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This Nigger sacrifices himself for you and Tyrande. Say something nice about him.


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Redpill me on if I should resub

has he sacrificed everything though?


I got 66 on my main Artifact weapon

Should I give up now? It's so much AP

redpill me on italian trannys

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EU is laughing at US again

Pezado's presence already does that, though.

What professions do I boost?

I have about 500k that I itnend to invest in patterns and mats I'll mostly farm myself

decisions that are made when you are horny are usually good decisions
think about all the erp and female characters in slutmogs and you'll find the answer

what's new

Pezadito got cucked by one

don't grind AP, you'll get it naturally

>get 4th legendary on lock
>its another shared one


Atleast we arent driving vans through crowds



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>my name is still filtered by you

I'm not a degenerate

>finally get complimented in wow
>its about how good my erp skills are

What class does Reviewbrah play?

>posts a degenerate image
>I'm not a degenerate
why though

yo, why tf dis dude in a fkin suit going to TOWN on a fkin pizza?

We already killed the purple one (Balnazzar) he cant' revive anymore, and in 7,3 we'll kill the red one (Varimathras) he won't be able to revive anymore as well, only one left will be the green one (Detheroc) he's also the most powerful of the 3.

Redpill me about goldshire

One of the few ways to get your posts noticed on a general Didn't work this time though

Dwarf Priest, He seems like the kind of guy thats been playing since vanilla
Old Goldshire was much better than new goldshire, and i dont even need to mention the RP cancer

>the absolute shit state of ret

>Guild has wiped on Mythic-Maiden of Vigilance (99%) after 41.70 seconds

Why are elves the best race in the world ??

They still haven't decided what happens to demons on Argus. I assume Varimathras will die because he just won't get back before we get Sargeras.

It looks like we're in between tiers so if you wanted to now would be the best time until next xpac
What is that from because it's nothing like the one on simc's website
I know it's probably just shit posting

Nelves > Belves tho

Jesus Christ I already switched from fire to frost now I gotta fucking switch back?

Doesnt really matter unless youre a top tier mythic raider

play what you like, my dude

I'm assuming sargeras holds them back from dying, and he also takes his sweet time punishing them until he lets them go back to do their mission



if you're enough of a dummy to fall for an all bosses chart you're enough of a dummy to be equally performing on any spec

I guess when they die there's a purgatory, Sargeras pulls them out and Argus soul accelerates important people.

Is there any challenging solo content anymore?

Along the lines of soloing Dire Maul or Scholomance in vanilla WoW.

if they don't retcon more stuff the demons should die because in the lore argus is so corrupted with fel that death would be as if they were in the twisting nether

>The absolutely decent state of feral

So why did Kil'jaeden even die if his ship had already reached Argus? Clearly it wasn't in the Nether by the end of the fight.

And apparently demons on Argus don't instantly die, plenty of the world quest voice over says that they will return to Antorus for their punishment.

Yes, they have. Demons die on Argus and return to Antorus to be reborn. None of the demons we've killed on Argus have actually been killed.

Well there are world quests, I consider that single player because youre the only one keeping yourself alive in that clusterfuck

Theres also Old WoD raids, Normal/Heroic arent that hard, Mythic is a good challenge for some classes but impossible for others

He popped himself to avoid spanking from Sargeras

Why is sub rogue so much higher on heroic dps than on mythic dps charts?

actually has time to dps on heroic

Demons aren't immune to death, KJ was defeated but he will return if we don't take Antorus.

The point was that he doesn't have any power to stop us anymore.

>a good challenge for some classes but impossible for others
Can you be specific?

shorter fights and you dont have to do mechanics on heroic

i have a 110 warrior, warlock and rogue

what class to level now?

Pretty sure he is permamently dead lorewise

because rogues are mechanic doers and you dont have to do mechanics on heroic


>There are massive, Multiple world ending threats and a massive guy stabbed silithus with the tip of his sword

>Alliance and Horde are still fighting for Arathi

imagine being this fucking determined

solo mythic hellfire citadel on a priest

go, there's your challenge

Thats the case for basically every spec

They've already retconned it to death but every other demon isn't permanently dead, no reason for him to be.

on 2 alts on wich i have like 4 days played i dont have a second lego


>get into raid
>attack the boss
>entire raid has to play with 3k+ MS because the game is coded by niggers

Spam WQ's
When thats done spam mythics until More WQ's show up
Boost people through normal/heroic dungeons and lfr when bored

Don't you start this again kiddo
Sims have their place as a part of determining class balance.

>netherwing drakes were the first flyable dragons in the game
>the illidari were devoting a ton of manpower to taming them as warmounts
>one of the illidari commanders has a netherwing mount
>we get a bat instead

>tfw most world transmog goldfarming spots require a group

>tfw no friends to do it with

>Sims have their place as a part of determining class balance.

They're extremely rough tools that have no place once there are logs available and are often entirely wrong. Sims have less worth than raids on the PTR.

Which one of ye put a human under me pillow?

reminder that illidan is a good guy and sacrificed everything to slow down both archimonde and nerzhul's plans for azeroth - and when you invaded his citadel you were basically hired thugs sent to tie up loose ends. meanwhile nerzhul, unchecked amassed an army of undeath large enough to acitvely threaten all of azeroth while you were busy being someone's pawn on outland trying to prevent a thoroughly battered and bruised legion from regrouping.

you literally almost doomed the world by destroying the strongest enemy of nerzhul, and drastically risked your chances of long term success in northrend.

but that was make a shit 3rd expansion so they retconned all that and now you have some shit that someone's middleschooler son came up with in math class for the rest of your expansions


wtf can someone explain this?
have I been missing out on some honor boost potion that makes the prestige girnd bearable?

redpill me on outlaw

They have their use as a general use of ST damage
I haven't played in ages. But last I played it was decently fun in CDs, boring as fuck outside of it. And literally only worth playing if you make a fucking demonic sacrifice for good luck

>illidan was a good boy and he dindu nuffin

Playing this game after you had sex makes you realize what a shit game this has become.

If you are horny you are excited and your brain shuts off all the stupid crap in this game because you are horny.

Once you have either had sex / erp / fapped and come back to this game you realize that you would rather be pulling weeds in the back yard in 130 degree weather then playing this shit game.

>912 ilvl
>Have both shard of Exodar and KJs burning wish
>Still can't do the Frost artifact challenge

>They have their use as a general use of ST damage
They're not even accurate at doing that, and the game isn't all about sustained patchwerk fighting.
>I haven't played in ages
It shows.

bad post

>Le ugly show reference cuz ur different

>Letting Sex change your viewpoints

that doesnt even make sense, having sex doesnt make mowing the lawn better than playing a game, doesnt make any sense

>32k people watching dungeon runs
>can barely break 10k for PVP regionals

what in the fuck is wrong with this community

mdi is new, pvp is old and shit


PvP is unbalanced, did you not notice?

>Lirik, a single random streamer has more viewers than the biggest wow event in recorded history

laughing out lol

>every dungeon team is the same : druid/warrior/rouge

if they're all the same it's not unbalanced then

>Chinks bruteforce the dungeons through sheer power and calculations
>EU comes up with weird ass tactics and brings the brain along with the brawn
>US just does standard youtube-5min guide shit and fails at even that while people barely seem to understand how the game or their class works
Nothing new I guess

Hi, Bugsposter

Unless sims have drastically changed in the past like tier and a half I disagree completely but I also don't care enough to have this argument anymore. But I will say this
>the game isn't all about sustained patchwerk fighting
No shit, I never said it was. I literally said sims have their use as a general overview of ST damage, and that sims (and thus ST damage) are just a part of everything that needs to be taken as part of class balance

Retarded anime poster. Final (you)

1-5 collect mounts
6-0 farm gold

he's a retarded anime poster but he's right


>pvp is unbalanced
>t. 1200 rating
PVP is RPS at the professional level.

I don't really understand why people would sit and watch the same dungeon, with the same boss using the same mechanics over and over. Especially when you have to run these fucking dungeons yourself a dozen times every week.

Then again, the staggering amount of autism I've seen in /wowg/, its starting to make sense.

>feral doing 2m dps sustained single target

w-what happened?

No, he's not. Doing any balance changes based on ST only sims that don't even emulate a real fight is pure retardation, and they are more than useless for anything other than gear comparisons. They've NEVER been accurate for different spec comparisons, and have been getting less accurate as fights become more complex.

Anyone who links sims when a fight is actually out is a mouthbreathing tardlet.

affixes are different every round

woah cute elf

*drools agressively*


I miss MoP bros..

Fun for all the family

mao mao :3c