So, lads, any tips for building Fluffals? I don't want to use Fusions though.

can someone give me help on building true dracos? no tribute monsters, please

This is my boss monster so far, still testing the build and making changes all the time.

Question still stands though, why bother?

>akashic is a secret rare
not surprised

Rate my hitotsu ni deck in terms of meta and casualness.

>Odd-Eyes fusions
>Pendulum Switch
Pretty casual

Probably for the sake of a challenge

>Just says special summoned, doesn't say properly special summoned
Really triggers my trap cards.

How are you going to cheat out VWXYZ?

send me your alliances



who is vwick and why should I listen to what he seez

challonge.com/tournaments/signup/zWvuPffXxT 10 minutes until the tourney starts, if y'all want to watch or sign up quick.

its a scale 8.
It's pendulum effect made all pendulums you control have piercing and double battle damage. Pretty disappointing



his ass