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New ship wars event when?

Stratos a best, delet Io just kidding about delet


New game experience when?

I liked getting rewards from those but even with the handicaps they'd try it was difficult to properly balance the ship teams

When you start bathing

Remove elves and other fleshies

Did afin tap that?

casts also have meat
it's canon

don't make me hotglue this


>Luther and gettemheart waifus are around and alive
>they dont act like total faggots
who would have thought

>Releasing a balance patch intended for next month this week
they dun goofed

>and it still isn't enough to even bring them up to snuff

now i can do a sick 720* with my mirage and ilzonde!

>buffing ranger PAs
>WHA getting nerfed

whats the fucking point then?

Hero is a knife in the heart for PSO2 and it is bleeding to death. I don't think this band-aid will save it.

Luther has an identical personality pretty much, just no zenchi to go nuts over

Gettem is in better shape though

Net gain in strength, with less reliance on conditionals

please understand

their excuse is "after the nerfs, with the buffs, RA will be more powerful overall", which sounds like yeah whatever, damage variance reduction

I have no faith in Sega anymore

>I can now spaz out with ilzonda
>but I cant charge any techs faster
Sega really ironed out that core problem with Fo and Techer, now I can finally be on par with Hero. Seriously though, why does only the Fire element have something as crucial as a charge time reduction on spells and why the FUCK does it require 10 fucking SP?

>less reliance on weakpoints
>but you still have to hit them anyway btw
EP5 really activates those almonds

Why not just keep WHM the same and just buff the PA's?
Would that really make such an staggering difference to the game considering most people don't even try playing RA anymore?

>see the other contents of the current scratch
>the verud shit means i can make lancelot now

x for dawhkness characters

here's what they should do:

>change flame s charge to affect all techniques
>bolt PP save max 5 PP, but all techs get the benefit
>Freeze keep a single point for 500% freeze
>all status effect boots increased to 20% and decreased SP to 5

they'll never do that though


The point of comparison here would be Hero generally not having to bother thinking about anything like that because how Hero Weapon Bonus works

While Ra should be stronger all around, specifically shifting the modifiers away from stuff like WHA has the side effect of boosting mobbing performance relative to bossing since you don't usually go out of your way to target weak points for that.

Of course without the final numbers we can't be 100% sure where everything is going to go. Who knows how the Standing/Moving Snipe buffs are going to change things

God, those status effect skills being utterly worthless is something that even got past the EP3 overhaul

What a stupid looking castlet.


I hate how fucking smug that face is

it's such a waste

>casts have 3 possible part colour combinations
>person uses all white or all black with either white lines or black lines

My waifu is cute

white/black is lazy yeah
but let's be honest only so many combinations of colors are aesthetically pleasing, you really can't go too nuts

post her already you NTR addict

It's shit until we can chose the exact part on those parts to color.

>dark blast form uses punches/kicks and energy waves
rip chance for knux/jb class
>red dragon eq forces you to use some sword+shield at some point
rip that 1 guy that wanted that weapon to come back
i sure cant wait for something vile like katana (but this time unsheathed 24/7)/ds (because persona is still cool right guys) advanced class

literally nothing about those prevents them from happening as future classes anyway

I have so many 5th anniversary badges. Where can I use them?

solo PD triggers

who was the unlucky fuck?

It doesn't matter. Trojans can't be deployed unless it was an executable or a program executes it. In this case, PSO2 will not be able to read the fake character file and ignore it. Even if it can read it, it will only touch the values associated with the character maker.

In short, the guy wanted to tell a "funny" story, just like every other PSOW blogposter.

>wanting your cast to look like an ugly dollar store transformer
Elegancy > your shit tastes

Kill yourself Metty.

Post characters doing poledance.

That's not really how that works. It can be activated if you load the file in some shape or form. I know because I was infected in the past with similar means. Windows98 era though.

Those cars have amazing paint jobs. That black cast however, doesn't.

>still busting loads to shiki
I love you shiki

>literally can't find a main match with expert filter on
>even without expert filter it still takes several minutes to fill

so the stories were true, BQ IS slowly diying


more like RAPIDLY dying, cutie

>shit2 this slow

60fps w/ nude mod: comfy.moe/djsdba.webm


Good fap.

>no jiggles
>no naked skin
>ugly hair face and outfit
How did you do it?

>60fps w/ nude mod: comfy.moe/djsdba.webm
Muh dick

my.mixtape.moe/ svmgxs.webm


are mags still 10-15DEX, 190-185 ?

They're 0 dex now

File is: ff21d6b19de82e47419551c4c869f307

The file itself is ui_appearance.dds

posting wife

>get this chip on my unused character
>can't transfer chips to my main
Why am I still here? Is it just to suffer?

>Gets A-D good chips on alts
>Main only gets good E frame chips
It's because Sega are a bunch of sadistic assholes trying to turn us into cucks


are the little orange sprout and squares used for anything
the rest of the orange icons in that column are for weapon extended stats if I recall

could be team tree related, isnt the buff icon for team tree stuff orange?

the team buff (any team buff) shows up as one of the up arrows in the next column over, I forget which one

The tree buffs are orange, yes but that entire row is craft related.
No idea what those 2 Icons are, probably unused/scrapped idea.

Next time you want to pull this dumb shit again, try to at least match the Hr plate icon.
And keep it in your reddit retard space.

gotta love getting DC'ed 2 seconds into a BQ.

Please make sure your internet connection is stable before venturing into Buster Quests and Emergency Quests. Any disconnection and 630 errors are caused by instabilities on the user not the servers themselves. We apologize that we apologize for the incovenience.

t. KMR

the servers have been shit recently

Scrapped idea. They have been there for years.

I don't get this joke.

i would not mind as much if it didnt take 20 minutes to get a game.

you don't have to bby, now cum succ deez

>All those leachers


Not him but I want to die

I'm about to hit 75 on my first class. Do I start leveling another one to get to Hero, or do I do something else?

ok meme-tan


i heard this already



I read you can get a Creator's Emblem to trade for camos if you finish the PSO2es storyline.
Can anyone tell me what the last mission is? I'm up to 10-2 now and it still shows no signs of stopping. Starting to struggle with the missions because my chips are trash too, how much longer is this garbage?


b a s s b o o s t e d

i heard these already too
you know this is a thread for the game right

it's an Earthbound psychedelic-like place, with a Falz Angel, theres no way to miss it.

Reminder that Gix were the "Ares ver2" since they're from Hound Anga

Listen to them again!

that's a waste of time
seriously, you linked two that happen every time in an eq (granted, Anga is a bit of a special case)

>anga special
>angel never plays unless you do the story mode
>doubles universe never plays either

what? i'm talking about anga and mother--the anga vid you linked happens on Regiment (and Ult but nobody does that anymore), and mother is self explanatory


go away skengs