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/who "guild name", and whisper a higher level character to get an invite.

>Vanilla WoW database

>Addons pack (some out of date like KLH Threat Meter)

>Leveling Guide (specs unreliable for some classes use at own risk, play what you want or ask in the thread for more info):

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>leveling warlock
>rogue touches me

>no binds


He wants some of that boipuccy.

Warlock counters rogue you dumb scrub. UNLESS you're alliance in which case you only have yourself blame.


When speccing shadowform at 40 do I get shadow weaving or darkness?

>major mana pot
Look at me countering that rogue lmao!

Who exactly is the best healer in MoH?

Why is Babymetal way better than Puddi and the other paladins?

first for demon hunters


because he throws an autistic fit if anyone else judgement of lights but him

>death coil
Wow that was hard

>leveling with trinket

he does have the mount binded

>that overhealing

>level without trinket
>complain about pvp
Are you literally retarded?

>"oh shit I can't read lul, better make some shit up"

>that overheal

jesus christ

Did this guy just literally cast his biggest heal over and over on full hp targets or what?

hi lumi

please. respond.

>thinking im the rockbiter

Everyone thinks you're a joke babymetal

who cares how much he overhealed he still topped meters lmao druids/priests BTFO

*casts holy light on full hp target*

I'm a good healer

What rogue wouldn't instantly vanish after you trinket? Nice wasted skill coil

or just blind while coil is traveling

How's the farm going lads?

isn't babymetal a poorfag? why would he spam holy lights and consume mana pots by the dozens when he has no gold at all?

why is raid 2 so much better than 1?

hasnt messaged me since

The server isn't blizzlike, vanish doesn't give you that brief invulnerability so the coil would hit him and he's have wasted his vanish. Do you even play warlock?

what is a realistic price for the quel serrar book??

b l i n d t h e c o i l

Pro strats


is that the cuck that threatened some guy for roleplaying as a Demon Hunter in the Undead starting zone?

the rhoxclique is recruiting for crestfall, pm any member for information

No one cares about that redditor

it's official, raid 2 is salty dogs territory

another fan

puddi please post it.

isn't the crestfall pte server still like a year away?
and that's also assuming the russians don't fuck it all up in the meantime, as expecting CF to be anything but another chinese gold farm at this point would be wildly unrealistic.
we'll all still play, i'm not saying we wouldn't, but it's light years away especially converted to neet-time. Literally at least a third of us will be dead by the time it launches, and that's without counting babymetal as three people (he's very fat).

*nervously laughs*

you're a big guy.

wow epic haha

it literally does give you invuln because i do it ALL THE TIME

his entire reddit is full of shit like this

This can't be real

you shitters wish you were as skilled at Vanilla as based rhox, did you know he is rank 13?

lol im not mad lol

Rhox what do you think of babymetals overhealing? is he actually good?

whats that vanilla addon called that says when someone pops evasion/ iinnvervate?

Oh my fucking god it's real

why does it matter she does overhealing when HPS doesn't even count overheals?

lumi you should know better as a meter shitter smhfam.

What is with all these MoH alts joining ? Am I missing out on a meme?

because Indi is actually a good GM. manlet is just a nice guy who takes good dick.

Indi isn't even the GM

and madti isn't even the GM of MoH.

He isn't

>indicucks constantly btfo

holy fuck

To the guy asking about Shadowpriest leveling, use
and then get 5/5 Wand spec and 2/2 Healing focus

Anyone know a good fishing bot?

Agreed my fellow redditor!

>getting wand spec at level 45

yeah whatever man.


how new are you?

why are there so many humans and dwarfs in darkshorE?

If I play warlock will I be warlock #180293 and if I play priest will it suck and make me wish I were a warlock?

>Madti girl meme

Good one

>I'm not a girl silly boys tehee ;))

okay, madty.

>he hasn't seen the madti nudes

rhox is based as fuck how come all the newfags hate him

There are like 3 warlocks and 2 shadow priests
Play what you like

he is a redditor

Alright thanks user

hey guys I'm rhox btw I PvP, shitters get on my level L O L!

upvotes please.

Raid 2 stream

www twitch tv/tamashiikanjou

can you guys give a me quick rundown on the factions on Elysium? I want to clear the vanilla raid content and also do some bg's at 60 - is it possible without premade autism? Which side has more semi-serious guilds doing raids? I'm thinking of rolling a priest/pala healer or a warrior

>the grind

only based rhox understands what it takes to sit in 30 minute BG queues and 'play' 2 minute AB games against chinks, who afk out of the game 14 hours a day for 4 months.

Alliance does better in everything, poopsocks, autism, night elf players and ERPers.
Horde has average people, casuals and /pol/.

also Alliance has no Chinese, they all play Horde.

i don't blame them

Why doesn't TRIGGERED just raid on sunday? that way the MoH raiders who want horde alts can also raid with them and can fill up the slots they are missing.

For bgs, alliance has faster queues. You will need a pre-made to rank. It is not worth it if you ask me but you didn't. If you have the time to dedicate, then sure. If not, then you'll just get frustrated.
You can clear all current content in a casual guild, or a tryhard guild, or somewhere in-between. Both factions have guilds clearing everything. Alliance has more NA based guilds but not as many more as people here will tell you.
It's probably about 55/45 horde/alliance split but that depends heavily on the times you play.
The gap between tryhard or semi-serious and very casual isn't wide, do not let yourself get memed. That can change later on when the content requires more gear checks but right now it doesn't mean shit.
If you are NA based you may have a better time finding a guild on alliance side, but again there are plenty of NA people on horde as well. It's a huge server.

Not true, alliance had plenty of Chinese too. For reasons unknown to me they aren't nearly as retarded as the horde china tho

Spellpower ret is fun and viable! FUN! :>


mommy I want milkies!! :>


>chinks and russians play horde
>alliance still outautisms horde

How is this possible?

stfu domogenitals we heard you got bullied out of dbc because of your memespec

mandate stream


www twitch tv/tamashiikanjou

Undead warlock is a meme, orc is better for the stun resist
Debate me

I have many questions.

we're raiding right now

Who exactly is the best healer in MoH?

Why is Babymetal way better than Puddi and the other paladins?

> trinket
i have some real bad news for you

I want everyone to be assured
this poster is NOT babymetal
do NOT make this baseless assumption plz


Give me one good reason why you arent raiding with RIGHT NOW!

Been a while since I've came here.

What happened to Dindu's of Nuffin and what happened to We Waz Dindu's?
Who leads triggered?