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I love Ann.

Feeding Sae sundaes until she's as soft as a marshmallow sundae!



She's mine /pg/

I love my Queen



Could you at least try to find a new image to use?

Best family.
Best stepfather.

Post cute couples

Kawawriter here early for once.

What are they laughing at?

Best stepsister






Shuake shuake medusa head on me like i'm illuminati


Every day without you is a lonely one
and yet, I will always love you
For Justice


I love Ulala!


Sae? On a Sunday?

Oh my.

Gonna love and support the fuck out of him.


Less hot if it's not real.
Or is it?

You can't marry Goro.

Best man

twitter.com/Mediamaster_127 for the first one
I lost the second one but give me a few I might be able to find it


How can you support a dead man?


this isn't a ritual post but since its Sae Sunday I'm gonna say I LOVE SAE. I hope everyone has a good day, you all deserve it.

Damn straight.
The same way anyone else supports their non-existent waifu.


At least their waifus are alive in universe.

Are you a fujo?

You too, Tae.

ppl who ship sae/tae

I may not big on that pairing but good god I adore that art style


Gross, fuck no.
And yet they're still not likely to get to literally support them, are they.


Kawakami a kawacutie


no you don't

Why do faggots like you not understand the difference between fujos and waifufags?

They are infinitely more likely to be able to support somebody that's alive.

That is a new image



It's the best day of the week.

I love this prosecutie!

Considering that somebody doesn't even exist, I highly doubt it. It's overall a moot point and braindead for you to continue dragging it out.

I'm yours, /pg/

There are a ton of actual retards here. I remember someone or a couple of people posting and basically admitting they don't even know what the word fujo means either.

Where's Kawakami? What did you do with her?

>admitting they don't even know what the word fujo means either.
This has been the case for a few years.

Welcome to the Velvet Room!

Kawakami will be remembered in all our hearts. Please, close your eyes and let's have a moment of silence for her.

the best!

>page 9
>no posts in 20 minutes

Why do you want to die so badly, /pg/?


Do not kid yourself /pg/
You know what your deepest desire is...
Let it die
Let the pain end

I'm walkin' on sunshine

I miss the drawanon

abuse makoto
abuse haru
abuse futaba
treat Sae with respect because she deserves it

Where are my Pixie doujins?

right here

Shut up Fuukafag

Weirdly slow thread for a weekend.

It took me like an hour but here you go

All of the lawfags aren't home rn.



The only good Makoto

I really liked Chie V-Day scene
it was cute

Marrying Futaba and becoming Goro's brother-in-law so you can legally bully him all day!

good night /pg/

He's mine /pg/

Night, bud.

She's okay.

I don't recognize him. Looks a little like MC except MC isn't happy.


Think about it

Post waifus with different hairstyles

Makoto with pony tail never

I can't see past how badly the artist drew Ann's face to even have an opinion on the hairstyle.

>Makoto with a ponytail
I have never wanted something so much in my life before.

I might request this over at the /v/ drawthread

I should have used this picture.

Whats the PT's favorite R6S operators

oh i have

Futaba is about the same
Haru is a huge upgrade
Ann is worse
Makoto is slightly better
Sae is much worse
Chihaya is much better
Hifumi is ruined
Tae is about the same
Kawakami is ruined
Ohya got a giant upgrade and is the prettiest one in the picture


I REALLY love Chihaya !!


No you don't !!