Love Live School Idol Festival General - /llsifg/ #1428: NAVIGATORS Edition

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JP: HonoMaki Medfes
EN: UR You scouting

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For Kotori!

For Cute gays.

Umi is love.

For Mari

Hows that step-up scout user?

song of the day


Just posting her smile.
News, I guess.
PV soon, game to be released on November.
PDP nesoberis when?

how do i open the songs in these links

I love these gays.

Let's post the cutest Honk URs!

Too early for Honk

Taisho Honoka is adorable.

Honkshit URs belong in the trash.

It's always a good time for Honoka-chan!

I love Honoka-chan!

But we mustn't just yet!

Honoka is fucking ugly, kill Honoka.

We know, Ruby.

I just used chrome's performance monitor to find the audio source.


Dream UR.


So, who will be Maki's canon new pairing?
My bet on her senpai Riko


This website is adorable. What's also adorable is the fact that all of my favorite girls fell down in one little spot.

>implying bushiroad has any say on what canon is

They can do whatever they want with game

Hi Maya. How are you? And how's Lin?

I got the unidolized form of that card. Hope you get that card someday.

Thank you, kind user. Maybe I'll finally pull a UR on my next BT scout.

Every Honk UR is so cute besides initial

I can't say; she barely talks to anyone now.

How is Maru not a best girl? Maru is adorable.

Very true. I do have New Year's Honk and I'm grateful for that.

I like all of the girls. She's just not a favorite girl now. I still love her singing voice and her bookworm trait.

Don't ever avatarfag with burd again.

This is better.


the music of this thing is so fine

Best raibu


The best


Considering that KanaDiaMari is canon, it's kind of stupid to say that one is crack and the other is not.




With how many guys Mari had sex when she was aboard? Do you think she took a part in the crazy gang bang parties?

Barely talks to anyone? What about you? She loves you, you know. Had a falling out?


I fucking hate that pairing, and Im a Makifag.

bitchy stacy


I can't really see the appeal of that pair.

We haven't fallen out but she seems too busy nowadays to conversate like she used to.

Nico is Maki's new canon pairing.

Nico should always be with Maki.

Swiss mountains.


We know, canonfriend.

Maybe she's got stuff going on then. Or maybe not, she was here this morning, and she seemed like her usual self. Maybe try sending her another message sometime.

>nickmack fags still spamming
Your spam encourages ship posters. Please stop.

>they will be putting GIGANTIC nesoberis in the Shinjuku metro station
can't wait to see it

I got Ike

Funnily enough, after I posted that, she sent me a message asking about PDP. That works, user, thanks!


I like that whenever there's a canon ship spam it's always the shitty ones.


We had some NozoEli last thread!

You're just a crackshitter.

Don't reverse it! I wanted more!

Nesoberis will take over the world one day.

i thought it was friday night.. buts its sunday.... im a neet anyway so it doesnt matter..
sigh..... times were sure better a year ago...

We had Seagull too.

Nah I just think it's a boring ship, sorry NickMackfag.
I said canon ships.


Please do not lewd my daughter

not as big as I thought but still impressive

Glad I could help?

Clear S goals on expert and above appear on the friend's news too, right?

I thought you were going to school?

But NickMack isn't even canon in the first place



You think that retarded fuck is doing anything with his life?

Why do you think seagull is not canon?


HonkUmi forever

NozoNico forever

Nesos are love

Because HonoUmi is.


So there's a delayed viewing of the aqours 2nd live in my city

How much of a social blunder would it be for me to go?

I'm a somewhat scary looking autist 30 year man. I don't want to get kicked out because of the no singles policy

Will the theater be busy do you think? I don't like sitting near people...

How much liquor will I need to bring to not have a panic attack

Yes, in fact, and may allah forgive me for saying this, I always thought he was just pretending to be retarded.

Cute sisters/mother daughter

Ask your mom to go with you user.