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I want to suck his dick.

Well done faggot.

New Shadowlog.
DShift is positive.

i hate dragon niggers so fucking much

Copy from last thread.

I will screenshot all the predictions in this thread and after a month I will post it again.

I'll do this from now until Pacific Sunday. Reply to this post with your prediction and I will include you in the collage. Screenshot of your rank and playstyle(ranked win with classes) is optional .

Is it even possible to switch to a different steam account?

>still no emote for I FUCKED UP

That may be because of Burn Rite and Unga rune but REMOVE D-SHIFT
Also control is very prevalent now in AA for some weird reason, just ran into seraph, dragon, grail, among other kinds of decks.

>goes first 57.4%
>goes second 37.5%

Wait, I thought it had the most balanced first/second winrate before this? Did they removed the false reports from last week?

>that forest first/second winrate
what the fuck

Reminder to not believe the meta report.

i still cant play

support didnt reply to me


We're playing /hsg/ in some divegrass friendlies today.
Games start in 10 minutes, and we're the 3rd game of the day.
It should be around an hour after the games start that we're up to play. I'll make another post when we're about to be on.

>people play unga alice
>people start playing control in response
>people start playing dshift
It's not like this doesn't happen every time

Take the data from shadowlog with a grain of salt, it's been shown to deviate from the official data all the time.

I honestly hope that B&B will still see play next expansion. I can't get enough of that double pulse when you meet both conditions.

You deserve it, reddit-kun. Fuck off.


>because he played his deck better
you can play literal solitaire suboptimally but that doesn't make it skillful, dtard


Uninstall dota.

Yeah, I just misclicked and evolved my on-board follower (who didn't have enough health to survive any trades) instead of newly played follower vs Neutral Haven on his Aria pop into Lion+Aria turn.

Luckily, I was still applying enough board pressure myself to psyche him into trading off his 4/1 tiger into the new follower, and stablized the following turn for a strong win.

Maybe he felt pity, but I think he was just concerned the 1 health would get picked off by me for free if he didn't trade and that he didn't put him any closer to lethal.

Some autist did it again

check your antivirus or any program you have running in the background

the problem is on your end, support cant do anything

Holy shit post list right fucking now.

oh look another shit OP made by reddit/discord

Jesus christ. But why?

Yeah, but I can't remember DShift ever being at >50%.



I've been quite satisfied with Bellringer as an early stall+cycle tool. Even late game, it can screw with cards like Genesis Dragon.

Fake reports. Someone (probably the same faggot) did it last week as well with Roach Forest.

They grey font means he already did.

>Bellringer Angel screwing Genesis Dragon

name one thing more exciting then double enhance zombie party into koushin seyo

Well, in such a situation, I think the dragon would be doing the screwing... like that early well-animated Caryo set.

I was playing around with the controlly saha version but i think it's too inconsistent to be comparable with nsword. It just highrolls stupid hard. i dunno about combo though

If i switch my SV account from one steam account into another, will i keep the crystals? i didn't know about rerolls back then and been playing SV on an alt account, but want to move it to my main now >_>

10/10 blade mage into d-shift

i already tried its not me its the server

it all started with the last download files

anyone here have a seraph list
i need an excuse to run themis

>people realize Control can actually counter Neutral
>playrate of Control decks increases
>subhumans farm Control and DShift's winrate skyrockets
>eventually people realize that it's not worth playing Control because of the auto-lose match up
>game goes back to mindless unga and stays there
Nice game, shadowbabs.

cute woof, but why is it eating a banana?

Turn 4 Tripple Atomeme with Elta and Mammoth

>not wanting to see a provocative bellringer angel seducing and coming onto a hesitant and nervous genesis dragon


you can't link it on another steam acc

I'd rather have ungafest than 20 turns of bahamut spamming.

You can. I've done it multiple times.

Concede pls


>every single chest that wasn't the sleeves or emblem
>literally every single one
>30 gold
>70 gold

how? isn't he talking about moving a sv account from a steam account to another steam account?

All Control decks have wincons that come down way earlier than that, ungashitter.

Just Bahamut his Bahamut bro

You talking about CARYO's depths of the dungeon Volume 2?

>Genesis dragon ejaculates so hard that bellringer angel gets launched into the sky, propelled by copious amounts semen gushing out of her vagina.

You just run SaveDataDeleter and relink it with a code from mobile. It's extremely easy.

how do I avoid reddit posting

no, it is on your end because its working for literally everyone else in this thread

you're gonna have to just try random things out until it works or play on a phone emulator

This is your starting hand for today. I lost

i tried on a tablet it also bugged

dont space your posts like this

Your account may may be cursed...

>checks exhentai
Yes. [CARYO] Dungeon no Oku 2 ~ Dark Elf to Kodai no Tou

So that but with Bellringer Angel instead of a petite Dark Elf

@2nd part
...goddammit, I've actually seen that in something.

yea, that's what i mean.

did you get to keep your crystals?

>control counters neutral
Just turn 4 themis bro

>did you get to keep your crystals?
I don't know because I've never done it with crystals on my account.

have you had any connection problems with other games?

no only shadowverse

the last download files fucked up everything

that's not a good hand though, unless you're pointing out that it's a three-of?


i won

>that one time your cockiness almost killed you

have you tried with a different connection than your pc's? like making a quick hotspot with your phone

>just bm into revelation every game bro
>just beat other control decks before you deck put bro

i tried with a tablet and had the same problem i didnt try other internet connection

There doesn't seem to be any way he could have won bar dark general

I figured you were still using your wifi with your tablet, try a public wifi/hotspot

Remember when Blood mirrors ended at turn 4? Good times.

>hoarding bakamutts until only 10 cards left in deck
Dshift is truly the underappreciated janitor of sv.

Ahh yes, the good old KYS Blood at the start of RoB.

That was from DE.

I used to hate Runecraft as a class but then I got to try Burn Earth Runecraft and this is actually enjoyable

Why is that so

You don't like mana cheating?

is it just me or is veight a very useless card?

>DShift has pretty much as much playrate as Forest

Because you're gay for this boy.

he's a good cocksleeve

Because you play proactively, usually without caring about what your opponent is doing but you can also react to their board.
Also post dick

dirtrune is pretty different from spellboost rune

Dirt isn't as highroll as spellboost rune decks. Though if you like oz burn spam maybe you don't care much.

looks nice on paper
but then you realize over 70% of that graph is neutral shit and you lose all hope for this world

Only good for nooky nook.

I miss RoB.

>have to play neutral haven for dailies
Im sorry


Magic Owl OP, needs nerfs.

Most Rune decks are alright, except for the uncurable cancer that is DShift

Have you tried illusionist yet? There are a lot of nice tricks you can do with illusionist like pulling professor or illusionist gilgamesh urd for 10 dmg.

were you trying to show results on owl voting? it just says i've already done the survey

Have you ever seen control mirror? Its a fucking 30 turns of who will have the last bahamut shitfest.

>all this valid complaining about Solitaire D.Shift
Anyone think C'thun Chimera going to be a thing?
It's like... instead of D.Shift and then having to fill with something like Flame Behemoths to kill, you can just run MORE spellboost things to make Giant Chimera hit 1-shot range in 1 card, which also itself benefits from the various "Spellboost your followers" effects that D.Shift doesn't.