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Dr Shartour, I'm TI Winner

>Moderator Twitch Prime mgRodeo: we have a real uday and saddam hussein situation going on with yawar and sumail in fpl

reminder that mursglacious is /ourguy/

is EG broken?

Is Francis Lee better than SumaiL?


>mfw enemy first picks huskar
EZ +25

why is dota so much better to watch than play?

Is that his "gf" or "bf"?

because cuckoldry is embedded in your genes

Islam only permits homosexual relationships with young boys

What kind of girlfriend can I get from being good at Dota?

a frumpy white lesbian or asian qt


what is that

gulagian girlfriend (male)

90% of dota pros have asian gfs

feed me dotards

concept art for fantasy adventure game valve never released, artist is same guy who made 90% of official dota art

How to fix The Dire:


your sister isn't ur gf

Do you think the current amount of time you can pause for is:
Too much
Not enough

nth for Pugna

I wish I could kiss tonya

EE is good for any team since it's your rotm weeblord in a nutshell.

she is very pretty :3

>"90% of dota pros"
>only swecucks in image
Akke was the only guy in Alliance that didn't fall for the yellow fever.

>90% of swedish numales have asian gfs
got u senpai

a monkey faced asian

>Timado: (puke)


theyre all beta males

the most alpha male in dota, puppey is married to a qt estonian

>Announcer declares if the enemy team has bought a divine rapier
Yay or nay?

An infinite amount of time? Yeah. That's too long.


cuckdog will never have a gf that isn't out to abuse him



all the girls hes gone after are asian

>a real uday and saddam hussein situation
what the fuck does that mean

Did Sinned dump bdog after the whole TI incident and finding out what a huge retard he is?

>dat EG teamfight


isnt it 30s per player? explain

>Uday, while originally Saddam's favorite son and raised to succeed him he eventually fell out of favour with his father due to his erratic behavior; he was responsible for many car crashes and rapes around Baghdad, constant feuds with other members of his family, and killing his father's favorite valet and food taster Kamel Hana Gegeo at a party in Egypt honoring Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak.

Uhh guys, what's my AM doing?

why yes, of course, as a qualified random dotard I AM indeed able to answer this question!

winning the game?

>ywn impregnate a Ukranian model
How can one Dane be such Chad?

friendly reminder that r/dota2's constant clamoring for a patch is going to make icefrog-kun rush his latest masterwork to appease the masses rather than taking the time to create a quality content update. r/dota2 will kill the game faster if icefrog caves to their demanding of the patch.

how do i raise my behavior score without begging for commends like a faggot?

Literally doesnt matter

>if SFT win this match, Secret will have to forfeit the grand finals of Starladder to OG

why would you want to do that user

It just goes up on its own as you play games, assuming you don't abandon or get reported

what a fucking guy

how does this relate to sumail and yawar

good thing icefrog-kun never cared about r/dota2 except for some memeaghs addition once in a while

talk on the mic, acknowledge your mistakes, be friendly, congratulate your teammates when they do well, don't flame your teammates, git gud

I turn 21 in a week

Which hero do you want to see back in the meta next patch?

use mic without raging
say gg wp at end
maybe add gl next if you're feeling nice
throw out a few commends yourself
play high impact heroes instead of heroes whose impact can't be seen (so no splitpush)
play mlg noskope carries or ebin save meem omni/disruptor/dazzle supports
throw out a "wp" or other encouragement when teammates make a good play
always b positive
t. naturally friendly guy who gets a lot of commends



Is Team Secret suddenly and unironically good now?

>3-0 dumpster fire
Alright, who's next?

naga siren with the rihanna song immortal

So which is which in this case?

>a team that still winning with different standing for 1 week
you tell me

Well, Secret won

How to farm commends:

Have a feminine Steam name (I use Rose)
Pick Crystal Maiden

what top shelf liquor will you be sipping to commemorate the event?

I have no clue

beefeater gin

an unnatural life
but i'll take it


Some dark rum probably.


What's a good hero to play while high on some le weed?

>doesn't want to beg for commends
>avatarfags with a niggerloving chaturbate whore for (You)s

@d2g Hello. Can you tell me the date of release please? I really want to play the game. Thanks #PlayArtifact

gonna disagree with this. I never talk on mic in game, I shittalk people all the time, I try to tilt the other team, usually can stomp my lane because I just play unranked these days where my mmr is lower than my actual ranked level, use all reports as soon as I get them pretty much, never commend anyone
t. 9k behaviour score, 4+ commends every summary, never been to LP

Fucking doters screwing people up


sent ;)


No proof

Rate the first major of the new season based on teams.

puck for that totally epic 420 gold talent broo


>literally who chinks
>literally who pinoys
>le secret br slayers
>5 decent teams


Liquid 1-3 VP grand finals
1. VP
2. Liquid
3/4. Secret/EG

Fuck you America

about to fall apart
faceless horde don't matter
>happy feet
literally who
literally should not even have an open qualifier spot
Overall: 4/10 not the strongest start but plenty of room to improve

>game is hosted without a ticket
>players don't have dumb names
poor form

>grants chat used to be one of the few comfy ones where people debated the game and NA pros came in to chat all the time
>now it's just LOL NIGGERS, people telling grant how what to do and 13 year olds taking grant at face value

why are there so few teams?

good work user

i hope liquid and newbee aren't rusty as fuck, they never played any quals after all

I want to play ranked games, no matter the server location or queue type.

What 3 servers are going to find me quick matches?

oooo a baby boy~

how is liquid about to fall apart
they just won TI, the only person it makes sense to kick would be kuro and hes least likely to leave