/gbfg/ Granblue Fantasy General #2157

Beta and Zeta!

>Recent News
Baalfest has ended. No consequences. 300 crystal compensation.
Coop: 8 Stages reduced to 4 for Normal and Hard. No changes for Extra
Trophy Unlock changes
Adjustments to drop rates for some coop quests
Adjustments to the difficulty for some coop quests
Weapon stones required for your first class weapon reduced
The price of mage and warrior creeds in the pendant shop adjusted

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome. Set language to English.

>Schedule for September:
8/31 - 9/8 - Lonesome Dragoness
9/9 - 9/14 - Touken Ranbu Collab Part 1
9/14 - 9/21 - Touken Ranbu Collab Part 2
9/22 - 9/29 - Guild War (Wind Favored)
9/30 - ??? - New Scenario Event

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Crew Pastebin

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Don't bully her. She's been an Erste onahole for god knows how long.

Who begging for ROTB next month.

Good OP

How good of a PC do I need to run GBF/Zooeybot through a virtual machine?

Teach me the way of the dark lucha
I dealt damage and was mvp for 6 turns and then I died
What gives?

I love Water!

Asking again because I didn't get the answer, sorry.

I only managed to get 4 baal axes from the fest, I have a Titan but not sure if 0* axes are good enough

Would a build with 4 0* axes, 1 Ygg sword, Baha, RoB fist, 1 FLB vohu gun with harp mainhand work?

Or should I just stick with mlb magna grid?

30/9 - 9/10 - new story event
10/10 - 17/10 - xeno cocytus + rerun of fenrir&cerb
13/10 - 26/10 - cardcaptor collab
21/10 - 28/10 - rotb or arcarum
29/10 - x/11 - new story event


what gw weapons are the best mh for each element?

>Dead eyes
Fuck man I dont want to jerk off again

hello sushi.

me, waiting on Nio and Esser
I only have myself to blame for slacking last rotb though


So how do i change to actual good co-op quests?

Baha MVPs and all the SSR drops will come to you, but only you reply sleep tight Baal

Harps for Light, Water and Fire
Daggers for everything

>4th GW dagger finally dropped
It's finally over... back into fucking tiamat leeching again

I got vice vs Athena with Kaguya support. Have the same team with double bunny that gets top6 half the time.

The team is very fun to use. Lucha Diantha = whole team does two TAs on first turn and ougis on second turn, both turns affected by hype. Silva quite easily caps autos with her crits + hype. Rage stacks well with Altair's dual sided buff. Lily gets swapped in if I need clear/heal/phalanx.
In strike time you ougi first turn, do two TAs on second turn and use Altair's 3rd, ougi again on third turn and the Diantha buff is already rolling very well with whole party doing strong DAs.

BTW Europa finally set me free of water's no-good-summons curse - I just pick up snek which is always available. Altair + snek is also great for def down in solo play.

Hello, user.

stop being cringey now, It's not funny if you keep forcing it.

you will have less HP since you lack MLB axes but overall you should get more offensive power I think

same skill level of baal weapons + other shit + double titan > same skill level of magna weapons + other shit + ygg/ygg or ygg/alex

but if you have FLB magna swords with 11~15 skill level then it's different story

>farm baal all night
>got absolutely nothing
Why did they have to "fix" it? I don't even care about GW at this point.

does it have to be double titan? my titan is 0* but I do have an alex so I might just go alex/titan

Please don't use me as your tissue.

Ha ha ha, i'm in the same boat, user. (Sigh)

What a nerd.

That sounds just like what I wanted. Thanks, just need to grind those distinctions and tix Silva.

god i wish ruria looked like that

i was never attracted to lyria until this part of the anime and i can't explain why

Because you saw someone you can relate with, a worthless piece of walking trash

Keep in mind that Quatre would be better than Silva. However I don't want to ticket or build guys so I'm perfectly fine with current team and those 4m ougis are damn satisfying.

I prefer the picture where she had the bangs covering her forehead, although I don't have it at the moment.

Levi, Tia, and Colossus have all dropped SSR stuff every run today of my dailies.

Is something bugged?

it's not uncommon

gotchu m'nigger

DId we really get only 300 crystals and no penality? Are you fucking kidding me?

>got nothing but anime and silver fodder
Nope, everything's working as intended.

Me for a Baihu fist and another gold brick.

No, we got a baalfest and a 300 crystal as thanks for playing. Some idiots refused to accept the first gift tho.

The day they start deleting peoples grids just because a whiny cunt said so is the day the game dies for good

Daggers, harps and fists are the only ones that get used as mainhands, everything is else is varying degrees of bleh and bad in the case of the bow.

Thanks homie. It's amazing how a little bit of extra hair makes a really big difference. Not to say huge forehead Lyria isn't bad, but still.

Some nips are pretty mad
Not that anything will come out of that

Mind-broken girls are an aquired taste for true patricians. And I mean the actually broken and dead inside girls. Not the ones addicted to cock you see in every other doujin, but rather the ones who would lay still with a expressionless look while getting pounded and their only reaction being a slight blush from their bodies getting turned on.

It takes one to know one.

>farming renown without paying attention to the game
I'll kill you bitch

worst attention whore bait ever.

Ook ook ook... night seabros....

Simple, she stopped acting innocent and genki as usual so you're less inclined to see her as a child but more as the fine piece of girl she is.

I know the game is not so smart, but sometimes I really have the impression that there is some kind of algorithm that makes sure that you can not find certain objects when you are near to finish a forge.

How is it fair that a wanpan cunt gets to have a complete grid in a day while there are people that farmed Baal during months? Why not give some kind of proper compensation to the people that DID NOT exploit this glitch?

They should be, because this is fucking dumb.

This nigga here knows his shit

Calm down KMR, Will nerf Titan soon to make up for it.

Don't bully me.

>doing a boss that they announced they will be making changes for to increase the chance of weapon drops (done by an official Cygames. co employee) is exploiting
Stop posting

you had 2 full days to leech baalfest you whiny bitch

>Its intended so I'll wait for magfest to exploit it while the suckers waste berries now

I hope everyone gets easy matchups and go 5-0.

>literally no one had a baal grid finished before this
Show how shit the general actually is

eh i had one that's why i farmed athena instead


I don't care much about other elements except my own.

Who else didn't actually touch the raids because you didn't need it?
I wasn't desperate for fodder too

what's the best way to get light scrolls and light scales /gbfg/?

I'm never going to roll Titan so I didn't even bother. No, you idiots, I'm not going to roll something with a 0.014% chance of popping up.

here your >you

I'm too lazy for that, I've got a flb yugu sword pool and I'm content with forever being a simple magna peasant.

Joke's on you I don't even have a finished Baal grid after Baalfest.

>magna raids are harder than "HL" "impossible" raids now

What did KMR mean by this?

Trial for scales AH for scrolls.

That 4*s for Magna summons will be coming soon.

Your Europa is really useful. Thanks for being my friend!

I'm begging for gold bar restock

Why are DATA baha weapons bad?

I should probably go read Chrono Clock now that it got translated...
No problem! I'll probably have her MLB by the end of the year so look forward to that!

No attack modifier.

Isnt it unfair that new players and people that do not have access to a p2w 30% xp boost summon should take around 15x longer to level up stuff when the people that p2w'ed both the summon and a weapon exclusive to the premium draw could get from rank 101 to rank 175 in a single magfest? I think everyone that participated in hundreds of runs of "slimeblasting" should have all their ranks stripped and their class levels reduced to 1

looking for more Euro/Alex friends

No, it's unfair that the japanese can do 5-6 slimes a minute and we have gaijin ping

4 Cait sith summons is like 800 G points which like 8 issuses of Weekly Famitsu. Of course it's cheaper in japan but if u are gaijin you have pay extra.

>Why not give some kind of proper compensation to the people that DID NOT play the game?
Are you serious?

Which Class Champion weapon do I buy for Earth?

brehs, what do titan builds use off/same element?

7 baal axes and 3 ygg swords? or 8/2? or 10 baal axes?

Entitlement is the illness of a age where people have too much free time and everything they need is easily accessible.


I only got one baal weapon vs 14 yugu weapons. I don't have a way of playing primal dirt anyway. I did finish my athena farm though so I'm very happy.

Don't. The translation is bad and they forced a lot of memes, especially on D.D. I only read it for Cro ayway so I'm not really disappointed though. Miu doesn't have a route if you're wondering

Same as on-element except you replace the Uriel Fist with something else.

Why Light? Is the Chev harp that bad?

Red knight:"You chose Lyria"
Why Cygames? You're destroying your own canon here. Didn't Lyria pick the player at first when he nearly died to the Hydra Pommern threw at them?

Also Scarlet knight is fuck huge, I wonder how their dynamics work with Charlotta? Being the smol midget potato next a fuck huge bull.
Not to mention her armour is more Lackluster than Black knight and Scarlet knight.

And if you have Charlotta and Black knight in your party, doesn't that mean you get to skip collecting the Sky-map to cross the Grim Basin? Two of the Seven Luminary knights would be more than enough to carry Sky normies across the Grim Basin.

Also how the Fuck does JK turn into Rose queen?

Not to mention isn't Rosetta the only Primal beast in story with a good voice, Tiamat Screeches so hard you can't distinctly hear what she says, Colossus is a robot so it doesn't speak, Leviathan doesn't speak either, and when I put Yggdrasil in my party all I hear is an ear piercing computer generated noise. Yet Rosetta talks like an ordinary human being. I just realised not all primals don't talk though, Shiva talks about himself before burning all the shit in his path, And Godsworn Axiel talks for all that's worth since she's more a human with a stand than a primal beast

It has no ougi effect or special skill. Why would you ever use it?

>gold bar restock is taking forever
>tfw too shit to MVP the difficult content for a chance at a gold bar

I'm starting to think the 40 GW box method advocates were right


Heck, that's sad. And I actually wanted to read it because of Kuro, she seems like a total cutie, is her route any good?

>3 celes flips
>3 selfies

Box isn't luminaries knight tho

>And Godsworn Axiel talks for all that's worth since she's more a human with a stand than a primal beast
She's a RoB expy that used to be an angel, cygames got rid of her wings for GBF but still considers her a celestial being somehow.

my man im high as fuck and waht the fuck is this