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Glorious High Elves edition.

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Shills edition

shitty worst elves edition

>Anyone who doesn't come to /twg/ whenever a new Total War is about to be released just to shitpost is a shill

>Back to Attila release times "shill"posting

please no

Elves are for breeding!


Hopefully the PFM will be up and running soon for TWW2. I want to play as Sudenburg

What is PFM anyway?

The thing that allows 90% of the mods you see in the workshop to exist

Pack File Manager, lets you edit a bunch of stuff in the game files for easier modding



They're giving him a copy of the game, its unknown if he'll still be working on it however

CA High Elves
>overdesigned mmo crap
>literally humans with sharp ears
>disgusting amount of golds and reds
>overdesigned armour

GW Art High Elves
>alien and otherwordly physique
>sparing use of gold to supplement blues and whites
>fantastical design that still manages to look somewhat realistic

Whether he gets the copy or not is irrelevant. He said he doesn't have time to play. But will he have time to mod? Doubt it

feels like this will need a mazdamundi edit

PFM is open source. Someone could pick it up and continue.

>muh cheats
Who gives a fuck about mods when the game is pretty much prefect in every way.

Updating schema and maintaining it won't be difficult.

Hope you're right.

I know about that. That is why I am hoping somebody else will do it.

Dark Elves
>supreior to high elves in every way

Ninjahund has been fighting a dwarf faction for the past 3 hours and he's on the verge of losing

>Elves are for breeding
>High elves won't breed enough


>has 10 Legions with him, only has to fight 4 Legions
>loses the entire battle because 200 cavalry smash into his left flank and somehow cause a chain route of 45,000 men

defend this, Romefags

Who's he playing as?

No, that's a skinks

> Ninjahund
He's retarded.
Instead of abusing the underway he wastes extra turns to walk all the way around in forced march.

Skavenfags get what they deserve


Pompey """"""""""Magnus"""""""""""""

I'm starting to believe that CA dislike the High Elves given the rather lackluster and boring treatment given. Dark Elves are more accurate to their models and artwork while their units are superior to High Elven counterparts.

His legions were mostly new recruits raised from boyfuckers

All of Ceasars legiond were full gold chevrons, while pompey didnt even have a single bronze chevron on his legions.

Also playing on very hard difficulty so moral for caesar was buffed

History is dead.

The AI's crossing plenty of grudges out of the book today.

>sharts loose to archers

>chain route
It's rout you imbecile

He shouldn't have sent those poor elephants to the arena.

Per definition kinda

i can only imagine how many kills those cav got on the routing faggots

>high elven cav lacks anti-infantry or anti-large

Hanlon's razor m8

Shouldn't have listened to twitch chat. Caeser was going to lose his army to attrition, but chat insisted he had to attack straight away.

>HE weak
Archers fire laser guided arrows that hit you from a map away, basic shit tier spearmen never break hold you off until its your turn to get ventilated by the archers.
I've yet to see the ai come close to dealing with this.

>Tomb Kings still not announced.

Missed the Skrolk stream, anything interesting?

>chases down routers

The AI is garbage, who cares? There are so many ways to abuse the AI that I'm not sure it even matters.

>anything interesting on a joey/whelan stream


I wish CA was doing 6th edition Dark Elves instead of the too over the top 7th/8th

The older executioners and witch elves were so much better

>a lot of AI factions grow huge faster and more often in TWW2


blonde pompadour auto resolved all the early battles so we didn't get to see the plague monks.
Then opened a later save where is army is all slaves and clan rats for some reason, auto resolved against the vampires and then fought shitty chaos stacks for the ritual again.

They really should have planned this better.

Is Ninjahund playing on Legendary? He is getting raped in the race

Holy shit, what is it with the High Elfs all fighting each other

seems that by like turn 30ish a lot of ai has atleast 1 whole province if not 2 and they confed a lot more. so it will spiral into a few huge factions really quick


do any of the new races have close quarters infantry so I can autoresolve cheese my way to victory

Pretty sure he is since you can't see the balance of power bar.

>4 days

>6th edition DE

Pure sex, later designs became too similiar to the High Elves even if they harkened back to older editions.

>No Alexander mod for Rome 2

I want to play as pike cheese but my autism won't allow it in the Grand Campaign because of how the maniples would just have shit all over them.

ancient empire soon tm :^D

I really like the little comments the different characters make when you select certain thing
Make the game a little more alive

I like the newer executioners more but the 6th edition dreadspears/swords/darkshards are 10x better than the newer ones

>newer executioners
>literally black guard with clown, skull masks

Fuck GW for lazily making a dual kit so that Black Guard and Executioners look the same.

He is.
Other than getting bullied by those yellow lizards up north - he's doing pretty good.

Yeah there seems to be more voice quips on the campaign map overall.

Is Medieval 2 worth playing as a newcomer to Total War? I've already played Atilla, Rome 2, Shogun 2, and Warhams.

That is just boring. Play CIV or whatever instead.

the mods are still unrivalled

>newcomer to Total War
> I've already played Atilla, Rome 2, Shogun 2, and Warhams.

I'd say so, yeah

It definitely feels older than the TW's you've played, but if you find a mod that interests you, you will find it allows for much more depth on the campaign map

I have a theory for the third game.

Considering we don't have the northern Chaos Wastes and the Southern Chaos Wastes (Here be Daemons), I believe that game 3's starting locations will be these locations and will have the four Chaos God factions divided between the two locations.

They would go south (or north depending on location) and would destroy the world like teeth closing down on food. Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms and maybe Hobgoblins, Cathay and Nippon would make it as well. Map would have the whole east involved considering it is the last game and that the whole world would be in .

It sounds like he started with Warhammer then played 3 hours of each of the other games, and he considers that "playing"


I wasn't around for original Shogun or Rome 1, so I'd call myself a newcomer, yeah. I haven't even touched empire or napoopan.

My first was Shogun 2, my second being Rome 2 a few months after its release.

would be cool if its to the east and lets u go all around the world so there is no corners or walls to the map

Right, thanks. I'll play it vanilla for a couple of campaigns and try a few mods later, or at least until WH2 comes out.

The LOTR mod looks cool but can you recommend any quality-of-life or other "essential" mods?

>any quality-of-life or other "essential" mods?

That's not how Medieval 2 works m8, it ain't fucking warhammer

I can't remember the name for it, but there's a mod that imports features from the kingdoms campaigns to the grand campaign, you should probably get that as a vanilla+

Just remember your armies don't replenish by themselves like in every Total War game you've played so far, you have to do it manually in a settlement where that unit can be recruited.

>Instead of Kurgan, Hobgoblins and Hung we just have a "Khans" faction, which acts as a big fat ultra mobile faction of horse/wolf riders.

Would this be better??

Stainless Steel is pretty much a straight up improvement over the base game. Get it.

If you want a mod that just improves upon Medieval 2 in every way then get Stainless Steel. You won't be able to play the LOTR mod or anything unless you unistall it.

Custom Campaign Mod maybe? Can't remember all its features, but it's what I usually play when I play Medieval 2, and it definitely has the Kingdoms units included.

Hobgoblins are, well, Goblins though. Kurgan and Hung are humans.

Would work for the Kurgan and Hung though, yes.

Lads, in Warhammer 1, I seem to keep making the mistake of over-expanding. But how do I know when I'm over-expanding? When is it not good to hold on to settlements?

Am I just playing like complete shit and blaming it on over-expanding? I always get into the situation where eventually I have too vast borders to protect and not enough stacks to keep the AI out.

That would be cool, would be up for that. Would the combined map be able to get the whole world in though?

Why couldnt Hob Goblin wolf riders rally under a strong and ruthless Hung leader?

Dunno what you're implying. I read that the vanilla AI is very bad in Med2 compared to later games so I'd like to know if there's a mod that improves that, for instance.

Looks cool, thanks bunches. I'll keep it for when I get bored of Vanilla.

I just bought it with Kingdoms so I'll give that a look, thanks.

>hung leader

Based GW.

Because they are Hobgoblin. Weak umi couldn't lead them.


are you fucking serious dude

warhammer is completely braindead, just make income buildings

WH1 has massive issue with suicide coward ai that just runs past your army to sack minor settlements. If you're really done with the AI's shit just build walls everywhere it basically breaks the ai because it can do it's little bitch plays anymore.

>that balance of power
>chat spamming F
Dis gon b gud.

They would if a big strong humie beat the shit out of their boss!

Hob goblins arent hardwired like normal greenskind

fantasy isnt really fleshed out for the rest of the world so idk if CA is even allowed to improvise it or if the fuckers would just tell us what is to the east

Nice falseflag droneposter

Get agents that can use the block army ability.

It will starting sieging which takes a while because they like to make a lot of siege towers.

Seems like a missed opportunity really. Woulf just need a lot of ground work

They do have Andy Hall working for them, a senior GW writer. If something new had to be put in, he could definitely help.

Look at the map and look at where defensible chokepoints are. Keep garrisons in settlements at those places and/or prioritise defensive structures for those.The mountains are easy for this. The badlands or the Empire lands, not so much since they're very open.

When you fight wars, try to round out complete provinces rather than leave one only partially conquered, so you can enjoy the commandments and the extra room to build public order buildings. If you're in a position where you can't do that, resort to sacking and razing.

Razing can be used to create an empty zone that the AI seems less likely to cross in a hurry. I noticed that when I played as Norsca and I razed all of Kislev and kept two settlements that bordered it well-fortified, I never got attacked by Kislev's southern neighbors.

>That clusterfuck battle
>big engagements everywhere

good shit