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In Left Alive, are you able to fight in mechs or on foot? I haven't seen much info in that regard.

Probably both but it's mainly going to be on foot, think of it as a metal gear game.


the press release says that you fight them on-foot but you will have the chance to "steal" enemy mechs and pilot them as vehicles.

I'm guessing that means there's only going to be a few opportunities where you can pilot a mech and it will be a forced part of getting through the level, but we might be pleasantly surprised and learn that you could go through the whole game in a mech if you want.

Seems like a metal gear game based on titanfall gameplay basically.

allowing UNACs and being able to play the entire single player co-op was one of the best choices ACVD made

They did mention that the game was going to be 'open to the player as to how they want to finish the mission', likely along the lines of Deus Ex (which Square also handles). So, stealing Wanzers will probably never be forced, but it will likely be an option. However, the majority of the game will likely be infantry-based.

But, we've only seen, like, 5 seconds of actual gameplay, so it's difficult to say. Besides, there's always room for Square to add more Wanzer shit in, via DLC, because everyone loves DLC.

quad legs best legs




Is this game dead?

There's a new one in the works, supposedly, but the community is tenacious as ever. Most people emulate the old games or they play pvp in verdict day now. The franchise is still fairly active in Japan, it's just the western community that is small.

So, I wait for a new AC? Should I even bother with the old games?

Are you new to the franchise? What are you looking for?

If you want pvp, buy Armored Core Verdict Day for PS3.

If you want single player, emulate the PS2/PSP games. AC3 is a great place to start, it's got a very fair difficulty curve and runs relatively smoothly.

Thanks, man.

No problem. feel free to ask for questions, the games can be pretty hard overall (the series in, on average, harder than dark souls for example) and a lot of it requires some trial and error to learn what stats are or to make a control scheme that matches your playstyle.

AC3 > AC3:SL > ACNX > ACLR is a solid path to go though, then go back and play the 1st and 2nd gen games for posterity if you want, they use similar but less refined gameplay. You can skip nine breaker.

PCSX2 is good for emulation, if your computer can't handle it, the PSP ports of AC3, SL, and LR are even easier to emulate, as long as you know how to install a cheat that fixes some freezing problems. if you ask really nice someone will post it for you, too

Nah, I'm sure my PC can handle it, even if it doesn't, I'll buy a jailbroken PS3 soon, and surely this one can handle the emulation.


Do you guys consider ACN:Revolution to be a worthy remake or should i just not bother with it?

For reference, I have gone through AC3, AC3:SL and almost finished Nexus. Did not like V or Verdict day.

IS ACN: Revolution a remake of the original game?


Revolution disc isn't a remake. It's a "remix" of old missions from all the games that came prior to Nexus, using Nexus' mechanics/engines/etc. You get to play three different versions of each old mission, if memory serves, only one of which is a recreation.

Oh well.

Still, is it worth playing by it's own merits or do i need to have played the others to get nostalgia value from it?

if they made a new "Revolution" which game mechanics and what missions do you want /acg/?

Apparently today is Armored Core Verdict Day's 4th year anniversary. So uhh, happy birthday.

For Answer might be the most user friendly. I've never played V or Verdict Day, so I can't say if they would be any better.

>4 years
>no new release yet

>Do you guys consider ACN:Revolution to be a worthy remake or should i just not bother with it?

It's more fun than the actual single player in Nexus, in my opinion. It's also probably the most user-friendly way to experience some of the AC1 missions too.

As someone who has played Revolution before AC1-MoA, it's definitely worth playing even without the nostalgia value. The idea of being able to play a mission as both the protag and antag and get different results is cool as fuck.

They also do a great job of showing how the story evolves while only focusing on the "best" missions from each game.

To be fair, there are game franchises that have waited much longer. Unfortunately, most of those series' fans can get similar fixes elsewhere.

To be fair, it was seven years between the release of Other M and Samus Returns. I'm sure our time will come.

FA is more user friendly than V/VD, but V/VD's combat has more depth.

The obvious candidate is AC2, but it's a tough question to answer because of how much the mechanics changed after 3rd gen, and how much more important the visuals became in those games. Either you have 4th gen missions being remade in 3rd or 5th gen, lacking all the visual impact, or you have 5th gen missions being trivialized in a 3rd/4th gen game engine. You couldn't remake AC2 using AC4 or ACV's game engines.

Either way, if they did a new AC game with remakes of the old missions, I'd love to see AC4 and ACV's story modes get a revisit, with proper voice acting and translations, because I feel like they're the most underappreciated of the series, especially AC4 which had some really clever, beautiful missions.

>Desert Wolf
>Swarm of Red Eyes
>A Dark Night's March
>The Womb
>Break the White Lance
>Silent Avalanche
>Jardin de Chavaleir
>Marche Au Supplice
>Pillar of Light

Some of them did get a revisit with ACFA but honestly they felt like significantly more inferior versions of the same missions.


From isn't Nintendo, they aren't constantly releasing new franchises and don't have the money to throw at continuing their own.

My point was that there are plenty of game series that have long hiatuses, but I see what you're saying.



Touhou Armored Cored crossover when?


I bought AC4 a while ago for the 360 because it was like five dollars and I really liked playing AC on the PS2 when I was younger, but have not played it yet. Should I give it a try or just sell it for a dollar and wait for the new one?

Give it a try, while it may be somewhat different with more speed, it's still Armored Core at the end of the day.

>it's still Armored Core at the end of the day.

in this dark times, those words are like a oasis in the middle of the desert

I will check it out. Thanks for the reply.



Give it a try. AC4 is one of my favorites and there's nothing quite like it. The new one might still be >1 year away, no better time to familiarize yourself with the franchise.

Just be aware that AC4 is not considered one of the better titles, so the series goes uphill from there.



Any channels where I can see high level AC gameplay? 5th gen is prefered but anything's fine. I like this guy a lot, for example youtu.be/GDtL9D1jDlI

Depends on what you mean by "high level". There's definitely a skill gap between the average US/EU and JP player. It's also hard to tell which players are very good from a single video, given that

High level pvp in 5th gen would involve lots of team communication and planning long before the fight, usually abusing highly skill oriented things like UWs, Piles, and sniper cannons. But that level of competitive play is not needed because there are few too teams capable of doing that to warrant that much effort. You can be the best ranked team or win every match without resorting to those incredible feats.

Mo Cyan's videos are a pretty good overview of what an experienced player would do, but there's a lot of meta around it. I don't think anyone else I'd recommend watching actually still uploads anymore.


>remaking AC4's intro using ACVD models

yes please

Maybe high level is a stretch, mostly I'm looking for videos of people who know how to move, use Scan mode / overboost / boost hopping effectively, and use good builds, so I can show new people how properly played AC actually looks like. A dumb let's player using a SUNSHINE premade doesn't really showcase what For Answer is about for example, and it looks boring as fuck.

> so I can show new people how properly played AC actually looks like.

Fromcheng's tournament videos are best for this because he has commentary explaining things while they play.


this is my favorite one



That's pretty good, thanks