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Warframe Raid Schoolbus: Hide your power lvl and follow the rules: discord.gg/aUTTyWH
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DPS calculator and build planner No.2: warframe-builder.com/ (frames, weapons and companions)
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CURRENT UPDATE: Chains of Harrow (Update 21.7.0)
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what do they eat guys

>tfw waiting for PoE

The pseudo-flesh sheared off Orokin towers, arctic jellyfish from Europa for the elite and those fucking sharks from your rectum. Your tater has an assortment of nutritious space lettuce and some kind of pulsating plant.

>mfw hoping it stays DElayed

warframe cum is high in protein and enriched with plenty of vitamins

this is also why all the women have the dick suckingest lips ever

you understand no matter how long they keep it delayed it will turn out to be shit.

>Hydroid is the ugliest frame in the game
>Hydroid Prime is one of the best looking frames in the game

How could this happen?

I;d give rebecca the DEAC

[floofs internally]

>The orbiter will never get more actual stuff added to it
>Maroo's Bazaar will always be worthless
>We will never know what's on the rest of the second floor or behind the locked doors on relays
They always add half baked areas that seem like they should have more to them and then never deliver on it, the infested room on the orbiter being a great example of how little of a fuck they give when they do decide to throw us a bone
PoE will likely have tons of shit like this just due to the sheer scope

Hell, when it comes time that they make a steel meridian quest, they may very well completely ignore the empty hub area from CoH just to spite us, and at most it'll just be the area they put another useless NPC you talk to once to progress

They fired mynki

No frame has ever come close to being as ugly as Zephyr. Hydroid was another clusterfuck, but at least you could make him look decent with his pirate alt-helmet.

proper auction house fucking when

When you stop sucking cock

What youre looking for is a proper whorehouse

The equilibrium mod, does it remove the main restoration of the orbs? e.g. does health orbs only give energy with it on or energy+ health?

hopefully never
everyone will just undercut everyone until everything loses their values.

What if
what if
>ending of the main PoE quest
>your tater is locked in a battle with [insert main villain of PoE here]
>They get killed
>taters permamently removed from the game

Also the bot on the Discord is pretty cool, where can I get it? Is it just the "Celaphon Genesis" one on the net?

I imagine they don't want to make it just a menu and they're too lazy/uncreative to do anything else

It could be fucking awesome too
>Elevator in the bazaar takes you to instanced shopping mall-style areas filled with little decorated and stocked player stores manned by specialized jew frame specters
>Static prices to still encourage buying direct from players
>Have to pay plat rent to keep the store to prevent random BRs from clogging up the system and to encourage setting competitive prices, having good stock, advertising to people, and just generally playing the game more
It could be a potential gold mine for DE as well as a nice convenient feature

Hopefully never.

My dad's friends caught a huge ass king snake eel. The'yre the first result for it on google images. True story

PoE may not even have a dedicated main quest

The amount of stock that people have sitting in their inventory and can't be bothered selling will now be sitting in the AH, undercutting each other in order to sell it.

This crashes the prices of the items.
Great for sellers but think; if you could buy every full set for like 3p because everyone is desperate to sell then there's no reason for people to buy much plat.
Less plat sales
Less reason to do PA since you could just wait in the AH and eventually everyone who is farming the items on release will start undercutting immediately in order to sell at the initial higher prices.
This brings about the problem that MORE people will farm the PA items as soon as they can in order to get that initial price, meaning more sets get put up fast as shit, meaning the price tanks fast as shit aswell.

Lotus-made meatballs that are totally unrelated to the unwanted pets you send her

What's the quickest way to get potato blueprints right now?

You buy them

i have a feeling it's going to be severely underwhelming in size too.


all the jews in this thread fml

I think you mean Inaros.

>dog nipples
>monkey feet
>Gamecube handle for a dick
>Auschwitz mode physique
>technicolor defaults
>bland, uninspired default helmet
>weird hooks on his arms and flaps on his thighs

I can do with an AH for riven mods ONLY, since it would also help reducing those shit from trade chat.

With the archwing, it's likely
One can only hope they put more than a passing amount of effort into caves and shit and it's not all just flat plains filled with generic enemy squadron encounters

watch this thread, check for the keywords "blue" "golden" and "potato"
or just use the alert tracker

>Gamecube handle for a dick
Nah son thats a extra large Cup holster so he can fit his Doublegulp cup in it.

"Mystery meat" made form all of the cosigned animals over the years.

How long do you think it'll be before we have PvE lunaro tournaments?
Or will they be too retarded and lazy to make AI for it?

I used to use some site that ranked all weapons in a nice "go from this to this" order. What primary is good if you only have 2 frames?

Can you gift completed frames to people or should I just trade my friend the parts of give him plat to buy them?

Parts, but the BLUEPRINTS, not the crafted parts

You can't trade completed weapons or frames, nor can you trade non-prime parts or blueprints.

If you want to gift your friend a non-prime frame, your only option is to buy it for them as a gift or trade them the plat.

If it's a prime frame you can trade the blueprints to your friend to build himself.


They just don't want to admit that only a tiny vocal minority wants PvP in this game, just like with raids, so they'll try to push their shit until the end of times.

I'd like to play PvE Lunaro, even if it's just for fun and without any rewards.

Wrong general, sorry shameful dispray.

>finish making first weapon boltor
>try it
Am i doing it wrong bros?

you did wrong installing the game in the first place

Raids would be awesome and PvP would be fun and have potentially infinite replayability- in a game that was balanced and tightly designed by devs that didn't have severe ADHD
DE just can't do it

>build weapon
>use it
You literally just experience the entire scope of the game.

Monster Hunter World will save us

Raids are bullshit for one simple reason: They force coop, where as the entire rest of the game doesn't. It's not like in sorties where coop makes things go quicker and/or easier sometimes and you have a choice.
Also, PvP doesn't need to be in every game, especially not in a PvE centric one.

If for some reason I won't be able to play MHW coming early next year, I'll just off myself.
It's the one thing keeping me bound to the mortal plane.

This thread needs more BUTTS!

>>The orbiter will never get more actual stuff added to it
Why do you say this? It's had two big things added to it so far, why do you assume it's over?

Speaking of, how does one build a viable Boltor Prime these days? It seems that a pure base dmg build doesn't really hold up anymore. Dunno, the gun just feels weak all of a sudden.

boltor will carry you pretty far
stick with it until you settle on something to carry you through neptune and shit

What is the strongest meta loadout right now? Frame/Primary/Seconday/Melee

>tater room is just another large room to house a single category of options
>Helminth room is yet another room to house a single use

I don't exactly know what that user is on about but you have to admit the orbiter is wasted space no matter how you look at it. How much would we lose if we suddenly returned to a simple menu? Petting a dog or walking in circles? Noggles?

Because what we got was worse than nothing and those were the only two "active" doors

Well what would you rather them put there? A bowling alley?

That's part of the problem, there's nothing I can think of that warrants some 3D space, I genuinely miss the menu system from before the orbiter was conceived.

So you're just bitter and bitching about nothing, gotcha

Deflect all you want user-kun, you know I'm right.

Arca Plasmor
Arca Scisco
Arca Titron

On Wukong

not an argument

And you've yet to make a proper counter-argument. One last (you) for yeh, don't spend it all in one place.


>Meme weapon that is mastery fodder
>The only good one of the set
>Meme hammer that is still fodder


This is the state of /wfg/ ladies and gentleman.

A bowling alley would serve some sort of purpose and be kinda neat, so yes that would be preferrable

I dont get it, are Warframes humans in suits or robots?

Infestation-based cyborgs

in china? yes
here? not anymore

>we want the evangilious in our game


What, does China not have The Second Dream update?

the only thing implying they might be suits rather than meat golems was dark sector

They are reverse stands
Alternatively, they are liches with loli phylacteries

cultural differences. i don't remember why, over there they are called starframes and have people inside them


so how far do you want to go in removing useless 3d spaces until we are left with a point and click adventure?

the ship is an explorable menu that we can decorate.
relays are explorable markets.
dojo's are also just explorable shops and trading posts.

all of them can be reduced to a single menu.

all just design choices. one has some character for the player to feel at home and become invested in, the other is just a series of menus akin to a 2012 facebook game.

you exist in a universe with no purpose that doesn't care about you. our lives are used striving to accomplish arbitrary abstractions in pursuit of a purpose, and your issue is that it uses up to much nonexistent space.

I am not sure how cultural differences relate to whether they have The Second Dream or not

tater tot alart

>Operator, your choice of Warframe really SUITS you!

>yet another gold tater alert
Fuck off, DE. There are so many more things that use blue taters than gold ones.

Does raidbus thing still exist? I know DE is going to fuck up arcanes, but still.

not an argument

Price check please

9999 plat, congrats

Might be something to do with wanting to do things with your own hands rather than through puppets. Or an aversion to child soldiers. Or a government policy against being lied to (and then discovering the truth) because it might give the peasants bad no-no ideas. Or something.

So what you're saying is "no"



The best I can do is 10p.

>Kiste (Ceres) | Survival (Grineer) | Level: 16-18
>Orokin Reactor Blueprint

ya still got 50min ya whores.

you roll a good riven


>that one guy who always activates life support as soon as it arrives

I don't have a latron riven yet

70p? thesushibandit

>the face of compressed and purified autism

Is ohma any good?

>that one guy that complains when somebody activates a life support at 70%

I never got this. When I did those missions they shit out so many life support modules that we always left with a dozen sitting around.

it's deals good damage but competes in the overcrowded space of melee weapons that do good damage but are held back by their short range and immobility

>spend probably $150-$200 on the game since launch
>win a "giveaway" on some shady site for a few hundred plat cause I don't feel like spending money

>5 weeks later

>your account is banned for negative plat balance
>you have to buy plat to bring it to 0
>you broke the ToS by accepting plat

well it's been a fun few years since launch

They'd rather try to force me to buy plat than potentially get more in the future.


I always activate it at 30%