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agdg is my wife

>he sits down and codes without having a solid end result in mind
How's that coming along user?

Same idea here but it isn't simple
Keep us posted user I wanna support your game and your future endeavors in life provided they never involve hurting another person

probably just as good as for the other guys, who posted some big plans for the future and already feel fulfilled by the act of posting them alone

how to stop procrastinating?

is adderall really the only way?

This thread is cute and blessed by anime

That's when the most progress happens

Remember to sign up for recap monday if you havent already to be included in agdg dm :)

I don't feel fulfilled I feel daunted
But I have targets in mind, it's now a matter of how to reach them

animegdg best agdg

oops that's the wrong video

oh man captions are some mad mix of german and english

First for java dev

Yes drugs are the only way to find willpower and discipline

haha I didn't even realize I had captions on :D

Stats books can be effective too, if you can find them

>know Java
>know C#
>know general OOP from class
>still so scared that I'm working with GM

Then how should I go about it buttplug

honestly it's going great.
I do stuff every day and am progressing at a decent rate for one person. I have a simple overarching goal for my game and am sticking to it.
now why do you need a design document as 1MA?

I have this problem (with mostly everything) but I have a small start up routine helped a lot. Made it a habit.

I have a notebook I write notes in before I start, I usually get a cup of coffee as well and make a short to do list. Then I start.

Motivation comes and goes friend, don't count on it. Count on discipline.

Well, I tried instancing a scene instead and it works now. I can press a button and it will create a unit for me, and even more if I keep pressing it. cool. so I guess what Im supposed to do is always instance scenes

How were you doing it before?
But yeah generally you want to create scenes for objects like that. Have scenes for units and all the nodes that make them up. Then just instance the scene when you need it.

>tfw been in the same situation

I've been forcing myself to slowly work with the java graphics/swing libs. Once I make something decent with that I'll shift over to C# + monogame or C++/SFML..

Well I wasn't doing it, because it was never working. I had a node in my main scene, and that node was a unit, and I tried adding a child of that unit, and it was just never working. I was going crazy trying to just what I think should be a pretty simple thing and I thought I was getting a better overstanding of over time. But yep, I'll work with scenes from now on.

an action rpg where you have to find the game creator (You) and kill him for creating your hellish world

Let's cut out the middle man

Sounds familiar.

>tfw the mahou shoujo was my favorite
Still Re Creators was a pretty good show, don't know how /a/ liked it.

what is madoka doing there

>forcing myself to slowly work
>using swing instead of libgdx

>/a/'s thoughts

I don't know either, I thought the show went a bit downhill after the mahou shoujo died, but overall it was bretty good.

Did they forget about Shark-chan by the end? I assume she goes around the world killing people.

How do I do free mouse aiming in 3D, like in Grand Theft Auto or Red Orchestra ?
Raycasting from the mouse and shooting there just leads to weird results, like whenever there's some geometry that's between the camera and the weapon, or when leading a target that's running in front of different buildings at various distances.
I also tried using math to get the cursor position and add an offset to the camera's rotation depending on how far it is from the center, but that just leads to weird results.

How exactly do you tighten up movement? Is it code based or sprite/animation based?

Kickindev here. I'm not dead. Somehow.

You ever have one of those weeks where work goes to shit and everything is fucked and then your grandma has a stroke and dies in the middle of everything the day after the brakes on your car decide to give up on life? If you haven't, it's not very fun and I don't recommend it. Between work and life and winding down tabletop things I've been stupidly busy and my nerves have been too shot to make much progress before this morning, but SUNDAY MORNING PROGRESS!

I decided that instead of working on the second enemy in the game, I'm going to begin work on the thirteeth, the first enemy in the final circuit.

Why? Because I feel that it's sufficiently late in the game that it'll help me get a better feel for how the game feels when the execution window for enemy attacks is much tighter. It'll also finally give me something to throw at people that thing that the past demos have been too easy.

code based, it's a balance between not too linear and not too slow to react

where is the game?

Hey, sorry to hear about your grandmother
Hang in there

On my harddrive and the past 3 demodays.

Thank you.

the thirteeth guy looks like the first guy?

The thirteenth guys IS the first guy!

They look like the first guy because haven't yet had a second to finish working on the placeholder generic animations for incomplete fighters so it was more convenient to just reuse paahul's sprites and timings. They'll look more like a generic fighter hopefully within a week.

Isn't that from aggy daggy?

My5 year old really like watching your videos, but I do not want him to start saying the foul or slang words you use in your commentary.... I am sure there are other little children watching that there parents don't realize. Maybe you could be a little more conscious of that!

where do i shill my furry lewd game?

>i need to ask
not gonna make it

There is no such thing as bad words. It's better to teach your kids in which contexts their use is or isn't appropriate than attempt to limit their vocabulary.

>a lewd furry game
>not making big bux regardless of situation

only if it has good art

>ahaha look at thes patron hehe 2000 monies a month :) now where do post me furgame
10/10 market research faggot


Can I use get_offset to get the position of an object on the map (in this case an animatedsprite, that doesn't move btw) and then store that information in a variable and by using set_offset make a new object spawn in the same location as the original object? Because it's not fucking working and I wonder if its godot being a gltichy mess or if I'm wrong

/agdg/ will never make a good game

/agdg/ will never make a bad game

/agdg/ will never disappoint me

/agdg/ will never make a game

the discords of other lewd furry games

Now when you complete a mission, Lilitu will show hr appreciation in the form of hearts.

i'm going to show her my appreciation allright

Will her pupils turn into hearts when I cum inside her?


how does a girl cum inside another girl?

with her penis

How do I make it to where the camera can see the top part of the globe when looking at it from this angle? The top-most aggy daggy flag in this screencap is supposed to be on top of the globe, but because of how the camera is it appears lower than where it's supposed to be


Why do all engines have such shitty UIs

Both UE4 and Game Maker look like pure cancer, like they're appealing to teenagers or some shit.


Had to use get_global_pos and set_global_pos. Faith in godot = restored, for now..

because they're UIs to devellop, not to marvel at.

More like the opposite, they were built to marvel at but the only people marvelling are edgy 14 year olds

They should have just kept that shit plain. That's the ideal UI to develop in.

Do you comment your code agdg?
Is it thorough and descriptive?
What's your method?

I try to comment, but it's usually an afterthought and pretty light since my code feels pretty clean and self explanatory and excessive comments feel like redundant clutter.
I know that's a fallacy, but it feels like I'm just repeating what the variable or function names are

why are there moonrunes in the corner

>Do you comment your code agdg?
>Is it thorough and descriptive?
>What's your method?
I just comment shit that I think will be difficult to understand later on when I come back to it
Also with function arguments and shit I comment an example call with example arguments so I know how to quickly use it
Oh and also the commented-out scar code.

I don't know I find it pretty plain. Honestly I don't really care much about the UI anyway.

I comment whenever there's something unintuitive.

At bare minimum every method has a block explaining it. I usually comment any particularly in depth code block, and use descriptive variable names to help with readability.

comments are usually to explain why some piece of code is at that particular place, mostly meant for future me, because every now and then I read old pieces of code and go "why is this here?" and maybe attempt to reorganize the code but perhaps things only work when the code was called in a particular order and rearranging them had fucked things up

me being autistic

Whats the most high profile game that came out of AGDG? I've seen somethings on other devlogs that im sure i saw here too, it seems like anytime someone gets momentum they leave Veeky Forums.

I had hopes for Gods gift but that seems dead, anything else?

I comment literal paragraphs because everything I write is shit spaghetti.
notch posted in the old /v/ dev threads
monster girl island came from here

At least your doing your commenting right. You will go far user.

your hairline is depressing

a few words at the top of each block

I comment a lot because I'm so lonely I start talking to myself in them

I'm going to make a mecha.

>Lethal League used to post here
Actually that makes sense now that I think about it, since I found the pre-Steam flash game version through /v/

>notch posted in the old /v/ dev threads
Any evidence for this? It must have been before agdg became a tghing.

But user, does it have SHOULDER BLADES

I always had to spend hours removing explicit comments from my school projects so I know your feeling

does mythology need evidence?

only including /agdg/ easily RoR by a massive amount, but a few high profile devs used to post on /v/.
Notch, yandev, Yoko fucking Taro, and a few others.

No since it's made up stories.

Why make something like that up? It makes us seem pathetic.

wow i had no idea RoR was a agdg game. i like that dudes second game too where u played as death with guns.

he still posts here all the time

how do u know its him, we are all user

Debating whether to implement limb based damage like fallout in my turn based combat system.

I can think of a couple of instances where it would be very cool but I dont know if it would really add that much in the end.

Your game has to be mecha so limb based combat is only natural.

posted progress from RoR2

sometimes he posts an image
also, he's in the discord like, all the time

He mostly posts progress to the discord, but I know for a fact he lurks because he notices when someone is reposting his progress and larping.

Hi hopoo!
That might have been me

Finished setting up a patreon
When should i start shilling?
I should have a Demo ready by the end of the week