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((case?)) edition

>What is Attorney Online?
In short: It's multiplayer Ace Attorney.
AO is a virtual chatroom/courtroom mix which we use to perform improvised AA-like trials, Civil Cases, Class Trials, Jury Cases, Investigations and more! Choose from a wide selection of AA characters (and guest characters), pick a position (Defence, Prosecution, Judge, Witness, etc.) and dive into a whirlwind of logic, banter, theories and memes.

Come join us on our server:
Attorney Online Vidya (Dedicated)

>The Main Reference Doc (contains AO downloads, rules, FAQs, polls and more):
Be sure to check there for the Quickstart Guide!

>Gameplay footage?
You can find a list of streamers and recorders for a general time frame here:

Alternatively, you can look through our Case Archive to find completed documents and recordings of individual cases cases:

>How to create black footage for the 3DS games

DGS2 trailer youtube.com/watch?v=U6oclCrPyNo
DGS1 translated playthrough is back on youtube youtube.com/watch?v=0m-AdWHDEAA&list=PL1vvPkGTr_iR67W3Cpmw5APvfCoQYmVoX

Other urls found in this thread:


reminder that fun is fun do you like fun I like fun

But where can I find this "fun"?

We're going against /drg/ RIGHT NOW at the link in pic related. Get ready for everything to burn down after we lose to dangits

Vital signs appear to be dead sir.


>checked /drg/
>they don't even acknowledge our existence

People usually forget about their matches if they don't have a manager or big fan around who reminds them about it.
They did post about their previous match yesterday.

We fucking won against the Dangits. HUTCH even scored.
looks like /aog/ can die now, we did it

I'm not going to tripfag to deliver this, The Noisy Update is out, link here. docs.google.com/document/d/1cAcg9ljQjOVkbS5Nn8Hg6xJxX9Gzk26mNE6CWXynSqI/edit

why did we need to rename all the sound effects again?

Not just renames, general improvements. Also, autism over sfxes I guess.

You could have started and stopped there


It's right in Area 3 god damn are you fucking blind stop shouting

You said there would be case







Friendly reminder that when a mod asks you a question, you should answer it.

answer this
*unsheathes dick*

I fucking hate Marisu so much holy shit

>verinwitness specifically says there were footprints which shouldn't even BE there
>point it out
>"lol no dude I meant to say I heard footsteps not prints"
>gets upset over me pointing it out
>get pen pen


Why do people keep doc bombing?

Hard to properly punish, easy to weasel out of, and I suppose a want to make people angry.

Because it leaves almost no evidence.

Mods can't punish doc bombing. People bomb shit players they don't like. We have shit quality players like Verin because we have shit quality mods like anongrill and Gina. It's a vicious circle of shittery. Add fuckers like fclss and rhoda to the mix and you've got yourself a fuckshit sandwich.

Fuck those guys

How do we get more people during these ded hours?

If you missed the /drg/ game that we won, it's in here at 3:13:00: www smashcast tv/4ccvgl/videos/1361450


>page 10

Case in area 1. Get in here.

holy fuck lounge broke adam

Thinking of coming back to the game, how much cancer do you think I'll contract by doing so?


You don't contract cancer here.

Just autism.