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1st for big titty samurais

image training wont work

m-maybe this tournament will end with an announcement of a port including pc!

Remember to watch Uniel right now, super dope matches.

And remember to watch Blazblue afterwards!


Rashid poster go to hell !

What EU tournaments are left this year that you're going to?

Also do you think you'll make it to any US tournaments this/next year?

Let's go Chaos

>Ruins your image

>blazblue EVO champ and anime god ryusei switched main games to SFV
>he lost his first round match at scr and drowned in losers bracket
welcome to the big leagues, booger.

People LIKE SonicFox though and love to hate him too.

I was at a local on Friday and I was playing Tekken but I had enough and got fucked up beyond repair in MVCI.
No one there played Injustice so I looked and saw these guys called me over to strike a little conversation.
One thing led to another and they introduced me to Guilty Gear and I was immediately hooked and fell in love.
I picked Johnny cause he reminds me of Johnny Cage for a lot of reasons, and I loved his cancels. They taught me the basics and I picked up on it fast.
As soon as I got home I brought it on PSN Flash Sale and this game is like a drink of fresh water. Its what I've always needed in my life but I never knew it.
The characters and attention to detail is all quality and the characters are all so fun and unique. I've never seen any character "functions" like these before.
Truly amazing, thank you Arksys and random Guilty Gear guys for taking me in and thanks for the blog post.

Today's schedule.

REMINDER: Do not buy MVCI until they improve it because it's a rushed, censored, outsourced Disney cash grab.

thats basically it for me for the year in terms of majors, gfinity s2 starts up in a few weeks so i'll be back on the friday weeklies

i'd like to get out to stuff further afield next year

*sniffs in Japanese*

what character did he pick?

also dogura is a goober and he's 31 in the CPT rankings so your point isn't valid

Official big titty samurai ranking:

1) Yuzuriha
2) Baiken

>gfinity starting up again already
Damn they're not resting about are they

dogura and kazunoko are street fighter players first and foremost now

machabo would be a better example and he's gotten fucked in all of his tournaments

>using the term chad
We facebook now?

>replying to a frog

Come to stunfest next year, it's great.

I like watching him play, but stuff like this is gross

If you had to make a fighting game using mechanics from other fighting games, what mechanics would you use?

I haven't been keeping up with gfinity but I like your teammate's Vega, maybe I'll start watching then.

pretty bad list

>playing NRS games
>being a literal who

Go away furfago. You're delusional and full of shit. You may not like it, but this is what peak popularity looks like.

Guilty Gear is trash you retard. Nice blogpist you pussy


muh titties. a bloo bloo bloo

did tokido consent to this image

/ourguy/ DSP is online about to steam some /mvci/

He got it from reddit, the screencap was posted last thread.

not like sfv has much life left in it

>replying to pasta
kill yourself

anyone know if the mvci team tourny is being streamed and if so on which stream? should be starting in 20 minutes

Just dont give up, keep playing and trying to improve. Also, let this show you how fun playing games with high skill ceilings and room for creativity are. Tekken GG are the best two fighters out rn

DI, ledge trumps, footstools

Sorry I don't know every shitty pasta that gets posted on this site. Fucking autismo

One more time, Hyde

Is Menat good for a beginner?

It's not. Enjoy your anime.

I used to think progamers were the coolest people in the world but after seeing shit like this and Fuudo being forced to take cringe photos for Razer, I feel bad for them.

I wouldn't be able to participate in this kind of cringe shit even if they paid me to.

GG character designs are so stupid
>lmao I have license plate on hate
>jej I am in a bed!! No I AM the bed!!

how does GRD work?

>literal tumblr useron /fgg/

ive heard good stuff about stunfest, particularly the fact that all the hotels are in walking distance so you get good sessions afterwards

i thought it died though?

it wasnt on the cpt this year

>tfw 31 year old asian cubicle worker pad player

It's too late to git gud, isnt it ;_;

Lets you ChainShift, basically a rapid/roman cancel. Other things too but that's the main one.

Fighting game community?

More like furry game community.

I wouldnt mind pictures with some bitches while getting paid for it.


why does guilty gear trigger neo-/v/ 16ers and 17ers so much?

I don't see any old timer trying to badmouth GG/BB/NRS, they appreciate all fighting games for what they are

Is Dante good for a baka?

You have been tasked, as an English speaker, to come up with the terms used in a new, upcoming kusoge.
Round name:
Round finish:

>Gain Grd
Move Forward
Land hits
Land a throw
>Lose grd
Get hit
Move back
Get throw teched

At least Tokido got paired with this design. Previously that fox wasn't wearing a shirt in prior promo images announcing results.

they took a one year break but it's gonna be back for the next season.

its never too late
also pass the sauce brother

It's just /fgg/ being invaded by contrarians who need to always be against whatever Reddit likes.

because nu-gg is dash n mash into setplay no neutral trash

any tournaments in particular? Combo Breaker then CEO then EVO are probably the most reliably well ran.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out eventually

SF characters are fucking stupid
>me karate man muh fist
>unga bunga me green gorilla
>spin spin me suicide bomber

all fighting games are good except NRShit

ye, play gamora too

why is puyo puyo so fun to watch ?

Wish I had a way to play it.

>he has a different opinion than me
>must be a newfag!

How do you make friends (in the fGC)

steam reviews were a mistake

Nah fighting games are mostly mental, of course younger players will have an advantage in reaction and probably free time available to them, but unless you're on your death bed it's not too late


Who is the Akiha of UNIEL?

>Not wanting to be the bed.

Not really the same. I don't like SF either. Was this supposed to show me?

I've been wondering, why is the act of dodging a throw called "teching" it?


>Tekken 7 does not have good netcode when you actually play the game

If you have tits like that I'll be your friend

did you even read what I said? fucking illiterate

it's one thing to have a different opinion, it's a completely different thing to constantly shit and be insecure about a game you know nothing about

What do you mean?

probably something on the east coast, i hate longhaul flights

he plays them too retard

that's what sf called it back then

it's fucking funny though.

What fighting games do you like user?


Is Ino difficult to play?
Thinking of getting Xrd to play as her


Because you aren't dodging it, you're grabbing their grapple attempt and breaking away from it. It's a technical move.

So does he think he actually is a blue cartoon animal?

how well did you do?

Games with assists that are actually diverse instead of either

>put more shit on the screen and
>extend your combo

They both look very uncomfortable.

why do you fags even like that broski faggot

he doesn't rep fgg and doesn't post except his blogposts and anime bullshit. at least brick participates instead of simply tripwhoring

She is more on the technical side but if you want to play her just practice.

Tokido has a sense of humor despite being Asian

Maybe because GG niggers are arrogant faggots always trying to shove their game down other people's throats.

hyde a shit. a SHIT!!!!!!!!

whats so good about combo breaker? ive heard a few people say something similar.