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Item Crafting List: rcfox.ca/DOS2Recipes/
Skill Book Sellers: divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skill Books
Skill Book Crafting: divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skill Crafting

Divine Ascension (soundtrack, concept art, artbook, lorebook, a map):

I want to marry The Red Prince!

>Oh youre doing a double lone wolf caster/2h melee playthrough? Well that's great! Howabout we just put epic/rare bows and finesse gear in every single chest! :)

Fane is for cuddling

I found all (?) 4 teleport pyramids, now what?
What can I do with them? Is there a quest for these?

Caster books in Arx WHERE?

Where does Gareth fuck off to after seeing him at the farm? I failed the persuasion checks and I've got no idea where he is

got D: OSEE a couple days ago and is there some glitch where a blood stone disappears from your inventory?

>my 2nd playthrough
is this you?
>My playthroughs so far:
>First playthrough (about 2 hours before restarting)
>2nd Playthrough (at least 20 hours to 100% fort joy)
>3rd Playthrough (About 10 hours, breezed through fort joy on tactician)

I fucking hate normies.

The Advocate seems pretty cool

Does int scale necro stuff?

I dont understand how to use this shit. I want to abuse necro+hydro for decaying touch healing

reposting this.

How many of you still have Peeper alive?

So, I'm at the beginning of the game and trying to get Sebille to join me but I'm a Lizard and I failed all three types persuasion checks (strength, finesse, int).

No way I can get her to join?

Get more persuasion

I found his father and was forced to kill him

You're retarded. One adjacent object=waves
It's not hard. It's a perfectly reasonable logic puzzle. Do you even minesweeper?

I just got my summoning skills to level 10

Is it worth continuing to pump the skill to level 10 or should I start raising warfare? Is it worth going into necromancy if my two characters are physical?

>Dallis flanks our ship
>During the fight our friend flies to her ship and steals from her chest
This game really is amazing

Give one pyramid to each party member. You can teleport to each other. It's situational, but kinda neat anyway. I usually have my huntsman with a shit-ton of mobility skip large parts of the map using tactical retreat, cloak and dagger, and take flight. Then the rest of the party teleports over using the pyramid. If they get seperated somehow, everyone can just immediately teleport using their own pyramid.

Alternatively, drop a pyramid in a location you like to revisit that doesn't have a waypoint.

Who wouldn't grab Dallis' chest?

Somebody in the last thread said Gareth sells Pyromancy skills, he does not. Who does sell them? Stingtail is dead.


Problem is you have absolutely no idea how to arrange these symbols without the spirit vision.
It's just wild guessing without the solution.

Is a faggot who isn't into familial boning.

How do I get more source points? I did the ritual but I can't find any of these mentors

if I memebuild with a party of 3 or 4 high constitution summoners:

- will I have problems
- what other schools / skillbooks are essential besides maxing summoning and taking the obvious summoning skills
- is there anything else I should do to make this more fun

also, unrelated question, does anyone running physical damage parties find themselves just smacking things until enemy phys armor is gone? with a magic party at least you can set up fields and wear down magic armor even if you're not CCing anyone, but since physical skills don't involve as much environmental setup, it feels like a waste to use any skills until you've chewed through everyone's armor.

I have a spear user but spears are kind of shit right now.

Should I make them a dual daggar warfare or go full huntsman?

Best scale color for femlizard?

There are like 6 of them, just continue playing and do quests.

Is it possible to lose the hero tag? I've drained a bunch of spirits and tried murdering an innocent and draining the corpse, but I still have the hero tag

> tfw you forgot a teleporter on the ground in the previous act and it's gone forever

well fuck

Are totems worth getting? The main summon skills is obviously good, and so are the buffs you can get for them but all the other summon skills seem like shit.

Can I play a tank even if I put most(read most, because I still want to have some utility shit like wings and rain/heal) of my points into summoning and put most of the attribute points into constitution and strength instead of int?

Please send help, this is one of the last things I need to do for act 2

>Not amassing a turret army

the ship?

Totems are really good. Last like 5 turns so you can have quite a few of them at any time. Just space them out so they don't get memed by AOE.

turrets are disgustingly overpowered

I haven't been able to find him at the ship, was wondering if I need to find him somewhere else. Does fucking up the persuasion checks make him unrecruitable?

They are strong in longer fights because you have what are essentially dozens of "free" attacks from all the totems you have up. They die in one hit though, so where you put them matters a lot.

Also their AI is pretty good because they will actually heal your characters too. Like poison ones will shoot your undead to heal them if there aren't enemies in range or your undead is almost dead.


What skills to dip into as huntsman?

What attribute should I be taking for a necro pls respong....

So, is being a skeleton a normal state for an Eternal or it's just because they've been in a tomb for aeons?

Most of it scales with int so..

is paladins sets obtainable? (no spoilers if they can drop later from certain characters/monsters later)


I'm wondering if the more points are worth it.

I hate how this game doesn't put any value into classes and how you can use whatever the fuck you want with no penalty. I started the game with Warrior, rogue, and two mages and now all of them use scoundrel utility skills, necro summon and physical damage nukes and the only difference between warrior and rogue is that one using twohander while other using daggers because game doesn't restrict you at all and you only have to put attention at int/fin/str scaling.

does the physical damage dealt by stuff like mosquito swarm and decaying touch scale off int or no?

I am about to spend an hour sorting trough my gear,buying new gear and selling the old one and spreading potions/scrolls.

Oh i should also craft a bunch of stuff.
And i am only two masters in.
3...4 more to go?There is so much stuff to do in this game i am starting to loose track.The last time i felt this swamped was when i was playing Wizardry 8.

This game is so awesome!!!

Pretty sure it all scales off int.
Necro is a caster's way of dealing with phys armor.

How do I raise my persuasion? I can't get Sebille to join me.

I always grab haste, chameleon cloak and wings. Yeah, you can tactical retreat, but I find wings+haste to be more reliable.

It's written in the skill

Speaking of necro. Are there any other skills that have deceptively long range? I thought infect was touch based but it's like swarm

Did you turn Lohse into a strong proud latino woman

I want Lohse's taco flavored kisses!

>mfw the tavern is literally called 'the black bull'

too bad his story line leads nowhere

I don't really like the default face they chose for her so i changed it to something that i liked.
I hope i find one of those voodoo helms with the bones again since they work really well with this look.

i had to look up where the fuck to take him because i couldn't get both him and the sourcerer to live through the blackpits 3-years-long battle

My 10 int warrior deal 242 damage while 36 int mage deal 369.
Necro skills have a retarded scaling that barely affected by anything but level.

pls respond, sitting in character creation

Thats okay.
I was thinking of making an oogabooga shaman type myself.

Dwarf chicks are fucking stacked
I want to pick one up and pump n' dump

>tactician mode
>red prince necroknight
>lohse summoner
>beast rogue
who should i get for my fourth guy, and what class?

Warfare should also factor into necro skills on top of int scaling. Probably why your warrior is comparable

Eh for those of you that finished the game .... was your ending sequence also as fucked as mine? Half of the dialogue doesnt make sense and doesnt actually reflect what happened.

I am very confused. It was probably all just a dream.

Sibelle Ranger

on my next play through I'm going to make a slutdorf that wants to fuck Red Prince.

It was fine, I guess

warrior shit needs to be nerfed

warfare is just too strong

Is the Spread Wings ability supposed to not work on fire?

Polymorph is kind of disappointing, no monster transformations, no turning enemies into a writhing mass of limbs.
You don't even get some kind of Akira arm slam

>got the cheevo for freeing Saheila without killing anyone
>by killing everyone

>warfare boosts all physical damage

i have one summoner character and its the most boring one desu. i am even thinking of respecing his stats to something else

Sword and board gets much more armor (phys and magic). Can recover it all for 2AP.

Also you can use Bouncing Shield

You can turn them into a chicken, then use Rupture Tendon to turn them into Ruptured Tendies.
Pretty fun.

a ranger, definitely

how to get that chest by the rainbow where you meet Fane

Pure summoner is super dull but sprinkling some summoner in your build will bring you utility.

>get to level 9 and the second island
>want to start over

teleport it

Was it before or after you got the quest? I could see it countng if you cleared out everything before the quest was picked up

I spent 30 hours in early access starting over. Now I finished the game, clocking 110 hours and I'm back at the loop.

is crafting even worth it

>got both red prince achievements
>without having him in the party
>got neither of Ivan's achievements
>despite him being in the party

>no option to show him your tiddies

Way to ruin my immersion, was playing as a slutty elf but that's over now.

>do the hidden arena in the academy
>two-hander red prince charges in and wreaks havoc alongside physical incarnate
>necroknight fane is taking a while to catch up, but patches red prince up with fortify on the way
>wizard MC nukes with chain lightning and winter blast, smaller automatons are almost all dead now
>when the fuck is it my archer lohse's turn
>she's not even in combat
>just sort of watching us duke it out just a few steps behind my wizard
>fucking shit damnit get in there
>on her turn she charges in and gets to higher ground with cloak and dagger and tactical retreat, followed by ricochet which kills whatever smaller automatons are left
>round ends, it's her turn again
>shit I'll just give arrow storm a try to see what it does
>completely annihilates the boss
well fuck me
Does this place have anything else going for it? There's these reflectors that do nothing. All I got really was the blade of the swornbreaker or whatever. The quest doesn't even close after talking to the bird.

Use the feckin mirror you dingdong

>is crafting even worth it


thats the problem you only have one

i got lied to that killing him gives good loot everything was trash in honour mode


Where the fuck is Gareth, he's not in Blackpits, he's not on the ship, and he's not at his farm. FUCKING GARETH

I got the quest before it.

>oh hey ifan how did your lone wolf contract to kill alexander go?

i've yet to beat fort joy and i'm tempted to restart (even though i'm at bishop alexander)

I also can't find him after completing his quest in act 2, he just wandered off.