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Me on the left

Me on the right.

Me under the bed

Hey friends, I have no bandori pictures on my new computer so can you dump all of your favorite and cutest bandoris? Especially those TsuguRan ones from that one artist who is a hero.


I don't have any TsuguRan, but please take this super cute Arisa.

I picked Hagumi because more people need to love her.

I picked Kokoro's solo duet, but I would've also voted for a Misaki Michelle duet.

What happened here?

Fuck she survived. Im gonna have to go back and try again what a chore.

They're trying to unlock the sharingan by murdering their family

she tripped and fell



Those four consecutive notes at the beginning are bullshit even for the god of thumbs.


He didnt seem to have a problem with them

He is forced to use both thumbs for the left side taps.

Nah he does that cause its fun

>when user actually complies with my request for Ran OP
Thanks, OP user. As a thank you, have a word cloud.

>/gbp/ blacklisted

>/gbp/ blacklisted
What did word cloud mean by this?

>>/gbp/ blacklisted
uh oh

/gbp/ blacklisted wrong guys.
it means blacklist user is the wrong one

If we blacklist the blacklist user, does that mean we actually blacklist ourselves?

>please moca getting himari
please dont actually word cloud

>moca getting himari dead instead
Now we're talking.


>top Sayo

This is what too much renshuu will do to you.

I turn into a cute girl?

Is there a recording of the Budokan TV program that just aired?


Sorry I meant super cute.



What does that say?


I don't remember Chisato's chisatos being that big.



Koreans have enlarged perception of human anatomy.

Who do you guys think will be in the next event?

me ran moca kokoro and saechi

me (bear suit) 24 girls

4* Tsugu

A mixed event with an Afterwho 4*

Which guaranteed 4* banner has the better pool of characters? Start dash or 4mill(?) Downloads?

Just roll both to get 2 4*s user. You wont regret it i swear.

I love when there are Maya's in multilives because all her cut-ins are super autismo and it's really fun to listen to.

I think it is just a man who can't have his 4* waifu.
And wants to have sex with her.

I really need them to hold off on 4* Tsugu I don't want to leave you guys yet!

What even is in the beginner 4* banner? Is it not all the currently available ones?

Should have done this since the beginning.

Didn't look up all the cards but noticed that start dash has 0.088% for Individual cards whereas the other one is 0.075%

Did you start playing before 9/12? Maybe the start dash gacha uses the pool from the 3* ticket at the time you sign up.
Are the last two names in your start dash 氷川日菜 and 氷川紗夜?

What is Start Dash gacha? Something for SIF?

Nah I started after 9/12 but those are the two last names for 4* in the start dash

Good one.

Is it not?

No it's for Photo on Stage!!

Come jam with ya boi. Maybe the last time I see you gents if 4* Tsugu is next gacha.


if you actually speak japanese why are you here instead of actual japanese bandori forums
we dont have anything interesting to say and we are basically just clueless spastics

>why are you here instead of actual japanese bandori forums
Because I like you guys.

Spastics nips are even worse user

I don't think those exist outside of twitter

are we the world leaders in bang dream discussion


we definitely are. nobody else can talk about bandori facesitting like we can.

Don't worry user, I'll go right with you when the Eve gacha rolls.

Its probably reddit

jesus fuck no

Guess we should omakase if we let randoms in.

Fucken tryhard nip dodgers


>took too much time picking a song
>get dodged

I told you guys about going as a team of 3 instead of opening our secret rooms.

Not that I know what the bandori subreddit is like (No, really, I don't.) but if it's anything like any other mobage subreddits, it's probably no better than their Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums in general equivalents.

hmmm okay
Well for your original question:
If your goal is getting a scorer 4* then Start Dash is 6/17, ~35% (Rimi, Yukina, Ran, Kokoro, Aya, Sayo). The 4m adds two scorers (Tomoe, Chisato) and one non (Ako) so there it's 8/20, 40%.
Don't think any of those were limited.

I think they were afraid of the misaki song, they didn't know I was about to tear it up.

Well i dont know too so i just assumed they have more people than we do since they are more mainstream

I doubt the reddit has mentioned facesitting, foot smelling, or armpit licking even once. In that regard we are the superior source for critical bandori discussion.

Stop talking about ribbit and get in here nerds

H-How many stars do you have saved up for 4* Tsugu, Tsugufriend? I'm gonna be sad if you leave us.
If I get her and you don't, I'll be willing to give you my account if it keeps you here.

I cant play with you on my tablet since my team is only 1*s

Right now I have about 10k. I am willing to buy the biggest star package 3 times but if I don't get her after that I'm out.

It was nice meeting you Tsugufriend. Why do all the good people must go so young?


Got the best possible scorer. Well done. And there is even her pet dog there to support the team too.

ever since 180k rooms opened i havent gotten more than b rank

Really? I get SS way more often in master rooms.


Is it still going?

I'm done so there's a spot open


Of course.

I agree with this user, only here we can talk about doing a grupal hug with Aya-chan!

Make that two spots open.

I roll in every pure gacha since the event and don't have her and mr. level 8 over here gets her just like that.

Yeah, sorry. Phone was low battery and gotta charge it for the time being.

Still need two more dankmeisters. Don't tell me you can't get into master rooms.