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Here is your schedule for today boys.

-MVCI is an unfinished and outsourced Disney cash grab
-SFV is taking 2 years to improve, Capcom can bring it back with a non-half-assed Super SFV update
-MVCI will likely be left in this abhorrent state for 2 years but the DLC will come aplenty
-DBFZ is a game made with love and respect

chris g abandoned her

fgg more like fags lol

Playing Dr. Strange along with Ultron, but I feel like he's there more for the keepaway and tag shenanigans. What can I do with him in terms of the offensive? Is there notation for Impact Palm loops available?

Yes I did repost this from the other thread.

threadly reminder to ignore xkira "leaks"

First for the good doctor

This schedule format is shit. Put some fucking horizontal lines so people can easily match the times to the block. Holy fuck it's astounding dumb.

Yea but dragonball is trash for nostalgia blinded dorks and the gameplay has no depth

His loss. If he thinks morrigan is bad now, he should go back and play her in vanilla mvc 3. I did for the entirety of vanilla.

Agreed fellow Redditor! Are you a conniseur of mature japanese animes such as Death Note and Fate/Stay Night too?


GG's lobby, I feel like I'll lose the reality stone once I'm past my scrub phase

Who should I pair with Spider-Man?


SFV Bison is the most fraudulent character in SF history. Season 3 can't come soon enough, when this bitch ass character gets nerfed to irrelevant tier like he was in S1.

I'd watch Vatista give birth I guess?

whatre you playing champ tomorrow or something? just set up traps then tag in and air dash jp.hp with ultron. its not rocket science.

Sonicfox's team is so cool.


Hes not getting nerfed because everyone fgot their eyes on Laura and Balrog now

>user makes a second attempt

no point now that headblade is out.
time for gg


Delicious salt

guess i will chill for three hours

everyone knows, but what are we gonna do, wait one year to save $60 lmao

Rashid in MvCI when

Just block dumbass

Whenever Ultron gets knocked out, I feel like I'm shit outta luck. I mean, I can zone them out and catch them with some Reality Storm buttons, but if I get a hit on them I just end up doing ground Magic series > Impact Palm > full magic Series > Spell of Vishanti. I feel like there's more I can get off of that.

>tfw morrigan will never be that hot in MvCI

What would be his level 3 hyper combo?

How long until Ultimate MVCI

Put your trip on broski.

WAhoo! Wahoo!!!

i can't imagine what it would be like if jive was my first sf lmao

No. I hate anime. Reddit likes dbz so you're wrong there too.

i like how all keys for mvci on key sites are region locked only for EU and other places

sucks to be a burger right now
aka me

>not Ed

the only thing approaching cheap about Bison is the left right v-trigger mixups/pressure

the charcter designs encourages scrubby play at lower levels but you really can't change bisons design because of that

Did Gachikun play anything before SFV? I genuinely never heard about him before Kumite.

Who he playin?

they were hoping americans who go see shitty marvel movies at the theatre would blow all their cash on this scam and subsidize it for the rest of the world. little do they know their intellectual property is worth jack shit just like sports, people only watch it out of boredom.

I bought MVC:I yesterday because one of my favorite podcasters worked on this game and him talking about all the cool ideas from some of his input during development making it into the game made me feel sorry for him due to the amount of (mostly justified) shit it was getting. Behold, I am the ultimate capcuck.
I'm having alot of fun learning Gamora/Ultron so i'm not too disappointed in my purchase.


>congratulates problem x on his win
>was literally shittalking all bison mains on his stream a week or so ago, saying you could win with bison with your eyes closed
Why do we like this two-faced fat snake again?

>short range on everything
>shit projectile
>awkward movement/cant dash into low
>no potential for setups or lockdown

He made the right call

Wasn't this guy caught looking at shemale porn?

he's 17, so he probably did trail combos in ultra

>problem wins with bison so people complain
He'd be high IQ if Daigo won

should've waited a year or two, they are 90% releasing an ultimate edition

whats wrong with that

Rashid is cool but put his wife in first

Why are you so sensitive my man?

are the egx vods worth watching
what about scr

theres no way gachikun is 17

Nobody likes justin

Brick getting PTSD from that place

Jedah/Raccoon. He does this shit with groot assist and edah wheel tag loops to create like 10 second blockstrings that do huge chip Also crazy solo raccoon comebacks with time storm.

nice, you finally did the second icon

Uh oh, Brick is going to have to go back to Popeyes and face his rival who sold him too much fried chicken by speaking African American to him


and his endless + buttons, and ex devil's reverse, and a retarded throw range, and some of the best cc damage in the game, and throw loops, and an aa jab, and an unreactable dash online... i could go on.

top 8 is 2day for SCR, just watch that amigo

nigga looks like 30+ at least

best marble movie desu ne
besides guardians 1 and 2

>Wasn't this guy caught looking at shemale porn?
Are you saying there's anything wrong with that?

it's strifehomo, he doesn't know left from right.

>the only thing approaching cheap

He was one of the best Japanese Sagats in 4.

I'm using Cap America with Spidey at the moment

>lp lk hp hk
heck yeah!
>5L 2L 5M 2M
wtf is this 2d side schroler??

alot of the better character in sfv have this stuff

bison is just top 10

t. Online shitter getting destroyed by a low-mid character


Is Ultron the new Doom?

Okay, you're just a faggot then

Is CapcomFighters offline for hours now?

he literally tweeted a pic holding Kayo police after she said in an interview she finds him hot.

Bison is as annoying as balrog.

Wait are the commentators for CEOtaku Marvel Top 8 also banging? They're suspiciously close to each other.

Thinking Kayo police is attractive is a meme.

>Day 5 tier lists

>Shuma Gorath never
>Amingo never
>Felicia never

bison has a high win rate online for a reason.

is UMvC3 alive on any platform?

Is there any easier way to transfer ps4 clips to pc?


i wanna play mvci but i dont want to pay 60 dollars for it


wow the level of play for MvCI at CEOtaku is awful

amingo looks retarded and he is total shit

dont worry youll get plenty of mcu shit, everyone likes that. havent you seen the box office charts? no one even knows who wolverine is anymore.

You better be watching MvCI top 8 over at CEOtaku instead of Goober top 8 at SCR.

Same, this game will drop down to 20 bucks soon. Jive did and it's a better looking game than mvci.

hello 16er
he was the 2nd best sagat in sf4 after bon

what characters are in goober?

t.sub 50 iq shitter


Anyone know where I can cop Broski's Akira t-shirt?

>being this gay