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>Release Dates:
Episode 1 − ''Awake'' 31 August 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 2 − ''Brave New World'' (TBA)
Episode 3 − ''Hell Is Empty'' (TBA)
Bonus Episode: Farewell − (TBA)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price, a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes their newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn hella gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

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BAE > bay

BFFs, Pirates, Wonder Twins, Partners in Time & Crime & Love, Fellow Dorks, GFs, Wives.

This is Chloe Elizabeth Price. Say something nice about her.

you smell, take a goddamn bath

Chloe is #1

Kate is #1

You look good with your hair dyed blue.


Before Episode 5's release:
>Lol Mari's theories're shitty.It's way more than shitty to become true
>Chloe has to die thing doesn't make sense.Don't worry they will come with unpredictable story
>We're gonna learn everything about Max's powers,Rachel and Prescotts even Nathan,spirit animals..
>Jefferson knows about Max's powers
>Nathan,Frank,David or Samuel's gonna save us
>Victoria's with Max,she'll save her
>(After seeing Cemetery scene from leaks) I'm sure it'll be Williams,Rachel's or Kate's grave.
>Rachel's the doe and Butterfly and probably we'll see her in Max's dream
>Blue Jay's Chloe

After Episode 5's release:
>Mari's shitty cliche theory became right
>We visited the SF art gallery for 3 seconds. FOR 3 DAMN SECONDS
>Jefferson became a silly bad guy from Disney
>David came to save us.He's a former-soldier but he can't even fight,just listens teenager's orders. Even he doesn't know she has some time travel powers.
>Victoria's with us in the dark room.Laying there and we can talk her or not.Just it.
>Nathan get killed,Victoria too
>Nathan knew something about the storm but they cut it.
>Warren explained Max's powers(!)(thanks warryn) We found out her power causes/related with Chaos Theory and storm.It's not like we didn't know or something.
>Storm is only coming for Bay because Chloe lives in there but Max's the one who keep changes the time
>Prescotts story erased.Nobody even mention their name.
>Rachel's story fucked too.She isn't or butterfly,bluejay just spiritualdoe
>Spirit animals thing died.Blue Butterfly's storm summoner just it.
>Chloe dies again in one of endings (unpredictable) It gives you a lesson: You shouldn't have used your power.And you shouldn't play this game.Now erase your choices and cry like a bitch.
>The other ending's short but it's less cliché than other.We saved Chloe,storm's hit the town and gone.That's it
>So, once again we got the fact that our ending always will be BAE>Bay

If Chloe was a boy, would more people dislike her?
>clingy beta edgelord who literally waited years for the same girl from when he was little, hates his mom's boyfriend, all the cliches


As Max and Chloe are leaving the ruins of Arcadia Bay behind, there's one more tragic story unfolding
>Alice and Lisa stuck in Max's room, Alice hasn't eaten anything in days, the dorms are destroyed and no one comes looking for them
>"No one's gonna come save us, this is the end, we'll starve to death..."
>Alice...you can survive this and go back to your owner. All you have to do is... all you have to do is eat me."
>"What? No, fuck that. Lisa, you're my number one priority, I'm not eating you!"
>"Alice, think about it... how many times this week did you try to nibble my leafs? I'm a plant, Alice, you're a bunny, maybe it's time I accept my destiny... OUR destiny."
>"Lisa, I can't make this choice!"
>"No Alice, you're the only one who can"

>eat Lisa

>eat your own foot

Had a dream last night that I was in LiS except instead of Jefferson, it was the Red Woman from GoT and instead of a dark room bunker it was a multi-fetish sex dungeon. What does this mean?

I wouldn't personally, but others would. The game would be hella less popular, too.

Of course, people only like Chloe because they had a hard on for the lesbian romances.
Chloe is basically Warren with the dead dad and childhood friend angle thrown in.

So, how old were you mentally when you realized that if Rachel cut her hair into a bob, she'd look like Max with eyeliner and no freckles?
How old were you mentally when you realized that's probably part of the reason Chloe liked her?


You are hella cute Chloe and a strong young woman

>yfw this is what pricefielders actually believe


People would like her more because everyone loves bad boy with a good side characters while female characters with the same qualities are generally more disliked.

Go away TotalBiscuit.

>no counterevidence
You laugh because the truth hurts.

So you're saying that Chloe is only together with Max because she reminds her of Rachel?

If Chloe was a boy she'd be hated for being a little bitch.

Holy shit, nice.

Well if you turn it into /r9k/ the game it would still be pretty successful, just look at all the anime that caters exactly to that

>implying one needs counter evidence for the rambling of your delusional mind

Chloe only tries to get with Rachel because she reminds her of Max.

Max in the Dark Room. Max in the Dark Room.

Unfortunately I woke up for a piss before things started to get interesting.

>rachel reminds her of max
Their personalities are complete opposites.

>still laughing trying to hide the truth from himself
You'll see the light soon.

Way to not follow the conversation.

You mean where it said Rachel would only look like Max if she had short hair?

She's basically cool grown up Max who came back from sophisticated Seattle and is too good for shitty old Arcadia Bay.

>too good for arcadia bay
You can never be too good for a place though.

I'd let Jefferson take whatever photos he'd like of me just because he has a Shintaro Kago original in his bunker, but that's just me I guess.

and Warren with the creepy beta stalker who tries too hard angle. Literally a carbon copy of Elliot except without the getting laid bit

>Rachel: most popular girl in school, succesful in anything she does, smart, sexy, good in social situations, confident, charming, fun to be around
>Max: shy, awkward, can't answer a fucking text message, insecure, easily scared, no-fun, indecisive, is a fucking mouth breather
>pricefield shippers: uhhhhh Rachel reminds Chloe of Max?????

Also they look nothing alike.


See She's an idealized version of Max. The one Chloe thought of when she assumed Max just snubbed her. Also, Max isn't a mouth breather, you binch.
>they look nothing alike.
Wrong. And delusional.

If Warren was a childhood friend then he'd be same level as Chloe.
Also, Rachel is as much of a creepy stalker as Warren, if not more so.

>If Chloe was a boy she'd be hated for being a little bitch.
Maybe the BtS Chloward , but S1 Chloward would have legions of bitches creaming themselves over him

What? It's good art.
On closer inspection, looks more like an inspired drawing than an original, which makes it extra interesting that the girl looks a bit like Rachel.

I seriously hope you are just ironically shitposting because holy fuck.

What kinda girl would find a male version of Chloe attractive?
Literally worse than Warren.
As a man, I'd find him pathetic.

WTF. Why would you post that?

>was a childhood friend
>same level as Chloe
But he isn't and their personalities are totally different anyways. What kind of shit bait is this?

Neither Warren nor Rachel are creepy stalkers.
The only creepy stalker in the series is Brooke.

How so? Because of the drone?

Because it's related to the art piece/artist.

Shut the fuck up David.

If Warren was a childhood friend then the way he acts would be judged no worse than the way Chloe acts.

>Rachelcucks in charge of tolerating differing opinions

Yes and it's fucked up how controlling she is. Warren never gets pissy with Max or gets agressive towards Chloe no matter what happens between the 3 of them, but when you do anything nice for Warren Brooke will literally start shit flinging the moment she sees Max.

>The only creepy stalker in the series is Brooke.
And David. And Jefferson. And Frank. And Nathan. And Chloe trying to find Rachel. And Max when she goes snooping in people's shit. And Victoria when she steals cookies from Max's room. And...

So if Eliot gets pissy at Chloe next ep will he drop below Warren in the tier list?

>people caring about Warren at all

Holyfuck this general can really redpill you on bae ending unlike any other place

Warren sweetie you are a precious boy and you were in the good characters tier all along, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

I don't understand either but there has been one shitposter who won't stop shitposting

How was Frank creepy? All he wanted was to eat beans in peace.

Ah, you are right. Max is too.

I got dem brotherly feels for the little lad.
I want to see him do well.

Too bad Warren doesn't seem to like Brooke as much as she likes him. And she isn't that bad. She lets you fly her drone!

>still no episode 2 release date


You misspelt "Rachel"

How so, you idiot?
Frank was cool.

why is Max such a cunt


>victoria steals cookies from maxs room
She just wanted an indirect kiss.
Also, did she?

Fuck off, Frank

And she won't let you fly her drone for the second time if you agreed to go Ape with Warren

I'd fly her drone if you know what I mean

I wonder if Warren posted about this on /r9k/. I wonder if they told him she was having a lesbian phase and would come back to him when she was old and used up. I wonder if he almost attempted suicide that night.

The way they go into each other's rooms all the time is adorable tbqh

I'd be stealing shit if I had those powers so I can't blame her.

Does Brooke fly her drone past Warren's bedroom when he's fapping to images of Max?



Name one thing Frank did wrong.

That would be the ultimate cuckoldry.

ah, so you are that shitposter. That explains it.

Selling drugs to teenagers.

He didn't stone Max to death for hurting Pompidou.

His drugs killed Rachel.

is selling drugs to highschool children, some of which were used for kidnapping and photo-raping girls also he has clear rage issues and nearly chokes a girl in EP4 when he gets mad.

He slept with an underage girl (Rachel).

Jerking to porn in his RV, being a filthy guy, selling drugs to Kate and Nathan.


Totally slipped my mind

>drug dealer character
>what did he do wrong?
>dang it totally slipped my mind that he was dealing drugs

Age of consent in Frank's RV is 15 so...not really


How old is Frank and Rachel again?

how many playthroughs of bts ep1 did you guys do?

But regardless, I'm pretty sure she was 18 or close to 18 when she was with Frank so we can gross pedo off the list