/v/ the Musical - Yelling at videofags edition

Kino Edition

>What is this?
An annual collaboration project where /v/ sings about video games. This is our fifth year of production, and we can't stop. We won't stop. We don't even know HOW to stop.

>First-timer's brochure:

>How do I contribute?
Write something! Or look in the Google Doc for something to sing or edit. Album art is always welcome, too!

>Song Spreadsheet
>General Drive
>Meta Song List
>Art Folder

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Reminder, I need people to sing the chorus. Reply with isolated vocal tracks.

List of songs requiring backing vocals, chorus fleshing, or some simple spoken lines. Minus the Teenagers one since AnonFag is 2fast4me.

done recording my backups, just about to start mixing.

Latest video


> picosong.com/wwEmv/

I hadn't read the lyrics before listening to this, genuinely had me laughing. The angry minecraft kid is a great addition too.

Original: youtube.com/watch?v=7wtfhZwyrcc
Instrumental: youtube.com/watch?v=7wtfhZwyrcc
Pastebin: pastebin.com/nqkp3mb3


Oh there you are. Ok cool. I don't know if you're doing bass but I made an attempt since I woke up with sleep voice this morning. And I actually have unreverbed bass for the repeated lines if you want it.

Reposting killer song from last thread better get IRC on it:

Put the number column back, it was working
You're better off shooting yourself or spending your time lurking.
Callin' out this chat? You're weak
We'd be lost without the numbers, floatin' shit creek!
You ain't the helper, or /v/
You're the oldfag on the block about to get smacked for controlling the google doc
Fuckin' helper, this irc ain't your band
Take some advice, and form a musical with double-chan
And those numbers? You better use'em
This guy's an autist and we need to organize this music
Fuckin trash, I'll number till my last breath, and leave you lookin' foolish like moot when he left
Silly helper, I know why you called that
It's cause you need a handler to use a fuckin' chat
And now you act up? You're gonna get jacked up
Lookin' stupid like SingingAnon when he would blast stuff
You hear the words we say? You'll get dropped so hard Nandy will start turnin' in his grave
So leave before you get left out in the dark,
we need to boot your retard ass, you ain't sharp

Helper Person:
This guy argues like he lost his dick,
he sounds like he's not vicious, just autistic!
This whole chat looks suspicious,
it's all numbers in here except for one alphabet, bitches
So you like digits eh?
That's okay. you just wanna get your own way!
Leaderfags of the musical be rookies!
Looky, you're gettin' schooled by NEET pussy.
You talkin' shit bout the alphabet?
Slug you could be without it, no numbers, pout bitch
It's still gonna be great.
Yeah I'll argue in chat, this is the best place
You can't get with me organizin' this shit
While you're lickin' my dick, you shitsucking musical clit-flickin' REEEE
So I'll forget this and turn my head,
and this'll get posted all over the Veeky Forums thread.


Because if it was funny that one time, it will be funny every time, till the end of time.

Yo, I'll spit a vidya slur Helper, sue me!
This shit is an RPG, the numbers matter ya goonie!
Fuckin' with Greene, dawg? You gotta be kiddin,
that makes me believe you won't come in this chat and be livin'.
IRC nigguhs gonna feel the autistic shit you say?
Singfags gotta a better chance of finishing Re/v/olution today.
But to be real Helper, i like you, but I sometimes wish you’d commit suicide too!
Fuck Greene? Call me a leaderfag!
I feel bad I gotta murder the one who's put each musical in the bag.
I used to like this chat, now just put the numbers back
and oh well, if it gets hacked, it gets hacked!
I hate to end this, I would love for this shit to last
so I'll take screencaps of the convo and shove them up /v/'s ass.
But all's well that ends okay,
so I'll end this shit with a number column, no matter what you say.

Greene? I thought he was a little hard on the helper,
Probably because my doc skills are stellar
This bitch keeps screamin about the numerals.
Trying to reason this fag is just futile!
Blabbity bloo blah bloo blah
I don't care about a word you've said.
Hibbity hooplah!
Why don't you throw on one of Roco's bras?
You've probably got fatter tits than she does.
You listen to seaslug meathead?
Pay attention, you're sayin' the same shit that he said.
Matter of fact, here's the doc key
Go in, make some changes, make it suspenseful.
And don't come back until the columns are tied.
Fuck it, you could understand this if you'd tried!
You're lookin' like Todd with his lies,
chat's all screamin' "Just forget about the numbers side!"
You see how far the autism jokes get you,
chat's like, "How's this neckbeard gon' diss you?"
My meme, fuck Greene, ya take it up the ass with the rest of the canal team

>some autist removed it from the doc
Will this be the next big war?

Now everybody from the board called /v/, pass the fuckin' weird controller and play with me,
Everybody from the board called /v/, pass the fuckin weird controller, look, look
Now while they stand tough, notice the canal did not have their hands up
This chat has got you gassed up,
now who's afraid of the big bad Helper.
One, two, three and to the four
One album, two albums, three albums, four
Four albums, three albums, two albums, one
I've doc'ed them all, you doc'ed NONE
These fags ain't no motherfuckin' helpers,
every insult they've got on fuckin belt's the worst.
I am autistic, I am about the drama,
I do live in the fuckin' basement of my momma!
My doc is the alphabet!
I do say dumb things and shoot myself with my own shit!
I did get jumped, by both of you punks!
And you did get to me, I'm still standin' here sayin' fuck the IRC!
Don't ever try to judge me, slug,
you don't run this little fuckin' club!
But I know something about SMUGness,
I've been doing this every year, I'm the master OF this.
What's the matter Greene, you hear /v/ calling?
This chat's about the musical? It just talks about lolis.
And you love to ERP with all the namefags.
And you all suck eachother's dicks about your gay tags.
These guys don't wanna argue, ignored.
there's no IRC for this vidya board!
They're scared to death scared to look at the fuckin' doc,
suck a fuckin' cock.

And fuck the beat, I'll go acapella
Fuck a Seaslug, and fuck a Greene, fuck the numbahs
fuck everybody, fuck chat if you doubt me
I'm a motherfuckin' neckbeard NEET I say it proudly
so fuck this musical I don't wanna Help I'm outie
Here, fuck around with the google doc without me.

*Green and Seaslug walk away in shame, defeated*
*Helperperson gets the girl*

Some tar's been fucking around removing things from the doc, just keep readding them.

I think enough people have the link saved to post it on demand in the threads, if it keeps getting deleted it doesn't matter since it was going to be DLC anyway.

I don't have access, apparently. Is it on lock-down or did I get banned? The only thing I did in the last couple days was add that.

>if it keeps getting deleted it doesn't matter since it was going to be DLC anyway

Now you're thinking like a dev!

Probably on lockdown because someone's been deleting songs from it.

>lets keep edit-warring
Go be a retard somewhere else


First musical, huh?

>maintaining the doc info is edit-warring
>if the entire doc gets deleted it's edit-warring to restore it

You must be powerfully retarded.

He wrote it himself probably. Would explain the terrible syllable count and rhymes. Just ignore hide and report like always

reposting from last thread looking for feedback on this

original song youtube.com/watch?v=UXMG102kSvk
instrumental youtube.com/watch?v=xR6lX07gv_k

I thought that this game would be cooler

Bought a new game; for 30 bucks on PC
Download for an hour; and boot it up via steam
Skip the tutorial and get stuck in the starter world
Fighting level 1 enemies and unskippable dialogue

I thought that this game would be cooler
I thought that this game would be cooler
I thought I could trust the reviewers
I thought that this game would be cooler

Buying comes easy (no good games)
But playing’s no breeze (on the steam store)
We shit talk triple A's on 3chan (your taste is shit)
While we buy them all in behind the screen (locked at 30 frames)

Refunded a game
Bought it again after a week
Because it went on sale with the season pass for free!

I thought that this game would be cooler
I thought that this game would be cooler
i thought i could trust the reviewers
I thought that this game would be cooler

looking for a game well-adjusted to my taste
I don’t know where to look maybe I’ll ask /v/

I thought that this game would be cooler (no good games)
I thought that this game would be cooler (on the steam store)
I thought I could trust the reviewers (your taste is shit)
I thought that this game would be cooler (locked at 30 frames)

I thought that this game would be cooler (no good games)
I thought that this game would be cooler (on the steam store)
I thought I could trust the reviewers (your taste is shit)
I thought that this game would be cooler (locked at 30 frames)

Editwarring over literally trash for dlc is idiotic and a waste of everyone's time. Just save it somewhere else and add it in the end. it's done anyway

Greene confirmed

Why not produce something for once and do the song?

Yeah that's right it is, so the autist sabotaging the google doc should just stop eh?

Wrong link, here's the instrumental:

I'm not, but nice projection either way.

Keep me out of your autism nonsense.

>people keep deleting shit
>anonmemefag's irish gaymen song 4 is still there

/v/ thred at what time?

It's probably memefag doing it.

As soon as you make one
make sure to include recent songs/videos in the OP

Also post a link to the Veeky Forums thread

Why the heck did you just ban me? I’ll have you know I've written SEVEN (Technically 8) songs. A 2-part 2017 recap song, a reprise of the first part of the recap song, a song about me browsing the /v/ catalog, a Todd song, an Andromeda song, a Sonic Mania song, and an Xbone X song (which may be /v/ the Musical's first ever West Side Story parody). Have YOU written any songs? You are nothing to me but just another bully! And you know, I was only joking about you-know-what! AND CAN YOU JUST READ MY LYRICS FOR ONCE?!? Has anyone (besides me) done a West Side Story parody yet? I'm not stalking anyone you know, I just got excited that Roco noticed me! Has she sung my Andromeda song yet? Has anyone (besides me) done a ABBA parody yet? And by the way, you're breaking /v/ Board rule 3: "Threads should not devolve into flamewars." Also, you made the same mistake Pewdiepie made with that one word. REPORTIN' TIME! And by the way, YOU are going to apologize for calling me a shill. A shill is, according to Google: "an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others." I'm not a shill, I'm just a first time songwriter who really, really, really likes /v/ the Musical.

I-I'm not underage. I was only being sarcastic!

Lots of Todd songs on the doc still to sing, make sure to record them anons!

The fag deleting shit is doing it for epic lulz for the win attention. If he deleted memefag's shit he'd get no attention, no-one would give a shit.

>haha look mom I posted it again

Why can't we ever have nice things?

I dont see anything deleted aside from the why did you just ban me though. Some things got replaced by the helper rap troll. That's it.

Jesus christ, he still keeps on adding stuff to the spreadsheet but his lyrics are fucking unsingable.

Can't make one until doc's unlocked

What are you talking about? You're free to make one

Yeah and then everyone who comes up with lyrics won't be able to add them to the doc so there's no point in making a /v/ thread until the autism war ends and people can add shit to the doc again and hope it doesn't get deleted by the deletefag.

They can post it in the thread, someone else will add it

Who the fuck goes through threads adding random lyrics to the sheet?

Any other artfags around? This needs finishing.

Well if the lyrics are actually good, someone will figure it out and add it to the sheet. And if the person who wrote them stayed in the thread for more than a few minutes, they'll be able to add it themselves.

Singfags, "The Andromeda Quartet" has Anthony singing "Joh-ann-a," so I added some three syllable snipes against Mass Effect 3 in those places, like "Fuck Kai Leng," but I'm afraid that makes the whole song too busy and adds too much of a mouthful. Is there anything to be done to make the song more singable?


what needs finished about it? Like a picture in the black space?

Pretty much. Picrel is the original.

Needs to have four vidya lolis I think

Is The Irish Gaymen Song 4 happening this year lads?

Probably with a different cast


If the half-deads would stop being dead

Etna, Nowi, Saya


i already did bass myself for the whole song, but post yours and i'll try to mix them in.

You funny guy, you.

Fucking hell.

I want to hear whatchu got. Is it done?


can we keep it? I like it.

If fetts ever shows up, yes

Soo when is Worm gonna hand over that audio? Seems the video is finished for the song.

Someone better be making a pornhub video for the ERP song!

A million hours syncing up tracks, two takes for vocals using the second for first take cleanup. I did this to hopefully aggravate someone else who can sing enough to sing it. Audacity file upon request.
>I've got a Golden Gimmick

I think I did it guys.


gonna take some more time to put it together, but i'll post a sample here in a bit

Steam Store? He ordered Poodle Hat on CD for the high-quality instrumental. Nothing wrong with the one he had, but the man wants Q U A L I T Y

So the instrumental he uses isn't the official one and he actually spent money to get the original piece?

Won't that be copyright striked easier?

>So the instrumental he uses isn't the official one and he actually spent money to get the original piece?

Assuming someone ripped the current instrumental off Youtube, it's at best 192 kb. The CD one will be CD-quality.

>Won't that be copyright striked easier?

It would be also safe to assume that the one currently used is the one found on the CD (but ripped off Youtube and therefore imperfect). YT would detect it either way, whether it's at its current quality or 320 kb

Any raps happening this year?

>Actually spending money for the musical

man he sure is committed

New thread

We need a Fesh Pince song.

Might as well shill a couple of songs that need vocals a plenty:

Why is the vidya dead/ What made the red man red
>Instrumental (only trumpet, needs drums or something that can pass as it)

Shelob dindu nuffin/ Song of Durin
None because it's acapella, but actually if someone could make a even halfassed midi to the melody of the background voices of the choir it would be really helpful

Also posting my humble contribution to the softball song

Threadly shill for the song i wrote, Casualization, to the rythm and tune of Californication from RHCP. Needs only a lead singer, and the lyrics are a match in rhymes and timing with the original.


Shilling too.

Carried in My Shitty Comp/Carry on my Wayward Son

>Pastebin / Lyrics

>Original Song


>not rescuing the /v/ thread with your shilling

I am working on it, I just had a take I didn't completely hate but fucked up the Hanamura line, so RIP. I suck and some of it sounds awkward, so if anyone better wants to attempt I'd highly recommend they do.

here's a sample. i've never done harmonies this dense before so there's a lot more mixing to do.

if you need extra voices give me a holler and a picosong of raw harmonies and i can throw you some

YES I'm so excited. Sounds great so far.

>i've never done harmonies this dense before
Plus it's like poetry and it rhymes.

It's beautiful, user.

Original: youtube.com/watch?v=DEsqGOHo0nI
Instrumental: youtube.com/watch?v=W0l5Fx77PWA

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think I said it again
I blurted it out
the game was intense
oh baby
It might seem like hatespeech
but during my streams
I tend to just screech
Cause to call you a nigger
that is just not typically me
oh baby baby

Oops I said it again
I said the N word
got lost in the game
Oh baby baby
Oops, you think it's a slur
the lines kinda blur
I swear I'm innocent

You see my problem is this
I call you a fag
And then the people they call me sexist
I cry reading the news
can't you see I'm a fool, it's all just a ruse

Cause to call you a nigger
that is just not typically me
oh baby, oh

Oops I said it again
I said the N word
got lost in the game
Oh baby baby
Oops, you think it's a slur
the lines kinda blur
I swear I'm innocent

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

"Viewer, before you go there's something I want you to know"
"Oh it's hilarious, but wait a minute, isn't this..."
"Yeah, yes it is"
"But I thought you were just being ironic in a heated gaming moment?"
"Well, baby, he was being a fucking nigger"
"Aww, you shouldn't have"

Oops I said it again, you retard
Got lost, in this game oh baby
Oops you, think that I'm pure like a dove
I swear I'm innocent

Oops I said it again
I said the N word
got lost in the game
Oh baby baby
Oops, you think it's a slur
the lines kinda blur
I swear I'm innocent

Oops I said it again
I said the N word
got lost in the game
Oh baby baby
Oops, you think it's a slur
the lines kinda blur
I swear I'm innocent

thanks, i think i have everything i need tho. had to cheat and sing the bass 2 semitones higher and shift if down after. hopefully it will work.

Dr Worm, Anonfag, how's I Want to Ride That Blade coming along?

Hasn't this been done last year? I swear I heard a demo done by SingingAnon, I think it was.

Don't pretend you're all asleep faggots, post some work in progress or get a conversation going in the /v/ thread


Waiting on Dr. Worm's vox. Said they'd be done by Thursday

Nice stuff. I love your Beatles collabs.

Welp, I tried.



Your mic quality is pretty shit, even here all kinds of background noise. Singing itself is quite good though

>Your mic quality is pretty shit, even here all kinds of background noise
Maybe I just blocked them out when I did a listen, I did the noise reduction but I guess it wasn't enough.
>Singing itself is quite good though
Thanks user.

Wake up faggots, we need some high energy shitposting.

New thread New reminders

>It's Breath of the Wild [Top of the World-All American Rejects] pastebin.com/wN41YMxX
>Monster Hunter on /v/ [Pour Some Sugar On Me-Def Leppard] pastebin.com/8g95Q2yD
>We Put the -chan in Veeky Forums [We Put Spring in Springfield -Simpsons] pastebin.com/dmBcq0h9
>Marina [All Time High - Rita Coolidge] pastebin.com/TrsGnb3T
>It's eSports Cash [Now-Little Shop of Horrors] pastebin.com/kSJZKSdG
>/v/'s Final Song [One Final Song-Brawl in the Family] pastebin.com/sznkBM0D
>5 Bombs From Syndicate [Five Colours In Her Hair-McFly] pastebin.com/zgNy1F4x
>Nintendo Never Dies [Tomorrow Never Dies-Sheryl Crow] pastebin.com/kP3h6HH1
>The Fag With the Golden Cash [The Man With The Golden Gun] pastebin.com/f3FM7Nh6
>Tears of a Game Dev [Tears of a Rapper - Flight of the Conchords] pastebin.com/D6fPZ304
>Repeating Death of Disabled Dean [Bungalow Bill - The Beatles] pastebin.com/bcUHZpmC
>Shortstacks [The Lovecats - The Cure] pastebin.com/K8M7SNgB
>Photo-Shoop [Shoop - Salt-N-Pepa] pastebin.com/KQjG2tNg
>Shotgun Boogie [Shotgun Boogie-Ernie Ford] pastebin.com/v7CxMv5b
>The Andromeda Quartet [Johanna - Sweeney Todd] pastebin.com/kFbW1kxE
>You Need The Tools [Don't Break The Rules - Catch Me If You Can] pastebin.com/7u9jbetA
>'86 ['39 - Queen] pastebin.com/SB77iU4r
>Function Still Remains [Blinded By the Light-Manfred Mann] pastebin.com/rV9hgQ0j
>Go To eBay [Into the Night-B.B. King] pastebin.com/Hxe6Fzvj
>It Won't Sell to Casuals [That’s Not How The Story Goes] pastebin.com/RHb7xXYv
>99 Pure Teraflops [99 Luftbalons] pastebin.com/iRSmHMfA
>Assassin's Creed [Augustus Gloop-Charlie Chocolate Factory] pastebin.com/xEwuJ5Wu
>Kizuna Ai [Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond] pastebin.com/tXCreTuL


when is last day to submit, i got an idea for "the benefit of mr. kite" for MVC:I