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is fire emblem the most reddit nintendo game?

>You lived long enough to see SFM of Lucina getting BLACKED in a wedding dress.


>no Embed
It's like you hate (You)s


Add Farina.

Post Caeda.

Threadly reminder FEW won the popular vote over MHW and the Metal Gear spiritual successor

Make sure you spend your money on the good Switch game instead of Warriors, wahoo

Grab the Sunday Cloud, /feg/!

No because Metroid exists

fiora>flying jew

Yes, it also has the most reddit, pretentious and entitled videogame community on the planet

Dreams really do come true!

We literally hit the bump limit!!

>Mexican Mario

I remember forever ago only getting like 1 SP per death in Arena. Is there still a way to only get a singular SP? I need to gimp myself for reasons.

What's a good Special for this cute princess?

>Tharja best
It's shit


There are literally zero good Switch games.

>need girl
Same, cloud. Same.


>fates best units
RIP thread


kys Silascuck

is Veeky Forums the most reddit forum?

>tfw no gamer gf

gold digger will fuck you for 20000g

Shes gonna get blacked by Spiderman.

Who's gonna be on the military uniform banner?

Don't let your Amelia get blacked!

>My desert hobo actually got somewhat decent art instead of getting completely shafted
Did Legion's artist ever deliver yet?

warriors will sell well because its nufe

>Awakening characters might shitty extra

Based cloud

>meme different healer
Guess we have to mothball wrys

Why does this exist?

Anal with Farina for 30,000g!

somethings wrong with her upper body.

>he doesn't know

Post moar


So now that the banner's been out for over a week, how do you evaluate the units on the Crimean banner?

Where are people getting the idea of secret characters from? I've been seeing talk of an armor knight, a thief, a lance cav being secret unlockables.

Is it just delusions from shills?

Why does porn of it exist

>Hector banner
Oh boy, here we go again

Florina is CUTE! CUTE!

>Ursula will never step on you while in an SS uniform

Thanks lad.

Me on the right

>stop doot

>losing by 2 to /fgog/

I mean, the only other option I see is dancing for fiora, if I give her the body ring she should be able to one round the Sniper with a steel lance. However, I think that puts her in range of Lloyd, and she would get doubled by him regardless of her weapon.

>Roll for Elincia again
>hag Tiki
>3* Lon' qu
The game hates me

Post thicc Tiki

Have rukinafags been shilling warriors now that they get their precious wedding dress? Or do they have standards?

>trying to level Henry
Holy fuck he's garbage

Quick! Post your ideas for the next Fire Emblem crossover. Maybe it'll be good this time!

What do you think of my set for him?

Fury, Wings of Mercy, Hone Spe, Reposition, Moonbow, default weapon

>herro we arr cutting azura because too many iffu characters

>TL note: we cut her on purpose to serr her as dee-err-cee

>people will actually buy it because otherwise *all* of your lance users will be weak to bows making you less likely to benefit from WTA from swords if bows are fucking everywhere (what is even the point of WTA if there are so few lances and axes?)

Actually literally unironic scum business tactics. Like it's not even enough that they announce the DLC season pass before the game launches, they have to wink wink nudge nudge tell you that the character they told you they had to cut EARLIER THAT DAY was going to be sold to you as DLC on day one.

not even rukina fags are dumb enough to think its a good game

So when are they gonna get rid of the Stamina bar and start making the big bucks?

Post true love

Make Warriors great again in 4 or less words

What about her?

>tfw I wanted Warriors to be good because I always wanted an FE game in that style with all the Lords from across the series
>turns out it's just more fucking Fates/Awakening with Marth thrown in
I swear it's like they think those are the only FE games to even exist.

I'm a Lucinafag and I'm not buying warriors because it looks like shit.

>light hair and blue eyes
he's clearly ubermensch

You're getting that from ducking dragonageftw, who is the biggest shill for the game and has been BTFO so hard on things like the leak being true, and switchable weapons, that he gets downvoted on reddit now.

More old Fire Emblem

They're all really bad and y'all should just ignore it and save for the next one.


No underwear on Lyn

>warriors succeeds and /feg/ gets BTFOd
Not going to get the game, but it's going to be hilarious.

how can i make a +hp/-atk elincia work

Nevermind I found out myself

Post your TT MVPs


fully explicit sex minigames

>/feg/ getting absolutely destroyed by /fgog/ in the 4cc

glad to see nothing's changed

FEH in 3D

Fire emblem fighting game

>/fgog/ is already up 3-0


Face sitting

More new Fire Emblem!

Fire Emblem fighting game

>Azura hinted in dlc pack

gimme dat season pass posthaste


Do you have spare Earth Seal?


>/feg/ losing

Navarre Minerva Linde unlockable

Something funny about that is how Lucina is bizarrely associated with bows in several crossovers, entirely because of she's the waifu character people make a bride. She uses bows in code steam, has a bridal transformation using a bow in project zone, and randomly has a bow attack in Warriors.

I think it's really dumb.


Literally treat her like any other Elincia. Her attack is still good enough thanks to DB and possibly flier buffs.
Seriously, why are so many people here in /feg/ cursed with a +HP/-Atk Elincia? Seems like at least 3/4 of the Elincias I've seen here have that spread. Is this our curse for all the semen memes?

Absolutely my favorite unit. Would S support if Ryoma didn't need it so bad and he wasn't my husband

I mean, Navarre is pretty much confirmed to be.
Unless it's a case of "even though he's in the game and the story mode, buy him as DLC!"
Which wouldn't surprise me either to be honest. But I think I do recall mention of recruiting enemies, which was Navarre's thing.

FE x Soul Calibur is the real crossover we deserve, they already were together in that one crossover game too I believe.

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