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Previous:>[10M Downloads Campaign]
September 24th 18:00 JST
- 1 free 4* of your choice
- 30 Quartz
1st: HP Fou x10
2nd: 4* EXP x10
3rd: 3* ATK Fou x10
4th: Mana Prism x100
5th: 10M QP
6th: Golden Fruit x10
7th: Tickets x10
>Rate-up schedule
9/20-27, 10/1-4: Merlin
9/28,30,2,4:Artoria (Saber)
9/29,30,3,4: Artoria (Lancer)

>[Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017]
- 5* Okita: September 20-21, 24-25, 27
- 5* Hijkata: September 22-24, 26
- 4* Tamamo Cat & 4* Suzuka Gozen always on rate-up
- 5* GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CE (Taunt & ATK Up +10% for 3 turns)
- 4* Launch Order! CE (Quick +10%, Buster +10%)
- 3* Fate GUDAGUDA Order CE (Quick, Arts, Buster, Star Generation, Star Weight, NP Gain, NP Damage, Debuff Rate, Debuff Resist +1%)

>English FGO has its own general for now, search /fgoalter/ in the catalog
>Monthly items: Dragon Fang, Unlucky Bone, Magical Spinal Fluid
>Epic of Remnant 3 ~Stage of Corpses and Streaming Blood~ to be released mid-Oct


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: June 29)
Add yourself docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCq3eZgh3zlUtZ3G6Y-zzv1kaXt4GHuWVBRlV__V3Q3rC2Pg/viewform
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Alternate Servant/CE DB

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what skill order for kiara?

xth for cutest couple

My dick
Your waifu

Are you contented with your Free 4*, /fgog/? Did another 4/5* spook you while rolling for Merlin or the Alters? Uncle Vlad and cute Oni spooked me


Its my last chance frendos, please give me your strength.

So is this game about fucking gender bend historic figures like Eiyuu Senki?


Proper snakegirl Servant when

You'll get Nursery Rhyme

If you know Eiyuu Senki but don't know Fate you literally don't exist.

Kirei bless you

You're getting Waver





Is this like that one guy that draws Dragonball characters as members of ISIS?

>family zoned
Sure cuckposter

>people don't already have Musashi


I don't want that dumb sow

Between NeroFes3 and Merlin, I got NP3 Lobos.


>choose tits alter as my free four star
>buy a ton of quartz to pull memelin
>get another tits alter
>no merlin
>no other servants above 3*
Fucking hell rate-up is a damn lie. At least now I can increase her NP level.

Is it out on PC yet ?

the cutest

You won't be laughing in half a month!

But I do have her, user

I hope this roll this ver of the Ayaneru slut. I don't ever want to roll Medb.

>always calm
>cool Numeral of the Saint concept

I have a friend with an Musashit and an NP 5 Kiyo Lancer so it is fine

>anyone with taste wanting generic koyama shit

What game is this girl from again? She's just so incredibly generic she could be from anything.

I sense Saber Alter.

She has all my gold Fous

14K HP 14K ATK Buster meme Musashi is so fucking amazing.


Fuck off,I spent all my quartz on Quetz and get jackshit.How am I suppposed to know Musashi was the new year servant?

Is it worth increasing her NP level?
I chose her as my free 4* also, though I have a gut feeling I might get her instead of Merlin once I get my tickets.

I did it lads. Now I have all the little girls in the game.

rate up applies once you hit the 1% chance to roll a 5* servant.

Rate up makes it so when you get a 5*, there's an increased chance of it being Merlin. If you got a 5* Caster that's not Merlin, the rate-up fucked you up

I got her alongside Illya on the same 10 roll, feels good.

I unironically forgot she was in this game in time for Valentine's and thought that was a shop for a second.

>Fucking hell rate-up is a damn lie
>got rate-up servant

Good job

>using other people servants

How does she get away with being this much of a semen demon?

>rolled a rate up servant
>rate up is a lie

Speaking of gold Fous. Who's your Foufu, user? Pic related is mine and this is the face she gives me every time I feed her one.

>all these (You)s to a Musashi post

Really is best girl. Cute voice. Cute Baka. Strongest SSR Saber.

is it time for our monthly exchange already

You won't be that rare anymore when your 2nd rate up coming,just like Memerlin

My Jeanne Alter has the 100 10/10/10 meme. My Gold Fous can go to another like Musashi.

Wu is a nice girl
Treat her well

Imperial Privilege

Shit taste



The Divegrass Friendlies start now, out match will be in roughly two hours.


Why is Wu so popular?
Her art is below average

Hi newfag

You use her first sprite, right user?


Which sprite for the loli empress?

Fuck you nigger, you got a new servant and complain.

I want to burn Nursery Rhyme's pages and ruin whatever is left with paint!

Her art is great though

Pedos aren't picky

Go back to Facebook if you love Wu
Fucking SEAniggers


I don't use dumb sows

>match will be in roughly two hours.
But I will be in bed. Will friendlies be recorded

Tristan has bizarrely good NP gen. I'm not going to complain, but he's even better than I thought he'd be.

Here for info, /mggg/ vs /skg/ just started
implyingrigged.info/wiki/Veeky Forums_League_9_Friendlies


>says this while posting a facebook meme

You're the one who needs to go back there

No, I like her furisode.

I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me

Yes. Those pits are top tier. Back of her legs when she turn in her NP is also top tier.

She is perfect.

Yes. You want the recording for the match we had yesterday?

Retarded NAcuck.

Nigga you got one of the best 4* servants you that could had been a 3* CE very easily.

When we will get more of these?


That's right. You should kill yourself now.

I watched yesterday's match since >our match was only third in the day. But thanks though.
>tsubame gaeshi

Was a good day.

gorgon is FAT

I missed last night's game, how did it go?


Plz no bully
It's not her fault her sisters aren't what's considered to be a light snack

Smashcast keeps lagging on desktop (not tablet) for me. Somebody suggested last night to use some other proxy stream to watch? Please help.

Another 10/10/10 100 max bond all gold fous reporting in. Halfway done now.

Yes, I would appreciate the recording.

Kill yourself autistic SEAmonkey shill.

She's not fat ! Just taller !
Please no bully.


So what new SSR will come in EoR3 that DW is hell-bent on milking people of their savings with these back 2 back popular rate ups? I don't buy that Sasaki jii-san will be a SSR

We won 3-2. If you want to watch it, our match starts at 2:23

reminder that "the greatest king to ever grace heavens and earth", gilgamesh, died from overworking.
paperwork > gilgamesh

>NP3 Mama Lancer (grailed + gold fou'd)
>NP5 Titty Alter
>NP2 Merlin
>Demonic Bodhisattva LB'd for Merlin
My buster-crit Lancer team is looking good.