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WT is the only F2P game that feels like the devs fucking hate me and don't want me playing.

first for ship cbt when

They don't want you playing. They want you to give them money.

Early for Arcade is patrician game mode.


P51H is a 6.3 plane at most
prove me wrong

wut ?

Playing anything other than T1 Arcade GF = kys!


no 5.7

because i can

what is the best way to grind silver leopards

pound a ground in tier 3

Thundered wager, go arcade with your burger planes and bomb shit.

5.3 to counter the stupidly OP D-9

they're going to lower it to 6.3 for SIM, but that's because at 6.7 it can't play with rest of endwar/postwar props.

D-9 is good but not that good, especially since it usually sees 6.3

how do I make this lineup better? I'm grinding T5 burgers btw


no dude one outturned my mk 22 yesterday

replace f4u with a higher tier plane, f6f, p47, f4u4
I prefer the T92 over literally any american medium but otherwise sold lineup

Get an AD-2/P-47, get a 5.7 fighter and put in another medium/heavy.

you probably already know this but the M26 is shit, replace it

if you have heavy tanks T4 grinded out, you may consider moving to 6.7, so you can combine T34 with 6.3 - 6.7 light tanks. Pull out T34 at downtiers, light tanks at uptiers. Assuming by T5 you mean only tanks, you want possibly big part of battles be done with tanks.

Were there ever any floatplane only events?

Several times per year.

can someone post that teeb copypasta with the turbolaser hispanos

Whoa, even nips acknowledge Spitfire superiority.

They were before, but BVs killed any remaining balance they had. I think there was only one "Floats!" after they came out.
Similarly I haven't seen 4 engine bombers deathmatch since Tu-4 came out.

The Spitfire isn't near the top of the land based planes list in that "game" though.

>forced to play hokkaido
>spend five minutes sideclimbing to 6km because corsair
>go towards the island
>spitnigger helicopters up to me instantaneously from 5km

>He doesn't bail out the second he spawns on Hokkaido

It's like you enjoy wasting lions.

i'm honestly just going to start doing that

>not yanking your ethernet cord out as soon as you see Hokkaido on the loading screen

It really is the best option. American teams must have like a 75% loss rate on that map, right?

Literally get good holy shit.

Only because of no Ace versions.

>i don't know how to use speed or deal with planes above me or read energy states, so i'll continue a generally mediocre plane series overpowered

upvoted, god save the queen fellow teeb

I win most of my Hokkaido fights, strangely.
t. F-82 spammer

4.0 to 4.7 burgers actually shit on them pretty hard, even when 4.7 gets uptiered to 5.7. I think their average winrate is at least above 60%.

Not even griffons or LF mk IXs stand a chance against airspawn P-47s and P-51D-30s and the rare P-38K

>they add a bmp-1
>but no infantry
Whats the point? the bmp is useless without supporting infantry


I still haven't gotten a definitive answer why the fucking F4U-4B is modeled with payload pylons therefore fucking its energy retention and speed massively making it worse than the F4U-4 even if it gets 2800hp like it's supposedly planned to.


world war mode when

Why do you care? It's going to be shit, anyway.

Currently at 10.5km in my B29 in RB, only person alive on my team with at least 5 japs still playing
I fucking love bombers

Mig 15 rockets are giving me an aneurysm. Why did Gaijin do this to tank battles.

Because they're filthy savages bleeding a decaying userbase?

>how to be a terrible dev 101
>hype new gamemode up for years
>make everyone believe it will be an amazing experience
>then make it available to squadrons only
This is actually tragic because the people who make the models and shit, the actual devs who make the game, I'm sure those are talented and passionate people. But then there's the literal retards in charge of balance, economy, PR, forum staff, etc giving Gaijin a really terrible reputation.

Custom game WHEN


>Air AB is so bad I can't even force myself to suffer through it to grind out wagers

>test drive
>105mm HESH hits tiger 2 turret roof every time
>in a match
>ricochets every time


Make it yourself, it'll likely be better than whenever that retard zeroslug makes one.

>P-47 hiding at 12km and all we have left are zeroes

Are custom games in late 2017 still just a bunch of autists spamming memes in chat and not doing any actual fighting with their vehicles, and even getting mad when you kill them? I miss custom games in 2013-14 /wtg/.

this is a poor attempt

Custom meme is up:
Creator: dudegoys
Map: Poland
Password: memes
Anything is allowed, im just here to stop grinding.

what the fuck is that picture and why do I want to beat it so bad


this just raises more questions

What's the most wehraboo song?


>not fulda


or erika

Teebs are the DSP of war thunder.
>muh bugged game mechanics
>muh lagg
>muh hesh nerf
>muh non existent Russian bias


>helicopters up 1km and uses his quad proton torpedo emitters
>has the gall to tell anyone to learn physics or anything about energy



>in queue
>game has an error message about freezing while the game is working just fine
>hit ok
>game crashes
I can't believe gaijin makes dialogue messages crash their fucking game on purpose


Anyone else seeing fucked up graphics bugs on Finland?

MBT-70 should have to face the T-64B
prove me wrong

Replace the M26 with T92, Hellcat or any heavy tank.

Not sure why you have the Big Guy F4U when the P-47s exist.

Not sure why you have the PB&J either when the B-25 carries more ordnance, and the Black Widow carries even more than that with the benefit of 20mms.

If you're grinding endgame USA, might as well by the T29 when it goes on sale.

>f4u makes sharper turns with the flaps destroyed

You're a slavaboo and America is the greatest country on Earth. That is why it exists today and the Soviet Union does not.



>cap zone solo
>kill 9 tonks
>still lose

How will slavaboos EVER recover?

Well GF is a lost cause so I guess I will only ever use this game in the future to try out my Rift. What's a better way to get into Sim battles, high tier planes or low tier?

>ur an slavaboo xD therefore the game doesn't need to be balanced)))))
thanks for letting me know you're a blithering retard just like every other burgershit

What are the flaps for on the T-64? They're just aluminium and don't cover anything.

t. vodka drinking chimpanzee

Mid tier.

Less drag and weight means better turn :^)

they prematurely detonate HEAT shells if you're at an angle so they don't hit your side
>I don't have an argument so I'll have to resort to autistic shrieking
nice meme

Ah, I think I actually experienced one of those shots in my last match.

>I have less pen, less armor, and less mobility than a MBT-70
>I also have a 20 second reload
>I have to face these niggers every match

>whining about how MBT-70 is op instead of providing evidence of such isn't autistic screeching
you didn't have an argument to begin with so don't be surprised you get anything less you ape

you want reasons?
it has the armor of a chieftain, the mobility of an Ru 251, and it's got a 10 second maximum reload for a fucking 152
the fact that you or anyone thinks it should be below 9.3 is fucking retarded

>being this bad
>and it's got a 10 second maximum reload for a fucking 152
yeah who fucking knew that a 152mm cannon that doesn't use two part ammunition has a short reload compared to an autoloader

*rubs temple*

just give me the back-ups!

>slavs jump for joy when HESH gets nerfed
>slaughter their way indiscriminately to tier 6
>suddenly have to fight tanks that can go toe-to-toe with them and start chimping out again
Music to my fucking ears

guaranteed their complaining will lead to MBT/KPz 70 nerfs before the majority of players get to enjoy being able to destroy slav(e) shitters for once


t 1/10000000000000000000009th naziburger


>dude lmao HESH is nerfed
>get hit by chieftain's HESH
>get ammo racked somehow
>decide to see if HESH is actually nerfed
>still works perfectly fine in my Leopard