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threadly reminder that TeaCup is my boitoi and we fucc each other's boipuccis every night

>mfw 2 pulse grenades

Reposting from last thread. Certainly bullshit, but fun bullshit none the less.

>Hunters have some lackluster exotics right now, but theres some cool shit on the horizon for CoO.

>Celestial Stag
>Helmet with Stag antlers. Removes the hood from cloaks, and instead has it's own built in hood model that splits into 3 parts to give the antlers holes to poke through. The antler tips have void light threads that connect them, meant to look like constellations.
>Perk: Points of Light - Modifies Shadowshot's tether to chain from enemy to enemy. Each enemy tethered basically becomes a tether.

>Graviton Forfeit
>It looks like Graviton Forfeit
>Perk: Shadestep - Provides an additional dodge. Not much to say here.

>Dwindler's Grips
>Slightly baggy pinstripe sleeves, tied off at the elbow. A pair of gloves missing the pointer finger on the right hand worn over top of the gray undersuit.
>Perk: The Malphur Method - Modifies Handcannon firing patterns. Hip fire becomes less accurate but faster as you fan the hammer, ADS becomes slower and more precise as you thumb the hammer back between shots. Gives Handcannons The Last Word's twirl on draw.

>Lion's Vigil
>Chest armor. Looks like the Destiny 1 Trials armor of the same name, though worn and modified. The other 2 classes also get their respective Vigils, Scarab and Cobra, and share the same perk. Dropped at the end of the DLC questline.
>Perk: Allfather's Teachings - Provides Recovery, Resilience, and Mobility benefits based on allies in close proximity. Additional benefits are granted for each ally wearing a Vigil.

10/10 shader

5th for 29 days. 11 hours, and 28 mins till pc release



Anyone want to do the NF real quick?

>hunter and titan edz sets not worth having
meet me in pripyat cyka

I posted it back in the first thread

Have they removed aim assist from pc yet?

Looking to do Trials. 2/4.

oh thanks
>Stomp looks all rubbery instead of clothlike

You should really use whatever Asian timezone Blizzard goes by for unlocks on that gateway as opposed to American time for this, seeing as though you guys will get the game last

>people talking last thread about Cabal-themed armor
>Cabal are space Romans
Crested helmets, space lorica segmentata, muscle cuirasses, and bling-encrusted pauldrons when?

Anyone want to do 300 light Strike?

Anyone need a body for the Raid? My titan hasn't run it yet.

>played a little bit of destiny 1 (got to level 34)
>put 4 days gametime into destiny 2 so far
>only know 2 characters, zavala and cayde

How can you possibly do such a bad job of characterizing your main characters? I'll ask a question like who do I talk to do do x, and someone will say a random chicks name, and I'll say who? And they'll have to clarify the clan lady.

the Io shoulders work wonders on the kerak set

Reddit or official forums, take your pick. Nobody here likes the ideas guys.

Are you retarded?

No, people want(ed) armor that looks like the armor the cabal wear; think psion helms for warlocks and the like

Fresh raid.

Is BV cute?

>dude the lore is all going to be in the game this time no more grimoire
>100% of the raid lore is locked, not behind a website, but behind a collector's edition booklet

It should seriously just have an in-game Grimoire tab ala a Codex

Nobody but the most whiny would bitch that the tiniest of details weren't just shown and not told, because it's a fucking FPS ARPG-lite and that shit would just get in the way of effectively rinsing the content

nth for Destiny being a product, not a game. Teaming up with Activision was a mistake.

Count me in if you'll let me play again. I did beat the raid with my warlock so I think I got more experience this time.

Did the lag eat your soul crazy?

Welcome one, welcome all. Destiny 2 awaits, Guardian. A brand new day a brand new fight. A new world to explore, more loot to obtain.

My name is Jiro, I am happy to meet your acquaintence. Hopefully I'll be streaming Destiny 2 sometime and we can all take this wonderful voyage together.

*sighs* Now, this is just pre-beta thoughts, so, I'm not going to go too deep into it but I'll still try to follow along the guidelines.

Destiny 2, you know we have many new features, we have a third ability, revamped classes, along with new lore! Infact, in game lore,and even *laughs* I'm happy to say this, an open world where you can actually explore and judging by some of the footage that was shown with the strikes, its crazy to say that with nessus the way how it works is so big and beautiful I wouldn't be surprised if everything was playable space now. Like, they're not being held back by last gen anymore so they have so much to work with, that at this point the lessons they've learnt throught the series, as a company, as a community, with everyone. I feel like they've made this game very beautiful.

Yes I am fucked rip
reduced to phoneposting, what have I become

Ofc, mane.

LFM raid. 2/6

*Epic music* And because of this, we're able to meet Destiny 2, the newborn child of a great franchise so far, and not only that, it's just, its just the bittersweet of having a brand new beginning, leaving everything behind.

Now even though we have our stuff to lose, we still have a lot to obtain in the process. Growing as a guardian... leaving your past behinds but not letting it dwell on you forever. Always take a next step forward to become legends, become Destiny. YOUR Destiny in fact, your second Destiny. So much is covered, and everything, that it's just... *Sighs* it's my pleasure to have a say in some things as a community as a person and just bungie has done such a wonderful job with this series. of course they've had a few hiccups along the way, but.... that's not to say that... they have made a lot of progress, with their matchmaking, with thier loot systems everything really, it's really improved so I think with destiny 2 as of what we've seen with the reveal we have nessus Io Titan and the EDZ (CAP)

Both big, all of them, big beautiful maps. That look great, just the design and the lore, ready to read about. to explore go out into that world, into that dark night... and say hello... inside... *sighs* personally, this is just pre-beta so *sighs* I'm not gonna sleep too much but I just want to thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed, I'll try to leave you know more content later on down the road and if you enjoyed it, please leave a like and *laughs* hopefully subscribe, maybe? It's a small channel and it will try to keep a steady flow of content for Destiny 2 coming out very soon. So I thank you for watching and I hope you all have a wonderful night.

I got Vigilance Wing by decrypting a Legendary. Why is that a thing?

you mean exotics from legendaries, or vigilance wing?

Because of shitters like me

You don't want more chances for exotics?

Anyone want to raid?

Feed your modem a redbull so it can fly you somewhere with a connection.

>Dat Io Hunter cloak

So glad I got it. Farming Io tokens is hell.

Why won't the app load my clan page like 80% of the time? Why is the app such dog shit?

whether or not it was entirely City based aside, I just think the first third of the campaign should have been a without Light struggle. That way, once you visit the shard (at a later stage), getting your Light back would have actually felt like something you'd worked towards at least; not only that, but you'd have a great sense of what it's like to be a piddly mortal as opposed to a Guardian and the power which you regain would seem powerful and not just the commonplace norm that it is

Exotics from legendaries. I didn't know about this thing

Exotics from Legendaries is totally possible, and more likely than you think. You can get them from faction packages and public events too. I got the VigWing yesterday from Banshee for example.

Dunno, but it's been that way since the first game.

First timer welcome?

Is drop/vendor Engram light level based on your current light level or your potential light level?

That shit has me confused. I thought it was really open but it turned it it has a transparent portion on the hood, AND that portion has an animated graphic.

Toppest tier of cloaks.

Honestly I just go with chests. Chests are profitable and have a chance for legendary engrams, and are also low-stress.

At least it's not Nessus. Fuck Nessus.

Whats wrong with nessus?
Nssus and EDZ are the easiest for me to grind on

Bout to go in and do the Arms dealer strike quest in the EDZ, anyone else got the quest and want in?

xbone servers down?

Not for me.

works on my machine

Down on my Dreamcast.

Titan and EDZ are mine, especially because Titan has the easiest Public Event to solo

official discord :)

Need 2 more nightfall, message me on psn if interested

shard yourself :)

I will be raiding later but I'd like to finish this first while the team assembles. I can help out.

nice, add me and we can run it senpai

count me in ill send you a message

Buff Tightan

>tfw no Holliday gf

3/6 for raid

room for one more or nah

Anyone up for Nightfall?
xboner: ForTheRepublic0

how do i get primo destiny boipucci

Why does bungie so stubbornly keep ignoring the existence of halo and decides to not just bring over everything halo did right?

I understand that they are done with halo but to ditch good systems and mechanics that work well and are popular is outright idiotic.

>yfw halo reach was the gunplay beta for destiny's mechanics

Name a single mechanic from Halo that would be good in Destiny's sandbox.

How nice of you to specify sandbox in the end because you know that in PvP halo shits all over destiny. From the modes, over the customization to the matchmaking and even the required skill.

>planetary armor is more rare than exotics
it's depressing to open a planet engram just to get my tenth uriel's gift

What if bungie released 2 versions of destiny with a separate dev team for each version that focused solely on the aspects pertaining to the version.

>version 1
>total focus on PvE only
>much better weapon balance
>much more content
>still 60$

>solely PvP "expac"
>stock weapon loadout selection a la halo reach
>only one kind of auto, scout, smg, sniper, shotty, rocket, fusion etc
>completely separate weapon balance from version 1
>only 20$

>The sentinel perk that buffs defensive strike is now just part of the base version
>The extra slot is given to the perk from the bottom tree that reduces cooldown for your super when surrounded
>The free slot in the bottom is replaced with "absorbing damage with L2 during your super slightly extends the duration"
There, I fixed sentinel.

sounds absolutely retarded

Post the video. I want to cringe.

Jiro if you're reading this, you're the most creepy and freakish human being I've ever had the displeasure of encountering
neck yaself asap

>He doesn't know what a PvP sandbox is

Okay, so you're retarded.

Gib weapons of light bubble back

Im uncomfortable after watching some of these professional reviews like AngryJoe and IHE. Even if they have valid points...half of them are misinformed or wrong.

What does /dg/ think of Datto's new video?

guess what, a misinformed or wrong point is not a validone


Love it.

It wouldn't have more content because they would only hava half their team.

You'll get two games with less content in each. They're not gonna spend double the money on assets and content to pay their employees to create it. You'll get more meaningless fluff at best.

Destiny 2: Datto's Thoughts on the End Game Experience

>raiding with /dg/
>"let's talk about the jews"

I agree. They picked the stupidest defender perks to bring over but switching those would be more than I could reasonably expect from a balance patch

It's just common sense shit anyone with half a brain already understood.

>Kill enemies inside your sunspot
>kill enemies blinded by your flash grenade

yo this is sum bullshit

So because one claims that there are "empty" raid chests (The glimmer ones) or unfinished textures (monster closets) that means theyre an idiot and do not get their opinion?

>shard 5 scout raifus
>yo this is sum bullshit

Well he's absolutely right.
Unless, by chance or skill, bungie has actually timegated a whole lot of content that will keep players coming back. Which I doubt.

>cayde caches give me literally nothing
>those cute little drones in the tower are ridable but they immediately fly you into an invisible wall and knock you off
>way too difficult to get the mod you want
I've spent all my glimmer and have nothing, I just want a void chest mod! fuck

Any boners for a cheeky raid

Does that second one work with Flash and Thunder?

Still looking for nightfall normal, does anyone wanna do it?

Anyone up for Nightfall? I've been waiting 30 minutes for a guided games session and still haven't found anyone.

No mic needed let's just get this done

Yeah, give a minute to get on,

XB Hero of Oregon