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/sthg/ #958 - Choose your hedgehog husbando Edition

>Sonic News

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What a gay OP.


I want to do girl sonic


First for Silver a cute!
A cute!!

superior girl sonic

>inferior girl sonic

looks pretty straight to me

So how about them wisps?

What about them?

We've got 4,157 images on the new booru. Only 865 pics left to go and then we're home free!


Step aside Lala and go home Becky!

Why did you upload the pictures without tags? Are you retarded?

Shut up. At least someone bothered to do this huge job. If it bothers you so much why don't you actually bother helping that user by tagging?


Because the initial approach is retarded in the first place. I'd rather reupload the pictures with the previous tags. Tagging thousands of pictures will take months.


Then why didn't you bother to do it? You can start now if you'd like.

Please for the love of god find at least any other webm to post of Utopia.
I dream of this in my nightmares.

Because other people were apparently on it. I didn't know they were going to just upload the old pictures, but without tags.

Can we nuke the old pictures if I manage to auto upload with the tags?

Nice thread, furbabs.

Sure, I don't see why not

Let me see what I can do.

>I dream of this in my nightmares.
Please elaborate.

that knux tho


Nice dead thread Sonicbabs.

>bing bing wahoo

Any anime in which the main cast are mostly girls in a school setting which isn't Nichijou is probably the very worst of weeb trash.
I like the animu, but this genre has been oversaturated to the point where it's usually just mindless cash grabbing

I'd kill for a Trigger-Esque/Gainax Sonic though.
Sonic Adventure 2 but with humans shouting about the eternal spirit of man/woman/how big Coach's dick is.

Why do these stupid humanizing things always make Eggman a little girl? Shouldn't he be taller than all the other characters?

The fuck is that? Random anime girls cosplaying as Sonic characters?


So what exactly happened to the booru?

Every thread, the exact same webm.
Every goddamn thread.

I wouldn't mind as much, but surely there's some other footage of utopia you could record.
Or other fangames.

Just not this exact same length'd fucking webm thread after thread.


azumanga was better

The creator is an autist

>tfw you had a dream here it was revealed that Forces would have DLC modes for Knuckles, Tails and Rouge
>Rouge was changed to be less of a Knuckles clone, though that only really makes she could double jump inside of glide

W-was it a vision?

Azumanga is fucking awful

>Eggman a little girl?
thats omelette/eggette a mania meme

>Blue Eyes on Sonic


Go back to Plebbit, fag. I bet you think Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece.

The creator prevented everyone from posting new stuff. Essentially shutting down the booru.

So we made a new one, and are in the process of reposting and tagging all the old content.

But we already have an SA2 Anime, it's called Kill la Kill
Fuck off /a/

>defends generic school-girl anime
>calls me a reddit-fag for saying the genre is oversaturated

And it's not a masterpiece, but it's pretty fucking good.

Sorry, did I offend your fucking Love!Live! models sitting on your desktop or something?

Not sure how to feel about this...

let forces serve as a reminder that emphasis on story doesn't matter if the story itself isn't any good

donut steel

Heavy Magician vore me when

The Eggrobos don't have mouths and even if they did it would just be wires and a long dead flicky in it, what sort of eroticism are you into man.


can i request a clean hd version of this pic for...um...purposes?

I remember someone promised to draw that. WHERE IS IT FAG

What sort of purposes, user?

>Sonic games having good story

Why do they even bother? Even Mania's turned out to be a bit of a mess. Why try to be more than you have to be. Eggman's being a right cunt, go stop his dumb ass.


educational purposes


How tragic

Best studios to do a Sonic anime would be
Maybe KyoAni if we wanna do SoL cute furries doing cute things shit because even if I'm not a fan of the genre they make some really good looking stuff. Alternatively, Shaft if you wanna get a bit out there. Just keep Urobutcher away from anything involving Shadow

Does anybody have opinion of the branching paths level design in Sonic games?

How the top most path is the fast path, it may require some amount of effort to get there but once you're up there it's the easiest route. The bottom path is the slow path, one that you're likely to fall down to if you just hold right without thinking and it's often the hard route where you're down submerged in water or laden with spikes and instant death pits.

Is this a good formula? Do you think it should be different?

>boy sonic is based off michael jackson
>girl sonic isn't based off janet jackson


Eh, it's a kid's platformer, it's not like you need Metal Gear or Kingdom Hearts type shit. Focus should be solely on gameplay, with the story as an excuse for there to be a game. Intro cutscene to establish Eggman doing the thing, ending cutscene showing you stopping him and the day being saved. If Mania was just this and didn't have the mess of a story that left a lot of people with questions like "Did Heavy King betray Eggman" and all that shit

Yes yes yes, we get it user.

>Sonic anime


Human sanics are always fucking garbage.

Every other long running video game franchise has tried to do something different with their story.

Kirby, apparently has a deep lore.
Mario, for all of their games being the same save Peach, did Isle Delfino, Galaxy, Paper Marios etc.
Even Classic Megaman, which did ten of the same games nearly, had different plots to it.

Sonic needs something to make one game feel a bit different than the next in terms of story.
Sonic 1 had turning animals into robots, 2 - 3K was the Death Egg arc, CD was the Little Planet fiasco.

Same kind of games, same playstyles, different stories.

You can't pull off "Eggman's being a cunt" for several years and expect people to keep playing them.
I agree we don't need fucking Shaekspeare, but something to make Sonic A not the exact same story as Sonic B.

Doesn't mean much when they go world travelling anyway.


It doesn't have to be but focus solely on gameplay is the reason we get dumb baby shit like Lost World

Sonic should be more mature than the basic Mario, at least

user, this is just this user doing the same song & dance about how "Sonic shouldn't have a plot because it's a kids game," everytime plot in Sonic is brought up.

Studio Trigger is overrated westaboo trash.

But Ryoko and Shadow is the cutest thing.

Sonic's been trying to do different shit for a long time, and it just doesn't work. Besides, you say Eggman being a cunt is repetitive, but somehow "Eggman finds a thing and it betrays him" isn't. At least in this case Eggman is the villain and not some literal who


user, Sonic Lost World wasn't bad because of it's story, it was bad because Sonic Team forced in too many gimmick and 2D levels, along with the level design not being very good


>but somehow "Eggman finds a thing and it betrays him" isn't.
That story element is also repetitive, user.


Sonic's shitty plots right now are the least of the franchises problems

>Force too many gameplay gimmicks
>Focus on the gameplay but not refine any of it

My point was the fact they DIDN'T focus on the story and just the gameplay you doofus

I like Trigger for stupid shows.
I think Sonic has a stupid story.

I think they'd fit in well and make the Sonic plot enjoyable and corny and full of messages about being the coolest, because that's pretty much what Sonic is.

Can you really say Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed is the same story because it has a similar way of introducing the villain and how it acts?

Also, I hope Sonic keeps trying things.
I don't play Sonic for it to be safe, I play it to see what new things it can do. And it fails a lot, but I'd rather it failed trying than stayed bland and mediocre.


Break his legs

Have you tried being a girl? Then it's not gay



Alright I'll bite

He'd probably make you a bit frustrated at first, I think he'd be the type to not do any PDA whatsoever but in private he'd be all over you, he'd secretly love it. He'd probably do accidental selfish or unthoughtful things but try to make up for it later because he's kind hearted deep down.
Obviously stoic and comes across as uncaring but slowly warms up to you. Smiles around you and you only. Expressive moments are rare but extremely thoughtful and you know he cares. Very concerned for your well being. Probably likes to cuddle in his sleep but would never do it consciously awake.
Adorable stupid dork you want to protect. Would get extremely flustered but show his affection to you happily. Probably a little overly enthusiastic about the relationship but can't help it. Would be the type to do things like cook dinner or stroke your hair after you've had a hard day.

My ranking is

>Being a girl
Ew, get out of here, faggot.


>Sonic Lost World wasn't bad because of it's story

Not by itself but it was, along with the lame dialogue.



Sonic otome game when? Metal's my choice

Irony is a gateway drug, you know.



Do you think he's going to die? Or go through some kind of redemption arc?