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Previous:>[10M Downloads Campaign]
September 24th 18:00 JST
- 1 free 4* of your choice
- 30 Quartz
1st: HP Fou x10
2nd: 4* EXP x10
3rd: 3* ATK Fou x10
4th: Mana Prism x100
5th: 10M QP
6th: Golden Fruit x10
7th: Tickets x10
>Rate-up schedule
9/20-27, 10/1-4: Merlin
9/28,30,2,4:Artoria (Saber)
9/29,30,3,4: Artoria (Lancer)

>[Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017]
- 5* Okita: September 20-21, 24-25, 27
- 5* Hijkata: September 22-24, 26
- 4* Tamamo Cat & 4* Suzuka Gozen always on rate-up
- 5* GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CE (Taunt & ATK Up +10% for 3 turns)
- 4* Launch Order! CE (Quick +10%, Buster +10%)
- 3* Fate GUDAGUDA Order CE (Quick, Arts, Buster, Star Generation, Star Weight, NP Gain, NP Damage, Debuff Rate, Debuff Resist +1%)

>English FGO has its own general for now, search /fgoalter/ in the catalog
>Monthly items: Dragon Fang, Unlucky Bone, Magical Spinal Fluid
>Epic of Remnant 3 ~Stage of Corpses and Streaming Blood~ to be released mid-Oct


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Nice trips


Nobu a CUTE.
& /fgog/ cannon MVP.

I wish we had actually got 2 4* tickets so i could pick pent ;_;

>800 days soon.
>next 50 day bonus soon.

It's too bad Colombus' evil smile doesn't darken his face like his NP portrait

Well, who did you pick you retard?

penpen will be one of the least claimed servants, won't she?

I love Penpen.



>Implying they'll hold a 800 days celebration after all the free stuff they've just handed.

Disgusting faggot, I hope you never roll her


Cutest soccer mvp!

Finally getting around to reading some Irish myths after familiarising myself with Arthurian/Indian shit and it's sort of amusing me how nerfed most of them are in Fate.

Cu, Fionn, and Fergus in particular (though mostly Caladbolg for the latter) are all massively more impressive in their legends than Fate seems to make them out to be. Only Medb seems significantly buffed, and Diarmuid is just about right. I guess Scathach would counts as overwanked too but I'm not sure if she's mostly from Scot myths or if she really is only in the Ulster Cycle.

Anyone know if Nasu has ever commented on why he did stuff like make Fionn a joke character?

>cute girl
>decent unit
>gets quite some fanart
Neh, she will be in the top half picks.

Fuck I missed the match. Did we win?

Is Pent S or M?

soccer event when

We lost 5-0.

Cu is one of the most powerful servants in two different classes

We won, 3-0.

We tied 0-0.

We tied 2-2.

Nasu isn't always the one who writes a certain character, nor does he always decide how they're written. If you asked him he probably would have some difficulty recalling who Fionn was. It's in mats somewhere wrote Fionn instead, but I can't be fucked to look it up.

Why is Rider Ishtar not top tier? Her NP hits absurdly hard for AoE.

Fuck you buddy


I'm not your buddy, cocksucker.


Because it's AoE.

Does anyone have the webm of emiya making that fucking blooter yesterday?

I refunded once, then switch google accounts to buy more quartz and refund then, but all my purchases are getting rejected. What gives? I've only refunded once, and I switched google accounts.

cant you read?

>Caladbolg can cut the tops off of mountains casually in myth
>In Fate a broken phantasm version of it modified into an arrow creates a crater a dozen yards across at best

The sword version is mostly fine besides far less impressive seords from various myths getfing wanked above it, but dear God Emiya's version is a joke even with rank degredation.

Sakurai made Fionn. Sakurai also made Scathach.

Fionn should be stronger than him overall

The favouritism just because of the fan base makes me hate cu

newfag here, If I play with Heracles from the beginning with in every mission and also grinding, how long will it take for me to max his bond points? there's some calculator for this?

Did you remove the payment method from the account you refunded on?


She's what you want her to be if you have the strength[/spoiler/.

Who did you pick anons?


2 years

I'm not your cocksucker, pal

She's clearly a M weak to anal.

a year or two

There's no way you're getting to max bond by just going through the story. It'll probably get you at 8 though for a 4*. Too bad he doesn't get any bonuses from the already released EoR orders.

>roll 50 quartz and two tickets
>2 quartz
>can grind one quartz with Boudica's bond level
>gets me one more quartz for one roll
>do the merlin gacha
>roll caesar

I been waiting for this day 2 years, since first Gil gacha when he spooked me and I made a oath. But I still not free, need Kuro for Emiya household.

Fuck, I'm retarded. I didn't remove the payment method from the account I refunded on.

Still it deals 1000% damage with a 60% quick multiplier applied before the attack. That is better than a lot of single target attacks such as Jeanne Alter's NP which is 60% single target. Am I missing something?

Read David's chapter of the bible eventually, and realize how hilariously needed and fucked up his character was in fate.

It's a good read

Why would anyone pick D'eon

Kuro is never coming back.

Do you think DW will release the stats of this event? It would be interesting to see the most popular pick.

Scat's not actually a Scottish myth, she just happens to live in the Scottish isles. It's sort of like how Medea comes from the Middle East but is still a Greek myth.
Also reminder that even if Fergus is one of Ulster's best knights and is Round Table tier he's still solidly not in the top three of Cu's generation. Ireland got severely hit with the nerf bat.

Good last ascension art.

>Fionn could've been the one who existed in an alternate dimension still living because he wants to be there to protect Ireland
>we go find him and he gladly joins chaldea's ranks to save everything
>Instead it's scathach who just exists there moaning about being alive still

and people think she's a good writer

Something Something Heracles Support something

>np4 manjew


How many bond we get from a chapter of EoR?

>and people think she's a good writer
Said no one ever.

Who else picked Pen?

Well for starters, Ishtar is very highly rated, and Jeanne Alter's NP isn't the reason she's broken but she does have ridiculous build up which means you can spam it often enough without running an arts snorefest team. Her skills are, especially the first one and her synergy with Merlin which makes her NPBB chain a death sentence to 99.9% of shit in the game.

like 10, 12 maybe

He really isn't. As a Lancer there's numerous servants who are at least better than him in lore and as a Caster he seems to be better than average but still not top tier.

He's good but with alternatives like Karna, Scathach, Romulus, Titoria, Merlin, Gilgamesh, Tamamo, Medea, etc. I think calling him one of the best is overdoing it.

Fionn is impressive from what I've seen so far but I dunno if I'd say he seems stronger than Cu.

Though to be fair I'm only just starting on his stuff so I might be missing a lot of his feats.

That is genuinely surprising to me. Would have thought Fionn would be a character Nasu would handle given he's the potato King Arthur.

Not that user but can I have BB instead? Pretty please?

>She??? N-nanii?


I know.

thanks for the account.

I did, also fed her a grail, i plan to get her to at least 90 next event.

Apparently not, and now he's a joke because of Sakurai.

We've never seen evidence that says Cu isn't still stronger than Scat. But we've seen evidence that shows he is still stronger than her.


Fionn is like Irish herakles in terms of ridiculous bullshit since in some myths he's a literal monster (giant)

You'll see

So just do the Benkei-Hassan in Fuyuki for muh quartz?

Did I make a good choice? I want to go to a love hotel with Gozen

Reply to this post if you picked a 4* you think almost no one else did

Well I know that but I think Ishtar is one of the strongest 4* servants. She's better than some 5*s imo.

Saber Alter

>muh Nasu OCs

Too bad she's busy with a random old man she found on the street.

>not just rolling her off the Kyoto gacha

Cheers fpr the clarification. Is there anywhere that actually lists the top warriors in the Táin or Ulster Cycle in general?

Doesn't she beat his ass every time they fight aside from in America?

I'll decide for you user, give me your options.

>Doesn't she beat his ass every time they fight aside from in America?
The opposite happens. In her own interlude Cu kicks her ass and she's like, "Uh, no, it doesn't count so don't kill me."

So if I ever decide to let go of this account could I get any $ for it?


This is why I hate her whole "want to die" thing

It never occurs around people who could end her like king hassan

So it always seems so hollow

Tristan and Ana, no gameplayfag.

>Merlin and a bunch of trash Servants
Nope. Come back when you have over 10 5*.

Maybe a couple dollars at best.

>So it always seems so hollow
That's because it is. It's a big stupid gimmick just like Schez's retarded "I'LL DO ANYTHING TO NOT DIE" shit. It doesn't add anything to Scat's character, all it does is make her annoying and boring.

For how much could I sell a Merlin+Raiko+other 5 SSRs end game account? Plus a lot of nice SRs like Ibaraki, Gorgon and Lancer Raikou? Just curious.

Kanashi song is better tha meduseless loli version.

I rolled for her but got two Tamamo Cats instead

She just wants to feel the excitement of a life or death fight, dying has to be an outcome but she really just wants an all out fight