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Superweapon edition
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>PBS releases September 22 for Europe and September 26 for NA
>Honey Parade Games stream 01/08/17
[YouTube] マーベラス×HONEY∞PARADE GAMES 『閃乱カグラ』新作発表会 2017
>Bashou added to PBS as a playable character
>SK:Refle is a VN for Switch with revolutionary handholding, thigh slapping, butt rolling gameplay
>Peach Ball, Senran Kagura Pinball game for Switch
>New Link is a new mobage RPG, introduces Fubuki, Gekko, and Senko
[YouTube] 『シノビマスター 閃乱カグラ NEW LINK』オープニングアニメーション
>SK Burst Re:newal, Burst Remake for PS4 featuring Yumi
[YouTube] PlayStation®4『閃乱カグラ Burst Re:Newal』プロモーション映像 第1弾
>Senran Kagura 7even announced for autumn 2018 as a new PS4 title
>Anime will receive 2nd season

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Remember to get fit or Daidouji will punch you in the dick

I bet you've never touched a tit.

I love Hikage! Every Thread!

i touched one once but it was an old lady tit

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go away katsuragi

post feet please

Jeez /skg/ the end game crisis in Stellaris are ridiculous! 1 empire alone can't fight them and the AI is to stupid to team up with you and fight them! You need other human players for this to be any fun!

I spent a whole day loading learning an seeing how the AI works and reacts and then reloading.

It's not fun at all!!!


Assaulting Hibbers?


I have no money to buy PBS
I'll just kill myself

No user! Don't do it!

It's too late user. I can't wait for a PC release that will never happen.

This is a ninja trying to hide her secret scroll. Look at her holding up her mountains.

Whatif I give you headpats?

Then it depends on how big your tits are

I have no tits...

I love you Murastinky

I have, it sucked

Asses are better


I have actually.
It wasn't a SK tier tit but I have.

You can't love a stinky NEET.

Murasaki is a very clean person. She doesn't smell.


I do.

holy fuck I wanna poke her cheek

It would be 2 CUTE!

Raping Murasaki! Every thread!

Haruka makes everything 3 CUTE!

Murasaki is my paizuri slave.

Uh Oh! Hibari blew a gasket!

You can have paizuri with her while I ram it in, jam it in, slam it in and cram it in.

Is Cute Combining Shinobi Robari be alright, or is she gonna get replaced by Great Robari?

I want to be Mirai's paizuri slave!



I heard that if you breed homu you actually get babies with tan.

That's not how biology works...

But I got the info from an old fertility goddess. She knows her stuff.

Menstruating Senrans!



Did I ask for your opinion, motherfucker?

I wonder what ever happened to that user that really liked the Menrans

Going to the R63 dimension to see how worse menran kagura general can be!

Can't be any worse than this.



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Asuka-kun will only like you if you have huge boobs, though.

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Miyabi is boring

Miyabi is boring a hole through user's skull!

Miyabi is mean.





>tfw no cute hiba daughter

This is my wife, Kagura.

Do Menrans have beautiful pecs or bouncy bulges?

Needs more smugness.

I'm sure you and your wife will have a long life together and man and wi-
>DESTROYAH appears
Welp looks like your wife is going through another reincarnation cycle Jimbo

He's already fucked the smugness out of her.

I like that card because it appears like her happiness is overwhelming her and breaking up the smug



tranny lion


babu lion


Don't worry user, Destroyah is weak to extreme temperatures, I'm sure even if Kagura fails to kill it Yumi can save the day instead!

fujoshi-style lion?


The former. Don't you remember Murasame's pecs in SK2?

She is a woman.

The photoshoot paid well.

Miyabi is a girl! A GIRL!!!


I now want it that every time Kagura finds happiness she has to go fight a Kaiju.

Put your fucking hair back on, Mirai.

I never realized how good as smiling Kagura is, like she has this set of three really good facial expressions

"very glad smile"
"ridiculously smug smile"
"unbelievably happy open-mouthed smile"

She's just so happy all the time I can't take it


nice pecs indeed

Put your fucking back hair on, user.

>try to make a violent and edgy ultimate bio weapon
>accidentally make a sweet and friendly moeblob instead

That's where Fubuki comes in.

no girl with big boobs can be truly edgy in happy boob world

Jesus the Hebijo fight in the Hanzo story is a serious difficulty spike. Still, I'm enjoying PBS more than I thought.

What about True Orochi?

I've touched my own


Oh no, your senran has been thrown into the last game you've played and she can only leave after the final boss is defeated. How fucked is she?

Daidouji would destroy Bowser


Would she replace Quiet? This is important.

Shiki will be stuck in GW2 forever, there is no final boss in MMO's. Luckily, she will have new wardrobe options on a frequent basis, they don't call it fashion wars 2 for nothing.

She doesn't replace anyone, but she would most likely tag along with the MC to defeat anyone.

>Haruka is stuck in a crappy Macross rhythm phone game that probably doesn't have a final boss
I'm sorry Haruka, but you're stuck singing eh songs from Frontier and Delta, and occasionally some Fire Bomber and Minmay. If she's really lucky she'll get to sing Information High too!