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>What is Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2 is an active free-to-play MMORPG from ArenaNet, the sequel to Guild Wars 1, with events taking place 250 years after its timeline.

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alternatively buy it on g2a so capcom doesn't make any money

Updated with more. I'm still missing quite a few.

I don't think there was anything really to be pretentious about in it desu

Jesus christ, I know dude. I could just sleep all the fucking time. I'm always exhausted, even when I take 400mg of caffine in my preworkout


Play the original version which is contained on Zero Mission as a bonus unlockable, then you have access to an actual save function.

That's how everyone is for all of the Freedom Fighters mostly too.

Yeah. Thanks for trying to help, but that where the last part of my post says Im getting lost :(

Can somebody give me the rundown of the good/bad of the expansion? Save the exaggerated BS, please. I just want the facts.

>Selphie is named after a tween trend,
Come on now. You're old enough to know better than that.

PTS is like five or six weeks of testing. So about a little less than a month.
Shame there's no good costumes.


>aged like milk
So it turned into yogurt? That's pretty good. Or was it cheese? Even better?

>no new animations
>physics are still fucked
>no extra content for the other games

I dropped the game shortly after launch and haven't looked back.

>once and for all

Assuming it actually comes out, yes.

i guess it depends where you live. saw new copies of gravity rush remastered go for 15€ or something not long ago.

We looping right now, it's going quite well.

you can refund it within 2 hours of playtime

the water has a cool distortion effect in the last level shown in the japanese version.

The clouds on title screen fly faster.

Thats all I noticed. The water effect is actually nice.

you don't understand my post you mongoloid hetero.
it's a list of skins that are very popular with gay furfags you retard
sure is fun when some people call something "gay" and there's a shit ton of heteros getting triggered

I won't even go to hell anymore for a while. Im helling for 2 weeks straight without any usable drop.

>when it's obvious the OP is a butthurt N64fag

Also, sort of a bonus, it works on PS3 and those fighting games with the Lab Zero driver on PS4. I played Street Fighter V a bit with it.

And you've yet to make a proper counter-argument. One last (you) for yeh, don't spend it all in one place.

The new Virtual-On would have been cool to play on the Switch with the joycons as arcade sticks, to revive the arcade experience


So /owg/, the sponge, or the spray?

what a memetic statement


Yes, FF14, not joking.

But they play w33stack today for the major qualifier.

they will actually, they even said they are looking for feedback for what needs to bad no one wants to actually give feedback.

Which e-celeb did you just learn about this game from

>Arcade games that were never ported
Sega's most offensive blunder was not porting scud race.

God bless

its not a gane its a story gemerator

Either Peach's wedding dress or Mario's swim trunks, depending on what you mean by that.

Thankfully they gave Poison a buff in later gens. Being super effective to Fairy is a huge plus, thanks to Fairy being generally overpowered (immune to Dragon, super effective to Dragon, Dark, Fighting).



I had Lego Island! Great game!

Wait, you can actually appoint parties with this shit government?

No dead

>Skaven lords can choose between corruption related trait or untainted related trait in the campaign map traits.
>Picking one locks out the other


Oi user, love the way you draw my boy hunter. I can't imagine him without random bandages on his face now it's too perfect thanks for the doodles.

Nah, you'll just have a different experience to 99% of people. Both stories tie in together and you'd likely play both anyway.

>saying nigger is now life ruining

what the fuck?

This is actually a really useful list. Thanks for posting that.


Nostalgic feelings are the only thing making it good. I've still never reached past the 3rd stage.

the Japanese ones don't want you either loser

Yours is a bit... controversial? Blame the anime.
But I can pat you if you don't mind.

So Nyotengu can make you her bitch?

Its iffy. Maybe make a thread just to see?


[orgasms geometrically]

>tfw nobody to be their personal slut, logging in every day just to please them and getting spoiled with costumes that I wear for them to fap to

Is /ink/ Splatoon General or Splatoon 2 General? Wondering since I've seen it change from thread to thread.

Idol culture is a huge turn off for me.

And protag is such a Gary Stu it physically hurts.

starting soon, last call

Well, to be fair to the guy, 1 year, 6 months, and 6 days is closer to 2 years than it is to 1 year.

I don't think you should buy video games just for an investment. If I want something and it's kind of expensive, I always buy it if I have the money. Not because I want to invest, but so I can get it before it's even more expensive

malcom was a lightskinned nigga what are you faggots talking about?

I don't get why you'd want to buy a physical copy unless if it's on a discount or something.

Garbage game that no one plays.

>jeopardizing your aim for push to talk

Push to talk is spacebar.


I thought that was Rinko.

The choice of true patricians right here.

No, I said youre clueless. Just look at your fucking post
>"it needs to just proc molten strike not fucking burst,, if it was just straight strike it would be easier to mod.."
>"having to use multiple projectiles support really fucks the damage.."
>"you also then have the issue of because you went fire you then lose certain things.. some bosses truly dont give a fuck about fire damage which makes clear times slow.. "
You have no idea how to build it and youre blaming the axe
Just lol

thats April

Only reason I have any sega cd games that are originals is because I got them when they first came out.

nvm i found it

>mfw enemy first picks huskar
EZ +25

It was actually neutral to ghost

>He doesn't like comboing down an entire room in one slow motion vault

Next you'll tell me you think the driving is bad because you never learned how to drift

Beverly Hills Cop shit

Too bad Untold turned Shilleka into a greedy bitchjew

>eat shit, millions of flys can't be wrong


It's to save face by making an even more outrageous comment than his retarded torag hammers thing so people stop bullying his dumb ass about it

WWB is their known name to general public. where zephyr is the name most people that only encounter it know because it's in their emblem.
you will encounter both name not only one.

Not being able to read facial expressions is a common trait in Asperger's.

You know they want the BBWC

>itt: people who have never owned a mouse more than $5 claiming it's all they ever need

you kids gotta ask you mom to get you a real one for xmas

Any bitch who got knocked up by a nigger who disappeared is not worth your time and deserves her misery.

You reap what you sow in life user.

>Walls and mountains everywhere
>nonetheless built an encampment
This would be pretty sweet if there was a Raging Barbarians mode

Why is Triss's outfit from AoK superior to the one in WIld Hunt?


Top bants m8

> all that armor
Tfw it has 900 weakspots Kek


>more Zero wanking
>possibility of a Black vs X & Zero again

This was most certainly already their plan.

also 34. user is 100% accurate.


Add Hunter



Can someone explain the gaming mouse meme to me? Why would you ever want to play with anything but a controller?