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Incoming miniwork edition

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Cassiopeia right now is in a state that's comparable to the kind of champion she was after the first rework, aka the one EVERYONE hated. Let me explain you why.

The latest nerf made her extremely dependent on hitting a powerspike (250 AP) while finishing 3 core items. Before that she has little to no influence on the overall course of the game and has to rely on her teammates to actually not lose the game. Since the current meta has no lategame anymore, there's no point in playing her.

These changes went way beyond the point of simply making her Abyssal Mask build unviable, it also made her squishy AND weak. Right now she's in a terrible state and in need of some buffs.

Whatever power she might acquire later comes far too late if her team's already behind by 10k gold. She's flatout unviable, the latest Worlds' games showed that quite well. She wasn't a relevant factor in any of them, she was just along for the ride.

Quick post your main.

Jinx is cute and cuddly

>tfw no leeg bf

Quick post your man.

Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums on EUW results

Another lobby is up

xth for Syndra


Coo Coo

I'm sure this counts

When is he getting a new skin


Riot is actually nerfing these lips. please write to them your angry thoughts about such an outrage.

>Team with the girl on always wins

Thirsty tryhard EUfags

>tfw you can't play your main in ranked anymore

do NOT open this image.

your feeble mind cannot comprehend its power.


still /r/equesting a carry on EUW so I never have to play ranked until next year.

The lips aren't alligned to her face.

The face looks to one direction while lips are centered as if the face was pointed to a different direction

She looks unprotected


>You will never do this to cassfag

What the fuck is that splash

>black cleaver with phoenix max

It's not just the lips. The entire face looks bad; structure is way off and ridiculously over exaggerated.

That and she just really stupid-looking ducklips expression going for her. It's just all-out bad.

The best


>call Gambit "TSM.EU" for years
>contrarian Gambitshits keep arguing they AREN'T TSM.EU and that REMEMBER THE KATOWICE was somehow the rule not the exception for how they play
>fucking Katowice was an off season tournament anyway of no consequence
>now this pile of shit team

Gambit has always been a fucking awful team of dudebro mouthbreathing slavshits.

what is lulu writing
is it something lewd

Is this season 1?

The thumbnail made the shine look like a facial


Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums on EUW 3 slots left

password is vidya

What is "in combat". For things that work after being in combat for a while, does it stop when you stop attacking things, when things stop attacking you, when things attack other things near you?

>tfw it's useless to brag i'm a diamond player in my region because 90% of the girls who play league are either ugly or fat (most likely both)

why even live, buds
also LAN has one of the most toxic playerbase

>no female ADC champion with a whip that gets more AD+AS when she takes damage

why dont we have this extremely common archetype? make it happen

TSM of EU was clg.eu

euw has the worst playerbase ever. it's not even close



arent women extra slutty there
Im an ugly guy and I went to brazil once and women were practically throwing themselves at me, while here I struggle to get one to even talk to me

I'm weak and buy champs with my dick.

>tfw don't play him in ranked anymore because it's lp suicide

writing down shit teammates holding her back from climbing to report to riot

lulu buffs when

Since Season 1.

pretty meh imo

slutty =/= attractive my dude

also latin@s love fair skinned people.


Fuck reposting so stats have meaning. Post ranked stats with your main.


I wanna buy and play Lissandra, but is she better as a mid lane fighter or as a support?

>people arent building essence reaver on Draven

why? 30% cdr means you never lose an axe and the mana regen means you can spam W. What's the problem?

When will they nerf Xayah? This champion is absolutely busted, I have no idea why she isn't played more
We still won tho because I'm a god

I really want Kayn to be my bf and take me as his own apprentice to teach me how to get out of bronze 3

de gades :DDD

How so, I have probably only seen a handful of inters and afkers over like 4 years of ranked

its not a bad item on him, its just that lifesteal and other items are better and more important

Best girl.
Best pussy.
Best wife.

That looks like a weird mouse.

>people unironically became good goys and switched to healsluts just to get honor lvl 5
>they get the same fragments as me lvl 2

>having a pretty good game
>30 mins in
>two inhibs in and getting a third one
>our fiora wards the nexus towers
>everyone backs to buy
>suddenly fiora teleports to the towers
>whole team is there to shut her down
>tell her not to do that again
>5 minutes later
>taking dragon
>going mid to clear
>she teleports AGAIN
>takes one tower then dies to the enemy team
>tell her to stop that we need her in team fights
>10 minutes later we lose a team fight because ADC got caught
>only survivors are fio and karma
>middle is gone
>instead of defending Fiora teleports into the nexus, takes the last tower then gets deleted by kayne and veigar
>Karma gets killed
>lose game



>Enemy team is fucking destroying you early
>late game comes and you utterly fucking rape them
Best feeling

>shouldn't need cdr if you're catching axes
>w resets itself constantly if you're playing correctly
>w mana cost was nerfed so you should never be oom after laning phase

really makes me think

I can never not see male Jinx

>thinking its the inters and afkers

>not the braindead french frog fuckers

I'm weak and use a spreadsheet across several years to catalog the rates at which female champion opponents in-game use the sexbait skins I like, as well as to document how often I get femdommed / sissified by them and a range of other metrics including faps, so that I can assign each champion a score and watch the rankings update over time.

me either, but there's people using slurs in every single match nowadays

>mfw I see the notif that someone I reported for using slurs has been banned

maybe if you stop being a cunt and accept playing with one of us things would be different

didnt that toxicity report put euw and number 1 most toxic region, korea slightly behind it, and then na and other regions lower

weren't they world champions at some point?

Will the new censer make ADCs buy lifesteal earlier?


>she's basically Eliza now
sweet, also I keep associating her with How to be a Heartbreaker and its stuck in my head. Plus she's filling me with a lot of lewd thoughts.

I want to go swimming in Lulu.

I just came out of 4 (five) matches with one of you, while I talked with another dude, telling him I'm playing with someone else.

What do I forge?



>you are farming bot
>time for dragon
>enemy team starts fight
>on the way to dragon your axes time out
>enemy's face when you arrive at the teamfight with one axe.

What would you build otherwise? I.E? Great, for the same price you get the same stats except you do ever so slightly more damage per crit. Big whoop.


>tfw LP hasn't been free with him ever since rylai's was gutted

This is probably the most autistic thing I've seen all week.

yasuo and veigar

Veeky Forums vs Veeky Forums on EUW 3 slots left

password is vidya

what lulus score? and annie ahri?

boss veigar, spam joke emote for the noise it makes. you won't regret it, especially if you get him on ARAM where the entire enemy team is forced to hear it.

bonus points if you build 100% glass cannon AP and pick one specific squishy opponent to delete from the game every single teamfight, even if it means you die and your team loses the match.

I hate this fucking game.

sure, just build essence reaver my dude
you play how you want to and I'm not going to stop you

how is she anything like Eliza you dumb nigger?

Holy shit Irelia is fucking garbage.
>have a point and click stun
>doesn't matter because even fucking Maokai hits harder

i like this picture, i like it a lot

Annie and Lulu are really low, just not that into yordles and whatever Annie is supposed to be.

Ahri is ranked 7th and rising in total score, mostly due to the recent release of Star Guardian. Speaking just in terms of rate of good skin usage, she's also around 7th overall with a 25% rate.

I haven't played since worlds 2015.
Has anything major changed? Usually played Jungle/Support if that helps.

Where does she get those ears from

Are they hiding in her hair

Its the double form thing she got going on and wicked nature, of course they're not 100% identical.



Autism is a helluva drug


Last day and a half for star guardian missions. Anyone up for a premade to get the missions done?

haven't played since xayah release
Whats this weeks metagolem build?
who do i ban?
whos freelo?