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fuck this diceroll meta

fun meta guise

Patches is worse than Keleseth

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worst meta in a long time

I agree

>Aggro Druid Tier 3
Wrong. Easily Tier 1.


patches was the worst fucking card they ever printed

>/hsg/ meta is Highroll
>SV meta is Highroll
Online card games are shit

>Hearthstone keeps getting worse and worse
>Shadowverse keeps getting better and better

The meta was good before the nerfs. All that needed to happen was lower the HP on spreading plague scarabs and tone down UI.

>Haha look I barnes'd y'shaarj guess I win lol
>Haha look I got Keleseth on curve guess I win lol
>Haha look I played Raza on curve guess I win lol
>Haha look I drew my freeze on curve guess I win lol
>Haha look I got a lucky evolve guess I win lol
>People told me Jade was cancer

They should hire me I'd fix that in a heartbeat

Should I craft Keleseth?
I have 3200 dust and I wanna play zoo

>tempted to get back into physical tcgs
>remember most card game players are assholes who don't bathe
this was like 15 years ago. is these people still cancer?

what is should be

>Hmm I need to fish for answers because only having 1 of cards in my deck means I have less consistency

what it actually is

>Which one of my hillariously cheap and overpowered early game removal spells or board clears should I use with my 2 free healing each turn to ensure my opponent doesn't get to play the game lol

I always fucking hated Priest, and I always told myself the day Priest was tier 1 I'd quit with his cancerous identity.

What is his fucking identity anyway? Targetted removal? Healing? Silence? Shadowform damage? Unkillable minions? Deathrattles? BECAUSE HE SEEMS TO FUCKING HAVE ALL OF THEM

If i see a single hearthcuck in here badmouth my game i ll snap his neck with my bear hands

Yeah Priest was always horrible to play against even when it was bad.

not in a million years

Hunter fits this too

>What is his fucking identity anyway?
anti-fun control

There is a reason blizzard kept Hunter and Priest shit for so long you know, they are aware of how cancerous and overtuned they are with their "identities"

I can see why you'd say that but I like hunter games because they actually play minions.

unfortunately those minions are sticky and hunters entire class is "if you leave a single minion on board I will buff it and you will take 9 damage a turn"

tribes was the worst thing that happened to this game, murlocs beasts and pirates are all fucking cancerous splashable bullshit that need specific minion counters just to slow them down

Fuck you brode senpai I'll make cards worst than yours and you can't stop me

>not crafting him week 1

I dont know, I mostly play at home with my wife and friends

> 10 damage on everything for 5 mana if you don;t have hard removal.

quality balance.

>Don't have lethal on board but do have bloodlust lethal
>Say "Well played"
>Opponent concedes
Yeah that's the ticket.

I dont have a single Ice block in my deck but often I pretend that my secret (Usually spellbender) is that when I'm clearly dead and at least 50% of the time the opponent start trading like a maniac

I wasn't thinking about balance too hard, I was just trying to think what would take to make a 0 attack minion with a permanent effect to be good so people could play a deck with them, I wasn't too worried with numbers when I made them but thinking back I actually put it in perspective that you'd play this on every deck because you play this and trade suddenly you deal a fuck ton of AoE damage without answer

Rate MY meme shaman

I'm only rank 14 with it but that's because I'm bad and still learning how to play with Thrall Deathseer. So many misplays by not saving 2 mana to evolve game losing evolves. It WAS weak against aggro until I added a second lightening storm and 2 unbound elementals. People will blow their removal so hard to get rid of that piddly 3 drop because they're scared of overload value.

I fucking love this deck. Too bad token shaman is way more OP because I hate playing aggro.

>turn 3
>turn 2 double razor for shell and winfure
>turn 5 patches and houndmaster
>turn 6 I concede

People will waste their removal on your big totems already. Overload is a fucking waste in an evolve deck. Swap storm for portals and get rid of the elemental if you want a good deck.

stop forcing this meme

t. snapjaw abuser

>Opponent plays turn 2 Keleseth Shadowstep Keleseth
>Turn 3 Southsea Captain
>Turn 4 Southsea Captain Southsea Deckhand
>I turn 4 Barnes into Y'shaarj into Y'shaarj
>Opponent leaves Y'shaarj up and I pull Obsidian Statues
>I win the game



>Keleseth Shadowstep Keleseth
>Ferryman Keleseth
>5/10 Oasis Snapjaw
>Beastmasters it into 7/12 with taunt

tomb lurker is safe to dust right?

what the fuck is a tomb lurker?

Anyone willling to help me beat hroic chess? Literally my second to last heroic boss to beat in karazhan aside from saving medivh. Battletag is TurningTide#11120

>be me
>only play skillful control decks
>only play control warrior, priest and druid
>still get fucking dominated by cheap as shit hunter and warrior no brain net deck

Print some fucking aoe/early game removal blizzcucks.

How do I play Lyra correctly? I feel like every time I play her I have to try really hard to squeeze some value out if her and in the end I just throw some good spells away and get garbage spells back.

Can someone explain this card?

thats game right there

I made a mistake and called razormaw snapjaw. Now it's a meme to act like snapjaw is overpowered.

You use your anduin hero power after using each spell.

You're welcome.

If you want to play Jades, I'm not even going to tell you to drop Thrall, he's really good for getting a trade with a big jade and evolving it, or playing a jade spirit and evolving it while keeping the jade token normal, I played a bunch of jade with Thrall during druidstone times but I'll tell you, evolve saronite doppelgangster package does not fit in this deck, let alone as 2 cards each.
You might be able to realistically play Master of Evolution on this deck sure, but you might want to make sure what you are dropping the rest of the evolve package for, it's either going to be removal like devolve (really good against rogue now) or volcano, more aggressive options like Fire Fly, Flametongue, Bonemare.
You'll probably not want to run Unbound either, as tempting as it sounds if you can't make it grow 2 turns in a row after you play it it's not going to get you very far to be honest.


Turns out most cards are pretty good when they also read 'draw a card deal 2 damage'

its formerly chucks


when they'll do that they will probably print a full set of deathrattle minion to make aoe worthless

im looking for some good 4 drops in my midrange hunter dick, anyone got some recommendations?

Sorry can't think of any.

Houndmaster is good but it'd be better with a high health beast to target with the effect.

>Mfw Shaman plays Deathseer and gets unlicensed apothecary

Check if there are any 4 drop beasts


you missed lethal

>Could've set the opponent to 1 with 8 damage burst in hand.

Absolutely deserved this.

It worked out in the end.

>Set enemy health to 1
>7 minions and DK in hand just need to get one charge to win
>Button is yellowed out fuck yes I probably win
>I take 30 damage and die

Should've played around it.
It's fucking retarded it triggers like that, knife juggler doesn't throw a million knifes why should that card kill you?

they removed this interaction in the last patch

>Bloodlust in hand
>lets meme instead
What a shitter

Difference between "after" and "whenever"

>Stupid plays gets rewarded
I hate this game so much. This is exactly whats wrong with HS: RNG throws good plays and planning in the garbage.

I think I've learnt a lot in a week of play. I only ran one Bloodlust back than and saved it for guaranteed lethal.
Having seen how powerful it is, I run two now and don't evolve as quickly.

>Hidding rank & name
>Deck tracker
Everyday I'm reminded of the shitters in here

I know the word is different, I'm asking why they aren't both after to avoid that shit, it's like it was purposely made to make that happen because effectively every other situation they work the same.

It's rank 18 and my name is David.
Is that important?

What should I replace the elementals with tho?

The taunt heal elemental is a good option

who is it?

no problem bro ignore this asshole. Im dragyg and i usually hand around rank 15. Lets be friends dragyg#2135 on EU

>"ok today I'm gonna climb that ladder!"
>play 3 matches
>already feel completely burned out

How do you do it

>3 freeze/ice themed cards

its moorabi sorry user

That game was a week ago though. I'm rank 7 now.

well excuuuse me mr rank 7 too good to hang out with us rank 15s

play a tier 1 deck and be able to dedicate 2-3 hours a day to hearthstone for a month


Watch a stream in the background. Play chill tunes. Have nice mood lighting. Make yourself a drink.

i escaped their icy clutches

when blizzard decides it's your turn to lose

>september 24th 2017
>running lich king

>Want to play Big Priest
>Don't have Y'shaarj
>Try for an Old God Pack


>try for an old god pack
>when he clearly bought 40 packs with money
fucking IDIOT LMAO

That's a good goyim


>1 drop

perfectly workable hand

Battlecry: If the enemy hero cannot produce a receipt for his funnel cake, destroy him.

What's the best highlander priest list? I constantly run out of cards for anduin with the draw package.

>Crafted Jaina and its FUN

How do I make this even more FUN to pilot and people to play against?

Is this how you make a tempo rogue?


Oh shit nigga, what are you doing?

>one big winstreak from rank from 3 to 1
>get matched against a priest that plays raza, kazakus, doomsayer and shadow reaper on curve
>matched against the same priest next game
>exactly same bullshit draws

I sliced my knuckles open earlier because this exact situation happened to me