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Poor Koko edition

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Oma did literally everything wrong.

Angie and her beloved Saihara! It wasn't all that scary of a movie but the garage scene was genuinely spooky.

Eddie best boy.

Two Hifumis

I adore my precious Harumaki!


So this is a ritualpost now? Is this what autism is like?

We just started and the bread died.

It's just a post user, why are you overreacting like this?

>not Ben


So that post means nothing but the other one is a big deal?


I mean if you don't like it why not just say it straight instead of going the usual Veeky Forums way and calling it autism

Are you saying ritualposting isn't autistic?

If you think that then why did you react only at the two Hifumis post and not all of them

Because it's a new one and wasn't used to repost at the start of a new thread before? Did you not read the entire post or did you get just upset someone called you a mean word on Veeky Forums?


>it was angiefag shitting up the thread again

Which AI is most headpattable?

Alter Ego, of course.
And Kiibo.

Nice buzzword user, can't handle the fact you're mad?

Would Kiibo's hair be sharp or soft?

Just those too, huh?

>angiefag is a buzzword instead of a person now
This was the only logical conclusion.

Yes, it's tough on the edges and so is his ahoge but otherwise it's fluffy and soft.
That or Kiibo has a function which can change the hardness/softness of his hair.

Yours is a bit... controversial? Blame the anime.
But I can pat you if you don't mind.

Just add hair to the list "things Kodaka doesn't know how works."

That's not me though. Just because they post Goro doesn't mean it's me.

Wasn't it pretty strongly hinted that Chiaki was made by Chihiro?

She says her personality is probably from her "dad and brother" and she gives Cheat Code,
the same skill Chihiro gives in DR1

>argues about things for no reason claiming people need to explain everything to you
>persona shitposter
>happen to both be on at the same time

Sure, just a really super duper coincidence.

And anime destroyed those hints

>argues about things for no reason claiming people need to explain everything to you
Except that I don't? Name one occurrence I've done this?

>persona shitposter
See, now you're implying again that anyone who posts Persona is me.

>happen to both be on at the same time
I just ritualposted, did some other shit, and then decided to check the thread again. I wasn't the one behind the Hifumi pic anyway.

You're literally doing it right now you stupid cunt.

Like I said, that ain't me, but I'll let you believe whatever you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>falling for le ebin bait
thanks for the (You)s autism!

Nice backpedal.

All right user, how can you prove if it's supposedly me then?

That or you have such a cartoonish personality people can perfectly mimic you.


The chibi avatars is easily the cutest part of the game

>the state of this thread

Post your rarepairs, memepais and crackpairs

How did someone posting a shitpost escalate to an user getting mistaken as an avatarfag?


Everything is avatarfagging if you do it enough times.

Fuck off Angiefag, why are you trying to start shit again?

>everybody I don't like its Angiefag

It fufills my need to see Kiyo get railed by a huge cock and some of the art is rather cute.

Ouma x Rapetarou

I want to hate-fuck Monaca.

I don't want to hope-fuck Nagito.

more pls

Hey, fuckheads, we already have a thread going