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>tfw awakened empire is cucking you again

W..what's happening?

So can you just colonize basically everywhere now?

the Galaxy is about to get some new assholes torn in them

The same thing is happening to me, guess we'll both suffer something horrible soon.

Yeah, but it might not be a good idea to if your pops overall happiness is gonna be in the dumps if you do so.

I'm hoping it fucks my overlord over. Those fucks have been holding me back for like 50 years now. I'm trying to keep the servitor fallen empire as my mate but I'm pretty sure if they go berserk I'll still be the first to get raped.

The fallen empire in my small galaxy is everyone's overlord, so I have similar hopes.

>up to a million synths have abandoned their flesh masters and vanished
I..I'll be fine, r..right guys? I..I'm robit too!

Bu everyone else does it so I feel I have to to.

pls don't be near me




I like the other message better than that one when machine empires awaken to fight the bad robots.
It isn't some sob story about the fallen empire's organics failing the previous time this crisis rolled around, its just Good Robots activating to fight the bad robots with the same sort of speech pattern as the contingency

I'll probably conquer them once this all blows over because of that nice-ass ringworld


So would anyone like to play an Endless game later or is this Stellaris general for now?

Seems this got a buff. Might even be worth it in my situation.

How's Stellaris multiplayer? Planning to get it and a copy for my friend.


How sweet! My robots found love!

>the local pleasure palace
I don't know why that made me laugh.

I want to fuck wiz!

>One robot became one billion.

>block ghost signal
>still have giant debuff it gives

>terraforming planets in ES2 during a turn shows how the planet gradually changes
amazing desu, nice attention to detail

Was that before the part where the ship gets attacked?

>stellaris team gets called out for not beta testing
>wiz gets triggered on the forums again

What's so hard about adding a development branch that pushes updates every 2 weeks? It'd make the game a fuckton less buggy if they actually used the playerbase to test their game.

wow what a fucking bitch
>agree x11
bet it were developers too

So is the class-30 singularity thing the contingency talk about actually in the game or is that another expansion pack?

It's when they're stuck in a centuries old energy dampening trap.

>fallen empire is the overlord of the entire galaxy
>two contingency worlds awaken
>parks his fleets at his capital and does nothing

It seems like the only beta testing that Paradox does is the internal developer games and the Twitch streams. Whenever they find a bug on the stream, it is fixed before launch.
>Hot Code

Whenever they launch DLC, it is filled with odd bugs that have little to do with your machine, and mostly to do with bad logic coding. Wiz should just stay off the forums. It looks bad for the company when he descends into the flame wars.

Why offtopic images for op? WHY?!!

If you want wank material, there's plenty of slutty art of historical leaders. Use that, dammit!

Just bought this game
How can i deal with this empire controlling half the galaxy in the upper side? They have massively overpowered fleets and just casually ate one of the fallen empires.
I'm the Cithin Compact on the bottom.

>Just ate one of the FE

Dude. Either you hope that the end game crisis eats them, or you lost.

Expand your fleet, make some allies with the neighbors and either form a fed to attack them or wait for a crisis to start that will definitely fuck them.

>offtopic in /civ4xg/

They also are allied with every larger power, while my allies are basically Space-Somalias...
They have large amounts of robo-pops so maybe they will have a rebellion, i don't know what triggers it. I don't have synthetic dawn installed.

>Ascension perks
>Wow master builders now gives mega-engineering for FREE? Wow.
>Lets take It
>"You need the galactic wonders perk to take this"
>Ok lets take galactic wonders first
>"You need mega engineering to take this"

Wait for a crisis then. Something should pop up in a couple years.

>play fanatic purifier
>kill off the first race I run into
>let's see who the next victim is
>xenophile fallen empire
>1 month later they declare war on me

Shouldn't have been an edgelord if you don't have the fleets to back it up, fucboi.

Because there are like 5 people working on Stellaris. Most of them are interns.


Ally yourself with Zum and the confederation.

Any good meme builds to counter The Contingency?

My only ships that are surviving the clashes are Evasion corvettes, split between Autocannon spam and Torpedos. The Contingency's focus on lasers would make shields good, but their Focused Arc Emitters on the Warforms eat shields for breakfast.

Maybe missiles? I haven't seen that much PD.

I have fought back their fleets, but the larger fleets are camping on their Sterilization Hubs, and I am building up to take them on.

Would it be retarded to spam robot armies and use them as a meatshield?
>have 70% base evasion
>cost nothing to upgrade
>cheap maintenance can even reduce the upkeep through perks
>doesnt waste naval forcelimit

No, but at that point you might as well build corvettes so that you have guns on them.

Going past the force limit just boosts up maintenance, but not too high.

What would "constructive feedback" be when the game has an obvious bug like the ruined megastructures or retarded gameplay mechanics like robot civilizations getting fucked in the ass by the Contingency mere existence?
Sure, all games have bugs, but when you have to update your updates because they were buggier than the base game, that means something.

>play as any faction, but especially cravers
>AI goes to WAR
>AI will cheat whenever it can to fuck you up
t-thanks amplitude

>Play cravers on endless
>Invade Jew-frog space
>Destroy death stack after deathstack after deathstack
>Locked in constant stalemate as the frogs continue sending deathstacks
>They manage to slip another invasion fleet into my space
This is fucking bedazzling.

I can't find a CreamAPI download for Stellaris 1.8.

I got one for 1.6 which allows me to play with older DLC and mods, but not with Synthetic Dawn.

Any tips on where to get one or how to fix myself?

>not already having all of the military local manpower buildings
honestly their invasion fleets won't even be able to do anything after about 20-30 depleted planets, ~650 manpower worth of upgraded armor with +30% damage is more than enough to fend off any invasion

What happen to rezMar?

Does the ES2 AI still get pissed if you send explo ships without guns? Its really annoying desu I just want to explore the galaxy

Horatio Sauce

The cracks in cs,rin,ru are for 1.6.

They allow me to play with all of the DLCs up to 1.6 plus mods downloaded from workshop, but not Synthetic Down.

No idea if it's gonna be updated or what.

fuck everything
266 turns down the toileR because I got fucked in the ass by vodyani while the rest of the galaxy is racing to win
its as if they all work together before the game starts to have the vodyani spawn next to me so I CAN'T GET SOME BREATHING ROOM WITHIN 40 TURNS H̫̠͢O͓̜͍̠̱̹L̸̹̯̖̥̤̺̮Ỵ̪̰̠ ̳̝S̙̥͔̦H̱̯͖̩͕I͔͇̯T̢̙ ͚̯͡F̩̩̗̮U̺CḰ̮I̥͎͓̫̠̩̖N̼̺̜͟G͍͚̯̺̤̩ ͉̦̻̬̰͜V̠̰̕O͉̞̣̮̼̺ͅD͕̻̫Ỳ̟AN̤̫͍̞͇͔I I̴̱̘̺ ̴͖̥͎H̵̗͙̹͇͔̬̘A̢̰͕̗Ṯ̸̱̪̞̫̯́̕E̟̳͚̩̰̭͍͓͜ ͖̥̣̭̺T̜̙̕ͅH̤̫̣̼̝̖̺Ę̠͝S̴̢͉͓͚͇̼̘̀E͓ ̴̨̻̳ͅF̠̬̜̘̦U͎͔̞̱̖C̵̡̫̖̩̣Ķ̡̺I̷͈͇̯̟Ņ̙̝̹̩̫̬̰̖G͔̮̦͉͉̝ ̛̦͕͍̺̭̕C̘ͅH̠͉̱̮͈͓E͍͚̳͈͈͇̹̪͟E̡̱͎͉̼͎̹̥̰S̶͇͉͈͇͔̫E̢̤̼̜H̨̞̻͕̬̜̫͟U̠͉̩̕F̸̨̜̫͉̖̼̀ͅF̴͕̫̟́I̵͚̱̤̭̪Ǹ̹͖͙̼͙̘G̨̝̭̝̠͇̮͎ͅ C̼̠̣̼̼̯̪̩̫̀̕͝O̶̸̡̢̰̙̟̱̬͟ͅĆ̸̨̪̠̝̦̥̩̕͡ͅK̦̟̝͚͢͞S̢̢̞̖͖͍̟͍̕͘͜U̴̫͍͕̻̻̫̤͕̭͖̤͕͔̕͜C̝͉͈͕͓̣̭͉̤̺̩͢͢͝͡͡Ķ̷̧̦͇̳̗͍͕̼͎̫͖̀E̜̥͕̭̼̙͍̱̩R̷̸̶̻̘̱̫̜͎͙̜̙̱̬̱̠͍͔̻̕͝ͅS̥̼̫̤̻͍̼̺̜̪͔̦͈ ̡̩͍͈̭͖̺̙͟Ṣ̵̷̡͙̻̺̯̤̜̙͎̯̺̥̦͘̕ͅG̛̳͙̻̭̙͖̩̙̼͇̦͉̗̰̖̖̥̘̬̀͘͝O̴̸̡̧̮̝̥͙̟̝͙̩̦͍͖͓̤̰̺̕ͅḐ̨̝͕̘͕̞̯̟̯̹̝͢͠F̷̸̟̠͍̣́́͘Ù̳̼̭̜̦͔̝̞C̸̸̢̙̦̱̗K̡̛̺̟̱̟͚̟̻͓͇I̷̢̢̳̞̜̗̬̻̖̰̮͕͞ͅͅN͙͔̯̭͝G̙͔̟͙̬̬͙̗͘̕͢D̨̨̗̺̺͚͙̞͙̖̗̻̟̺̺͖͚͢A̵̴̘̫̫̫̬͓͓̝̦͉̳̼̥M̶̢͚̳̬͔͉̘̙̫̝͍̥̗̫͍͈͓̰͎̙̕͞N̵̴̡̰̖̟̯̩̪͓̤̤̮̣͈̠̬͜ ̠͕̤̦͟ͅI̡̱̪͇̱͢T̛͔̰̤̜̤͖͢͝ ̷̨̼͎̞͖̠́͢͞A̸̶̡̳̣̣̮͍̘̼̟̭͈͟͞A̸̷̴̧̹̯͓̺͖̮̣͜A̴͕̻̙̺̥̠̕ͅA̴͔͈͇͕̪̳͉̬̠͔̙͖̬͟A̶̠͓̝̻̖͔̻͍̙͉̳̹̫̩͉̦̳͉̥A̶͇͎͎͞͡

So when does the FE decadence thing start to set in? I'm getting bored not being able to do ANYTHING.


Get an open borders agreement.

Just... Deactivate them?
It's okay user.
I allow you to deactivate the Vodyani in the next game. Go play a Vodyani-less game with my blessing. Hell, no cravers either. Enjoy a long game. And then come back to genociding these fucks.

What's the best mod for more traditions lads?

>all this whining about Vodyani
Just pay the jizya, kaffir.

which historical leader is the cutest and why is it Dido?

theres something off about her eye

WTF I need to try it now.

30 hours and I never noticed. I did however notice the lights increasing as population grows.

Borders are open by default, and we were at peace. They still got super mad about my shitty exploration fleet, and switched to cold war after

Yeah, that's weird. When you're at peace, you should be able to traverse each other's space.


Damn the machine world thing is shit.
>only thing it does is give a 15 percent increase in resources
>tile portraits look like ass and aren't even properly alligned with the buildings
>every planet has a different sound effect when you click on it
>machine world is just silent
What a half-assed fucking feature.

In other wordsm it's a lot easier to whine about decisions that it is to make them, or even provide constructive feedback.

Wouldn't want to strain you with having to actually post anything useful or actionable.



Fuck off Wiz

fix your shit, Dido deserves better than that

So, anyone keeping an eye on Frostpunk? It's looking pretty good

>tfw my tea's gone cold i'm wonderin why i got out of bed at all

>It's looking pretty good
Have they shown something more than a 1min trailer? And I'm mega suspicious of the This War of Mine devs, pulled a real stinker with GOG buyers.


Golly, ES2 has some pretty concept art

You're meant to stack the 15% on top of other shit.
Stack the 15% with the control hub and energy grid buildings and superconductivity trait on your energy worlds.
and so and so for mineral and science worlds.

The 15% boost is fairly powerful and it's fun to cuck the organics out of places they can live with them

The tile portraits are shit though and the planet background doesn't even align with your background window.
I wish we got glowing outlines like the Sterilization Hubs got.

>no way to remove unused templates from species modification menu
Great now I have all these old models cluttering up my UI forever.

Can anybody explain to me while the machine goverment is limited to the machine portraits? Has paradox never heard of androids or bio-robots?

Why does the United Empire music theme give me goosebumps and fills me with patriotism?

Sure it's powerfull, but it's also lazy.

Which one is Thomas?

Its dumb. DUMB. Maybe patches will fix it.

Because based Zelevas will bring us to the stars, dear patriot.

That men's choir helps.

Still think Unfallen's Bass Clarinet is more emotional, though


Even when you know the prologue vid is pure propaganda, you still want to believe it because of their theme.

I want to make sweet love to the composer.

>play horatio, riftborn, vodyani, finish their games
>play united empire, expect it to be boring and lame
>its quite the opposite
>feel like I can breathe, I can do anything
>feel patriotic as fuck
>UE is so fucking flexible you can do everything and anything anywhere at anytime
>take a good chunk of the galaxy under my wing
>destroy the rest/blow up their planets
feels united man.

r8 my backstory

the sheer flexibility of the united empire, riftborn, and horatio really does them justice, but the UE is obviously the best in this regard
keeps other players on their toes when you can do just about anything with reasonable success

>send out a single squad of Proliferators to some untamed lands
>end up almost filing for bankruptcy a few turns later