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>Where do I get games
>Where do I get Nintendo games
>Where do I get PS3 games
>Where do I get 3DS games
>Where do I get games
>What is the best emulator for...

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redream new gui

Should i use Windows or GNU/Linux for PCSX2 emulation? I have an AMD Polaris GPU.



That looks quite sweet.

Thanks, you too.

Can you elaborate on that, please.

AMD drivers on Linux perform like utter crap. You'll loose out on performance here. Obviously you also won be able to use the DirectX renderer on linux.

For what it's worth, you could try out a Linux Live DVD and see how things work out without having to actually install anything

Performance is not really an issue for me. I mostly play native resolution or 2x at best. Ive heard there is some low latency mode in PCSX2 under Linux or something. Do you know anything about it? Thank you.

I love emulation and harassment!

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Reminder that Byuu asks for money for preservation, yet refuses to dump undumped games.

zsKnight must pay for his crimes.

I want to play the wii pikmin port on dolphin with a gamecube controller. How well does configuring a gc controller as a wii mote really work out? Experiences?

zsKnight did nothing wrong!

The controls are literally the only difference between the Wii and Gamecube version

Why the fuck does he "refuse" to dump undumped games?

Is there a limit to this guy's autism?

That looks quite pretty.

for those of you that know that it belongs in the dump.

WTF happened to retroarch/libretro?

Pinball Deluxe no longer crashes.


byuu happened

fixed the spacing for you

Apparently RPCS3 just received a takedown notice from Atlus and removed all P5 trace from their site, including threads in the forums.


>developer isn't man enough to go to court

Why? Aren't they in Russia? What the fuck could a bunch of 4 foot gook betas possibly threaten them with?

They made Earthsea game?

Why would this only happen to them? Why are they the only one to bow down?

Cemu is making bank and nintendo didn't do anything to them

That doesn't explain anything. He didn't rename/fork the projects.

Because fatlus was bluffing and RPCS3 were the only ones stupid enough to fall for it.

Or it was some butthurt lard pretending to be Atlus that didn't want his favorite toy to be emulated

takedown for what? they're doing nothing illegal

Because there is absolutely nothing to be done.

Every single time a company sued an emulator author, it lost. Sony's retarded lawsuits against Bleem! were built on the basis of bullshit like "you can't use screenshots of copyrighted games for comparative advertising". They got a preliminary injunction stopping them from selling the software, but Cemu's not really selling anything.

Huh? I was just wondering about the name of the projects and if someone had forked them.

>He tries so hard to make anti-libretro memes but he still sucks horribly at it

source? if on the discord give me a search term

look on their site all p5 references is gone and they removed the update progress

> if on the discord give me a search term
Looking at it I can only find people with more question than answers so don't bother

> rpcs3.net/blog/2017/07/13/persona-5-is-now-playable-in-rpcs3/
Still flaky without an official word (which they should be able to come off of). Regardless, it won't stop their discord and youtube from blowing up about any progress.

If Atlus was involved and this was their intent they shot the wrong outlet.

Of course they did. These are the same morons that threatened to DMCA YouTube videos that spoiled Persona 5.


Just challenge the DMCA claim.



higan is a socialist emulator

big if true

Reminder that Byuu not only refuses to share his code, he refuses to dump undumped games.

Socialist indeed.

But Higan doesn't come with any games and I KNOW byuu would never endorse software piracy...

ironic considering that some of his actions are capitalistic.

I think that u try2hrd

His actions would only be capitalistic if they made him money. No, his actions are selfish.

Didn't he charge some company for a license to use his emulator or was that another emudev?

Yeah, he asked contributors to sign away their rights to him and then turned around and sold licenses for scummy companies to use bsnes in non-free products, and simply kept the money for himself.

Doesn't sound very socialist to me.

SP voice reveal? youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=zkFUp7aQmFM

Socialism is a system in which private property is abolished. All property in a socialist system is owned by the government, which allows or disallows citizens to use it as the government sees fit.

For Byuu to claim that Higan is "socialist" while he holds copyrights on it and uses those copyrights to control *his* intellectual property demonstrates his own ignorance about the system of government which he espouses.

Yes, he does.

Hes probably talking about democratic socialism. Doesn't mean only the government owns everything.


Or he has no idea what socialism is.

This is day 1 shit.

>he asked contributors to sign away their rights to him
>said contributors happily did that

There's nothing wrong with double licensing code that's yours. In fact, it's a pretty recent development in open source circles: open-source to open-source, corporation to corporation. If those contributors didn't want to allow byuu to do whatever he wanted with their code, they shouldn't have signed away their rights to it.

It's about as sad as SP melting down in nerd rage after people take his code and put up paid apps on the play store for massive profit. Try reading the GPL and MIT licenses, or even the FAQs people have written about them, before you use it for your code so that you don't embarrass yourself in front of the whole world because of your oversight.

You people get fucked because you're ignorant of your own rights. Software developers are mentally incapable of pulling up the text of copyright law via the Internet and even attempting to form a basic understanding of it. Then when people do things you don't approve of you have epic meltdowns on IRC instead of suing the person responsible.

Who am I kidding? You retards probably don't even leave the house much less have the gall to show up in court before a 3rd party


No, that's GregrorR.


Does this mean the hatchet is finally buried?

>You people get fucked because you're ignorant of your own rights. Software developers are mentally incapable of pulling up the text of copyright law via the Internet and even attempting to form a basic understanding of it.
I think you missed the point entirely. The issue being raised here is morality/hypocrisy. I doubt anyone here, has personally gave byuu licensing rights and regrets it.

Any reasonable person can at least acknowledge that he took advantage of others for his own personal gain. And that his words don't entirely match his actions.

>Who am I kidding? You retards probably don't even leave the house much less have the gall to show up in court before a 3rd party
Nice projection..

>His actions would only be capitalistic if they made him money.
He sold licenses and did not share any of the profit. I don't think he even offered to share with anyone. Which is why I said some of his actions are capitalistic.

If i understand correctly, he also asked for donations (to receive SNES games) in the name of preservation, yet has not dumped any roms.

See you next weekend.

>they shouldn't have signed away their rights to it.

When the only way to get him to accept code is to do that, then no one should give him code. I find it funny that he whines about higan being forked when he limits contributions like that.

anyone here able to make this give the finger?


Everything that's not forbidden is permitted.

>he took advantage of others for his own personal gain

No. What happened instead is a bunch of developers signed away rights to their own code without a full understanding of the consequences. What happened to the code after that act is no concern of theirs.

>Nice projection..

Unlike you I've actually been in court. I know you people haven't because you think some automated DMCA claim or retarded C&D is something to be scared of. It's not. The real scary part is how little balls your favorite developers have when it comes to fighting for their projects. Guess it wasn't actually that important to them, huh?

Higan is GPLv3-licensed. If you don't accept Byuu's terms ("sign away your code to me") then you're more than free to fork his code and maintain your own version with your own changes. That condition is about getting commit access to his repository; the GPL license already gives you permission to copy and fork his code.

Like you said, people eventually wised up and did exactly that. And Byuu has absolutely no right to complain about anyone forking his crappy frontend either. If he didn't want that, he shouldn't have made the source code available or used a permissive license that allowed it. Making pissy forum comments on the matter just proves how much of a koolaid-drinking moron he is -- seems he just picked a random popular license instead of considering what he wanted and didn't want people to do with his code.

It's not like Byuu or SP would ever sue you for infringing his own license anyway. If you're not willing or able to enforce terms in court, you might as well have given it away. The Chinese are copying your shit, and they are untouchable.

What if I want to play an undumped revision of Pachinko Fan Shouri Sengen?

Buy it and dump it yourself, or sit around and wait for someone to do it.

kodi RetroPlayer is looking good, gonna make RA irrelevant soon



Happy Birthday, turtle!

>Everything that's not forbidden is permitted.
You're not wrong, but I just can't stand phonies that pretend like they are doing good things for the community, rather than for personal benefit.

>What happened instead is a bunch of developers signed away rights to their own code without a full understanding of the consequences.
I can't argue with you there, either. I wouldn't have trusted the guy. I think they put too much trust into him.

> I know you people haven't because you think some automated DMCA claim or retarded C&D is something to be scared of. It's not.
Personally, I'm not well versed on rules & regulations, but aren't legal fees costly? I'm sure that's the main concern. A common argument being made is that even if you win the case, you'll still have to pay a lot for the court case.

>The real scary part is how little balls your favorite developers have
To some extent, i agree. Some devs are too afraid to even share illegal docs, out of fear that Nintendo may go after them.

Interesting how in the last thread you had an user shilling rpcs3 and claiming that DeS was "PERFECTLY PLAYABLE", and kept dodging questions about how it was running, when even rpcs3 devs themselves admit the performance is shit even on a 6700k.

Tips on emulating Metal Gear Solid 3 on psx2? There is serious slow down, the game is in slow motion and I am lost on how to fix it.

was more so pointing out the p5 videos

The DeS video is from two month ago, the situation has changed since then in many games, I don't see why Demon souls would be any different.

You don't, if disabling the widescreen hack and making sure you're not using the 60fps hack isn't enough then you can't fix it.
t.4790k / 1070 owner who still had massive slowdown in places with that game

Try the HD collection in RPCS3.

Ah, so it's a problem with the game itself?

>4790k / 1070 owner who still had massive slowdown
Wew, PS2 emulation really is a joke.

No. It's a problem with the emulator.

r u sure, SP was posting how were were all going to be megabutthertz when RA was added to KODI.

Not gonna work any better as of right now, SPU LLVM might change that hopefully.

Yeah, it's amongst the worst I've tried performance wise

>conveniently ignoring the "in places" part
user please

>>conveniently ignoring the "in places" part
I'm not. That should be irrelevant with a high-tier (CURRENT YEAR+2) GPU and a CPU that is about as good as you're going to get with STP.

>I just can't stand phonies that pretend like they are doing good things for the community, rather than for personal benefit.

That's why you keep your source code and knowledge to yourself. It's the only leverage you have.

>I think they put too much trust into him.

They did.

>aren't legal fees costly? I'm sure that's the main concern.

Depends on your country. The state may or may not provide you with a lawyer. If it does, it may or may not be a good or motivated one; I hear public defenders in the USA will pressure you into settling with the other party or making a deal. Either way, you still pay in opportunity cost, for trials will take a lot of time. You may or may not win the case, and there is always a possibility the company will just settle with you out of court, killing the possibility of any actual legal verdict.

If this was really at all important to you, why don't you collude to make legal defense possible? Everyone contributes money, you get a lawyer.

Is a little emulator project that important? Not really. I seriously doubt anyone involved will ever, EVER actually sue anyone. As far as I know, the worst libretro people have done is politely ask Kickstarter to shutdown projects that violate non-commercial licenses of snes9x and mame. If they actually had to drop cash for a lawyer and present a legal case -- you just know they'd fold quick.

So you just know these moronic Byuu/SP rants don't hold water. They could have literally said "THIS IS MINE YOU CAN'T HAVE IT" in the license and they'd still do nothing if you took their stuff. Even worse: when they fail to uphold their copyrights, courts will assume they are implicitly giving permission to the other party.

>out of fear that Nintendo may go after them

Nintendo barely even exists as a company in my country. Only people in the USA, western Europe and Japan have reasons to fear any kind of retaliation whatsoever. The Russians, Chinese and South Americans are knocking themselves out.

I love how emugen turned into autistic rants

Great attitude for preservation there dude.

sounds more like you are Exophase and BTW, all of you in this scene are pretty much thieves and criminals. You all make money and get rich off basically making WiiU piracy machines and Nintendo dS piracy machines, then you rationalize to yourself that you didnt do anying wrong because you 'reversed' it and emulators are 'legal', knowing full well the few emulators that are actually clean room reversed can be counted on one hand and most just elect. to plagiarize some SDK.

So in a scene composed of lower to middle class scrappy nerds all engaged in one fom of illegality or another, there is no honor among thieves. Pretty much a shameful bunch of scum all around.

Asking again from the last thread. Metroid Prime Trilogy features major graphical glitches when playing with Direct3D 11 as the renderer and No Ubershaders, or Hybrid Ubershaders, to the point where the menus don't have text or icons, and the Wiimote Wrist strap Splash Screen and Home Menu don't show up at all.
Is this normal? Other games, both through Dolphin and just other DirectX games seem to work just fine, and Metroid Prime Trilogy works perfectly if the Ubershaders are set to Exclusive. Just want to make sure something isn't fucked up with my computer.

Are there any N64 games that are known to work better when injected into a WAD than they do in Not64?

SP pls, less drama and more Beetle PSX fixes. In recent builds I've noticed that the PS logo at the end of the bios sometimes sort of "warps" off-screen, this occurs with both Beetle and Beetle HW, regardless of renderer, but it's far more common with HW rendering. This did not occur in older builds, and doesn't occur on standalone, so something is broken.

Just wait for that dynamic recompiler. Any day now...

last update was 5 days ago, apparently you are behind the times, it already works in a branch, just too fast right now.

Who still has the special RPCS3 Persona 5 build, or tips how to configure it for that game?

Hey, if all you wanted was to aid in a preservation effort -- by all means, give your code away. So who cares if Byuu signs away the rights to some retarded company? That doesn't actually hurt the goal of preservation at all.

The truth is you people are hypocrites. You claim you're all selfless saints and then get mad when people make even one cent off of your efforts. Even when it doesn't actually harm your "preservation" effort, you get mad. We can only infer that you have ulterior motives that you have not revealed. I'd say it's a good bet you all want notoriety in this "scene" -- a silly power game. So don't come here claiming you're a "preservation" enthusiast when it's really all about you personally becoming the savior of the SNES and its games. It's really about you personally building a better core-implementation abstraction like libretro turned out to be. If you were really so selfless as you claim, you wouldn't get mad when someone "took advantage of your work" and turned a profit using it. If you were actually giving away everything no strings attached, the very idea of being taken advantage of wouldn't even exist.

If there's no honor among thieves, why bother with a license at all? It's hilarious. How clouded your thinking must be, that you present a "thief" with a license and expect him to follow it's terms. Pretty much nobody even reads those license files. Not even the people who use the licenses read and understand them.

Emulators are legal. You're stupid if you think otherwise. You can make money off of them too. The trouble is having cash on hand makes you a target for litigation. Who said there isn't wealth redistribution in capitalist society?

I don't know who Exophase is and I don't care to check.

over in the previous thread, byuu was crying over piko interactive (a one man guy now holding the bubsy ip) trying to arrange a license deal with hum, until he figured he could just take it since its gpl and not pay him a penny. which he did, and now byuu whines and cries about it. problem is, while technically permissible, it is a really scummy and immoral thing to do and you burn your bridges with the people buttering your bread. good businessmen would not do that and would not be so childishly onedimensional about saving a couple of worthless pennies, they would look at things long term, weigh all the pros and cons and give the guy whatever he wants to make the problem go away. only bottom feeding no-name, no-class, lower to middle class loser entrepreneurs would operate in this manner. and we sll know how much correlation there is between an entrepreneur and a con artist.

Is visualboyadvance the v)best gba emulator?
What are good controllers for gba emualting?

mGBA is by far the best GBA emulator. Despite being a tranny snowflake, Endrift is incredibly talented.

Ok gonna check it out but gotta go now
I assume it has savestate and rewind options?

Piko interactive could have done 3 things.

1. Take byuu's code. Pay him exactly $0. Release any modifications made to the code as per the terms of the GPL. Profit.

2. Strike a double-licensing deal with Byuu. The code becomes double-licensed: you FLOSS faggots get the GPL version while the company, who's presumably paying him money, gets a proprietary license to do whatever it wants with the code. Profit.

3. Take byuu's code. Pay him exactly $0. Modify it and refuse to release the changes. Watch him cry himself to sleep due to his unwillingness to actually sue anybody. Risk getting fucked by the organized GPL enforcement agencies that exist out there. Possibly profit.

>it is a really scummy and immoral thing to do and you burn your bridges with the people buttering your bread

Yes, because people who make pages like this are certainly valuable business relationships you want to preserve above all else:


It's not like you need to be on their good side anyway. They'll put their code out there because they take pride in it. Them liking you is not a requirement to be able to use their code. They can hate you with all their might and you're still going to use their code, and if you follow the terms of the license they can do exactly nothing about it, even if they were to drop the cash for a lawyer and try. Well they can publish scathing blog posts but those do nothing but harm their own image.

>while technically permissible

That is the only thing that need be considered whatsoever. Nobody gives a single fuck about "morals". We live in a world where a doctor can be sued for damages by the person whose life he just saved. Your morals don't matter.