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This thread is a no duskwight zone


The mere mention of his name summons the one known as set-


user, don't forget to hug your eb!

Is it called the boring and bland network?

tfw no eb

I don't have one, and I'll thank you not to rub it in.

Fuck off gross transra

Is two elezen girls marrying each other even allowed?

Man kebab is great, I really want some now

please stop bullying my bf felix guys


are these supposed to make him feel bad or something

>watch a cutscene in JP
>good audio quality
>watch the same one again in English
>sounds like it was recorded in a broom closet on someone's headset mic


Are there any cute male au ra or male miqo'te on odin?

nobody wants malera

Stoo attacking Seto, Neko he wont readd you



Can you retype that in English please.

>tfw still no eb

Some are good!

In English please.

I asked you weeks ago and you told me no...

>its another raen in a yukata top and sandals glam with nothing else
we get it, youre a man who wants to be a Japanese girl

If you are the person I'm thinking of you don't even play anymore...


>laughs at you
Is that why he immediately gets quiet in any discord or ls he's in when someone shitposts him?

just not M E

this is an umbrella statement that covers a lot of people from here

I think it's pretty good


come mateus, is meguca~


the NPCs from the marauder and kobold quests

Elk bp uwu

Seto's giggles owo

>jump pot DRK tries to solo S-rank
>everyone just watches as he dies

the vocaroo expired does anyone have it

I honestly thought people discussing the thread on Discord and summoning each other/reporting whenever they are mentioned is a meme, but these people honestly live through this general

I'm jealous that the marauder roe lass gets to have a pipe.


does that mean we can be friends?

Yotsuyu's bodyguard. He's such a fucking idiot I can't even bring myself to dislike him for being evil and a coward. He just doesn't know any better, it's downright endearing.

>Doing hunts
>server has a couple people that like to pull really early
>every hunter complains about them as they follow through and help clear instead of waiting for them to die


i dont have a eb..


giggle for me boys~

Big tits, thicc legs... wtf is there not to love about female roegadyns?

>that fake voice
do you fags have no shame

no, grownman

>grown ass man

Masculine face, broad shoulders, overflowing with testosterone

i will soon!

can you do the susano thing while your ui is hidden

The entire head, face, and futa dick. Not to mention mentally unstable and typically complete cunts.

And I'm done

they have no ass it shows more than the other races

You feel this way because you are low test.

Y-Yeah, my EB...

Is this a boy?

please send tell

They all look so samey that you wouldn't even know who they are without a picture next to it.

Are you trying to say high test men love women who look like guys?

Would anyone like to help me cum?

All races pretty much have no ass, though. That is what I hate about japanese games, they love putting in big tits but the asses are always flat as a pancake.

>not included

Soon to be cucked.

>cats and lizards surprised they don't have an EB
fanta into a more desirable race there are people who would jump and put a ring on uncommon female races but you're all a dime a dozen and probably have a boring personality. Or youre probably a slut and no one sane ebs a slut.

how and where?

If I missed you I might have gone to bed without seeing your post

High test men aren't afraid of women that look like they can hold their own in a fight.

You didn't miss me, I'm just sad I missed out.

You dont have to look like a neanderthal to be able to hold your own in a fight

where are you supposed to fit flamethrower into the rotation?

You use it to overheat into wildfire

Never sure if we should count from actual date or EB date.

Nearly two years since we started going out or nearly one year since we EB'd

A woman doesn't need to look like a man to be strong enough to fight.

But user i was a male elezen and male aura for one year combined and no one ever approached me or took a second look

I'll try to do it again sometime. Please look forward to it

>being a fuckboi
>would rather date a weak man wearing woman clothes than a rugged nordlike woman who can swing a hammer with big ass tits a nice fat butt with a lil muffin top

You guys probably want to be traps

But i'm not a slut, and i don't think my personality is that bad...

how much of a DPS loss is it to just not overheat into wildfire?

A big one. Stop being lazy

c-catboy weiners! >//

The futa dick they want to impale literally anything with.

Every one of these look like the same person with different bits added. There's no distinction between face shape, features or anything. You literally could have put any of the c@s next to any of the c@hegaos and none would have been the wiser.

Just admit your gay for being attracted to masculine features

I'll just stick with bard, MCH has too many buttons to press in 10 seconds

Do you have Discord or a throwaway email?

Welcome to anime art, and the reason art schools absolutely hate it.

a High test man has no problems fucking a post-op tranny that looks like a man.

someone buy me a pizza so i can get 2

also is anyone having 90006 errors over and over today? game keeps kicking me out on aether but not on primal

I don't think they take orders from Europe.

now its time for Inventory Cleanup (Ex)

If I was gay I would just jerk of to male roes because they are way more masculine than the females.

Just admit you are just a low test pedophile who want his women to look like helpless children.

Eh, I was going for speed

stop buying people things, seto

I want my women to actually look like women thank you very much

I couldnt care less whether they could hold on their own in a fight, who even has fights in 2017 anymore?