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EOV releases October 17th for NA, November 3rd for EU.
EMD2 releases in Japan August 31

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That Pugilist looks like she's falling.
I can't decide if that shirt is stupid and awesome or just stupid.

Best post ever

what the fuck

Seriously, how are people that stupid?
You have to lure Chimera to a pit when a bat is already on top of it so Chimera jumps on top of the bat and stomps it down under the floor...
Easy, really.

It's only guaranteed to beat the enemy if you've already beaten the enemy, or if you're coping someone else's homework.

The level of cognitive dissonance you're under is shocking. You're saying first that debilitating your opponent and making them harmless is cheesing, but using Binds to trivialize fights is not cheesing.

>female rover is angry in her portrait
>fanart has her happy and being cute

Stupidly awesome, i wish underboob tank tops were actually a thing

That's her war face.

Was fooling around with the Buster Dragoon again so I thought I'd give my two cents on this. Pillboxes on paper look great (great counter damage, slightly less defense and aggro than bunkers) but a cannon dragoon wants to just spam buster cannon all day. If you want to build walls, you just go shield dragoon since auto bunker and auto taunt proccing on turn 1 is amazing since you can then line guard or full guard.

The build out for a buster dragoon is to just get bunkers like normal and then when you hit second name, reset and get level 5 or 10 buster cannon with level 1 bombardment prep. Bomb Prep doesnt scale that much early level and just raises your expensive TP costs. Level 10 buster cannon will take every single one of your skill points so you can just opt for 5 if you want your racials for now. The best part is you get all your attacking cannon skills on the way which are great for random encounters (barrage wall, rapid cannon, hypno cannon).

Gun Revenge is an amazing passive on the Buster Dragoon but you really cant ever proc it without a second dragoon since you dont want to waste time using Bunkers. I did find that the double doragoon build is the most stable build, not the biggest numbers but you're guaranteed to land your cannons without any trouble. With your auto bunker up and a Shaman type B, your passive regeneration and defenses will mitigate any damage you take. In extreme cases of damage you can pop some item heals or your aegis shield. I mean its kind of hard to break through Full Guard Gun Mount when you regen 25%-30% of your Max HP each turn.

Pic related is fooling around again with Buster Cannon builds on the 5th stratum. Literally just reclassed my Chain Fencer and the rest of my party and I was so low level afterwards that the FOE I was nuking were considered Red.

I'll probably run a Therian Dragoon, Earthian Pugilist, Earthian Masurao, Potato Dragoon and Lunarian Shaman when the english release is out

Underboob is one of god's greatest creations

>it's only guaranteed to beat the enemy if you've already beaten the enemy
Well, yes, I mean cheesing strats usually come about by having specific knowledge of the monster.

>level of cognitive dissonance
Lmao why are you so angry little nigga?

>you're saying debilitating the opponent and making them harmless is cheesing, but using binds isn't
What? I said cheesing is exploitation of game mechanics to the point where the enemy cannot do anything of note and you are guaranteed or like 95% guaranteed a win. Cheesing is like overlevelling against an opponent that can't do jack against it, or stuff like the vanish / X-zone trick against bosses weak to vanish in ff6. your examples of 'binding an enemy's weak point' or 'super high damage team' aren't cheesing since they're well within what the game intends for you to have or do against an enemy.

this is why abyssal god is 'cheesed' by three yggdroids or meme ninja setups but isn't 'cheesed' if I bring along a very well made and strong party.

You think potato dragoons are better for parties that need a lot of protection?

>pretty much maxed out in the demo
>still three more weeks until release
What should I play until then?

the old games never had diagonally adjacent rooms and hallways, there was always a one tile space

And the newer ones don't either unless you're incorrectly walling water and holes.

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Boobs in general are a gift from the heavens.

I already play with myself every day. Try again.

>this is why abyssal god is 'cheesed' by three yggdroids or meme ninja setups but isn't 'cheesed' if I bring along a very well made and strong party.
You are literally so dumb that it is impossible to explain to you why your thinking is flawed.

>Lmao why are you so angry little nigga?
You're right, I'm sorry. I need to remind myself not to get into arguments on the internet. Buh-bye.


So in short, 'Don't use Bunkers or Pillboxes unless you're using a second dragoon'?


Using feminine pronouns doesn't make you female.

I refuse to believe there are girls who are in etrian odyssey general.

You just proved my point.
Incidentally, by mapping boulders wrongly that map fails to consider the movement patterns of FOEs.

>not walling places you can't move into
I puked a little

there was one fujoshi once but I haven't heard of her in a while now

It doesnt really make much difference if its a potato or an Earthian besides the TP costs. My Shield Dragoon in that pic is actually an Earthian Dragoon since I didnt have anything else on hand to reclass. She did all the work she needed to and the TP wasnt really ever an issue if you just line guard the first row instead of full guard spamming since the backrow takes less damage anyway. I do want to have a potato in the full party just because I like having all 4 races and my Shaman needs to be the Lunarian since I dont want a Lunarian Dragoon for obvious reasons.

I also really wish there were reclassed portraits cause the potato dragoon looks so cool.

I'd say using Pillboxes is a waste of your time on the Cannon Dragoon but yeah. If want to put your leftover skill points in them to use Pillboxes during random encounters be my guest but the only time you'd ever use Pillboxes in a FOE fight is if you were doing some sort of Solo Dragoon run which people have done. You just spam pillboxes over and over and then when your gun revenge hits 9 you blast them and repeat.

That was probably a gay dude.

Whoever made this "map" needs his hands removed.

You seem like you know you're stuff, considering you already played the game, and I guess finished it.
How does a Chain Fencer, 1 kat Masurao, Evoker Necroamcner. Omni Warlock and Herald Shaman (with bow) team sound like? I was thinking about this team yesterday and I started getting kinda worried since I kinda burn TP too fast + not having an actual tank makes me feel like bosses are gonna be kicking my ass left and right.

Highly possible

>putting a wall where there is no wall
>putting a wall in the middle of a foe path
Seems to me like a map would be both less correct and less useful that way.

>you're too dumb to understand me
>heh...see you later kid...nothing personnel...
aight dude, cya later, make sure you don't drop that spaghetti in your bag on the way out

There is maybe like one or two, but you know, (these type of) girls don't go around saying "hey look at me, I'm a girl, give me attention!", and since we're in this website, everyone is automatically assumed to be male, more so than in other websites.

Shit I left it to boil too long.

This thread could be 5 guys arguing and falseflagging all the time and we'd never know. Pretty scary to think about.


I frequently reply to myself so it looks like I get attention and (You)'s

What the fuck.

I obviously was kidding.
But I don't blame you for believing that, the state of this general is not admirable

That's a sexy breastplate.

What class is that? It ain't Protector, Hoplite, Fortress or Dragoon.

Prince. (boy)

Is the buster meme actually effective as early as second name?

>the state of this general is not admirable
every general ever

But there are countless worse off than this one.

After the demo release we had continously over 100 posters.
It was scary.

the nice thing about chain fencer parties is that they're surprisingly TP efficient once you get your chains going. The Fencer can usually push out enough damage on her own to kill FOE if you just keep chaining with plain prayered physical attacks. 1Kat works fine for providing all your damage modifiers and Spirit Sword has that sick debuff. Herald Shaman is a solid choice and more or less a necessity I feel for Chain Fencers cause of Dance Oracle.

The thing I dont particularly like is the Evoker Necromancer which I guess you're taking because of the elemental bombs. In this kind of party you'd be much more stable with a Spirit Broker and just using Zombie Powdered Ghosts with a maxed Fierce Shield. The ghosts should be able to sponge enough damage with the Masurao debuffing it. If you've heard stories of cheesing the game with Zombie Powder you dont really need to worry about that, you have to go out of your way to kill a specific FOE and then since this game doesnt have floor jump anymore, you have to lug it up the entire tree. When I used a Necromancer, I just zombie powdered random encounters to get some decently sized ghosts. Strong enough to sponge at least one FOE AOE but nothing too broken.

As for the Omnimancer Warlock, I never used those so I dont have much to comment on but I'm just going to point out that the multistrike versions of spells dont proc multiple chains which most people think at first. If you know that then thats fine. If you're concerned about TP costs, I enjoyed using a Elemancer Warlock because of Clever Strike. It does 450% damage for just 10 TP , thats almost as strong as a compressed AOE spell for 1/4 of the cost. The element of the attack gets changed depending on the weapon and since you have a Shaman you can enchant them. Its also very skill point efficient because you can max it right away for just 15 skill points total and get magic shield along the way

I wasn't kidding.
That user isn't me.

That ain't no shota

Please stop impersonating as me

So is EO3U confirmed at this point?

You're the faker.

No, shoot him, he's the clone

>IPs are posters
not this shit again, i hope you realise mobileposters alone contribute for like half IPs, especially if thread is not dead in a day-two, if there's actually more than a dozen or two people here i would be extremely surprised

I'm actually not entirely certain but the buster dragoon takes very little levels in terms of skill points to max their kit out. And all the buffs I use are just basic skills
>Armor Pierce
>High Ground
>Dance Oracle
meaning by the time you're a second name you should have all of these except maybe Dance Oracle maxed out. Everything else was just fluff to make surviving easier.

The FOE I nuked only had like 14k HP and I did 30k so I can't imagine not killing things even if I didnt have everything maxed out.

One thing to note is that my first party actually used an Impact Masurao until the 4th stratum where I changed out. It used basically the same setup with a Dragoon Divide Guarding her and a second Dragoon overexerting her and just spamming Titan KIller on 1HP. The Buster Dragoon has better multipliers so it shouldnt be any weaker.

The biggest issue might just be the TP cost of using Buster Cannon but if you don't mind killing FOE one at a time its not a big deal

second Pugilist*

Only another 3DS game - the last that uses the bottom screen - meant to "celebrate" the series.

EO3U would still be my bet since Sea Quests allow you to throw out cameo portraits and bosses left, right and center.

Tell me about Edie, what's her personality like?

A businesswoman out for money. If you have the dosh, maybe she'll give you a special service

But phones don't change/mask your IP automatically. At least all of my phones don't, although all of them have been Android, so I don't know about iPhones.

Edie is a benevolent maiden.

How do I make my Impact Pugilist do damage without using Back From The Dead?

Thunderfist's damage is crazy high early on in the game, but it isn't going to scale. What other meaningful source of damage do Impact Pugi's have outside of BFTD?

Oneshotting stuff is always the most cost-effective, especially when food actually restores TP. Can it actually kill the superboss or the party would get deleted before pulling 2-3 busters?

I'm gonna have to redo almost my entire party after second names unlock. This mechanic is kind of lame for a lot of builds.

>the last that uses the bottom screen

Fug. That basically means I'll have to buy a switch if I wanna play more EO, doesn't it?

You get five scrolls that bring your people to 20. Or was it 25?

>Implying there will be more EO
I like your optimism. neVer eVer

Or EO ends.
But probably Switch.

Switching IPs goes provider-side, they use dynamic pools to accomodate all the shitloads of phones and switch them once in a while, i alone probably go through like 3-5 at least in the time a thread is going.

No he is not

giant killer is fat numbers with minimal setup, and with overexertion you should have the appropriate HP difference reliably.
goes well with grit.

Guess I'll go Broker Necromancer, but I'll stick with Omnimancer they sound more fun.

I havent fought the superboss since I didnt want to grind that high but a single dragoon can oneshot or at least two shot most of the post game bosses. From a video I saw that I cant remember the name of, the meme strat is to just get 3 dragoons and triple buster cannon and that strat has actually killed the super boss

Yeah I'm just disappointed certain parties and builds don't have useful skills available until then, even if you'd have enough SP for them otherwise
I made it through the demo with mine but can't really kill the FOEs so I'm going to end up benching half of them until the end of the second stratum

level 20, which is the level you need to be to second name which I found kind of strange since didnt the older games let you subclass whenever you unlocked it?

Omnimancers seem interesting but I never really got around to use them. Alter was a skill that was mistranslated for the longest time but its a spirit bomb kind of attack. You cast it and then everytime anyone hits the enemy's weakness it gets bigger and then it explodes after 3 turns with petrification. I'd imagine with a Chain Fencer party it'd be very easy to max the damage cap on it.

Also Spread Chat Windstorm will be useful since you don't have binds outside of Chain Blast which in itself is OP but you have to recharge the damn thing

I used all classes in the demo and I found some strong skills for everyone - even if a "dodge" Fencer is more about poking eyes instead of drawing aggro.

I'm pretty sure you could subclass whenever you liked. Maybe they got just lazy and didn't want to think about the stat bonuses on lower levels...

I'm remaking my dodge fencer as a Therian because Therians outclass Earthlains as fencers near objectively.

I don't feel like using a Rover portrait and I've already got one of each of the female Masurao portraits as well as a basic Therian portrait, so I'm using one of the male Masurao portraits.

Here's my question: what is the most standard, generic name possible for a fujobait character?

Why does Kibagami even have Medic sub?


It sounds like you have too many dumb bunnies on your team

Do we have a turn order formula for EOV yet?

The whole reason he travels around is to find cure for plant cancer for sentinel children

>google: free! anime
Makoto. Sounds like a pretty boy or something.
Do male anime characters other than Kamina have names?
Dragoon is the best!

Haven't seen any.
More AGI is probably better.

>Dumb bunnies
It's a cute meme, but let's not pretend that Therians have anything other than a perfect stat spread for autistic min/maxers.

Sounds like a girl's name. Is this what Fujoshis like?

I've actually been avoiding Therians because I want more statuses. I just found it funny you managed to reach four bunnies on a team.

You mean for physical attacker minmaxes because they're useless at anything else

From what little I have of fujobait those guys are slightly taller traps with half an ounce more muscle and no nipples, for whatever reason.

Best team is all masurao portraits+generic masurao portrait

>2 years ago already

They're split across multiple teams.

True, but it seems like EOV is all about physical attackers.

Thanks, good to know. Makoto he/she/it/xem/xer is.


So my party is a dragoon/fencer/harbinger on front and shaman and necromancer on bot and i was wondering whats the best build for the dragoon, the bunker or the line shield?

Line Guard doesn't interfere with your Necromancer so I would pick that one.

ok thats the problem for every new EO the set ups and combos and the fear to re do the party, so uhm thanks, i was thinking that the fencer is going to be the dodge one cus i dont have a reliable way to proc the chases