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>Itadaki Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary demo launches October 10 in Japan

>Secret of Mana remake Japanese voice cast announced

>Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate TGS 2017 demo off-screen gameplay

>Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary adds Silvia

>New PlayStation Games for 9/26/2017

>Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan 2 to launch Vita in Japan

>Destiny Chronicles Details

>Bullet Girls Phantasia - Gameplay TGS 2017

>Atelier Lydie & Suelle’s TGS 2017 Gameplay Video

>Demon Gaze II character trailer and Details

>Bullet Girls Phantasia English version Rumour



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

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It's been announced for PS4/Switch/PC only.
Similar fate as Blue Reflection.
Well at least that wasn't ported to Switch.

way too big

>is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon
is this that one with that thicc hestia girl?

I'll try to find something for you flat lovers next time.

God fucking damnit user I've been trying so hard to not waste my entire fucking day looking at ecchi and hentai and you do this to me.

Repeat after me:
She is not a Dumb Bird. She is a Good Woman.

We need to go bigger.


She is not a Dumb Woman. She is a Good Bird

Can someone who got the platinum trophy in atelier totori help me understand the adventure point system a bit better? For example I already ranked up and in the license menu it tells me I haven't done shit like "do 10 quests on bronze level". Do you need to do absolutely everything in the licence menu to reach max rank or are there more than enough points even later on to rank up? Also when I can rank up but still get some points are they already for the next rank or do I lose them?

what the hell
I was looking for that one the most out of these new gen ateliers without mel and hidari



It happens.

>Don't follow a guide
>for the Arland trilogy

To each their own

I've seen too many hozumi touzi reisz doujins

Oh and yeah, someone asked OSTs for Atelier games here are two for Ayesha and E&L: Stuff


You could've just referred them to the op dumbshit

Pro-flat are never happy with anything
Yeah she was in the previous OP

>I swear to God, if this witch doesn't shut the fuck up...

>If you have NA PSN you should start with the Arland trilogy to take advantage of the Flash Sale though.

I'm EU, I think I'll wait until they go on sale and then decide to buy one of them, thanks! I got plenty of games to play right now (going through Mary Skelter and new NepNep is releasing in a couple of weeks) anyway.

Ah yeah, there's some links as well. Good that you reminded about it.

On your first playthrough you really shouldn't. If you get stuck, or want to clear out all the endings then sure.
Maybe it's just me but following guides on your first time through a game is a surefire way to suck the fun right out of it.

Uploaded Rorona OST here:
The rest is in the OP

I don't enjoy missing things or running out of time so I used a guide and enjoyed it enough

I want Totori to suck the "fun" out of me!
These torrents are good as well, especially the Hresvelgr soundtrack.
I followed most of them with a guide because I didn't want to miss character events or the good ending, even more so considering Totori's flags.

That bitch on the left needs to get fucked in her womb.

Don't talk about my wife like that.


Not the user that asked but thank you.



Feel free to die any time.


I love her

She's too young user. Wait a couple of years.

So easy to get lost in these emerald green eyes.

Younger is tighter and better.

But user, the trilogy is really cheap!
Don't you want to make a cream pie with the ateliers?

For some reason scenes like this make me really happy.

I just wanted Rorona and Sterk to be a canon couple.

>too young
No such thing.

Sterk would go to jail.

He's in EU so he doesn't have the flash sale price. If he waits a bit then EU will probably get a nice sale on Ateliers too so it's best to wait.

It is 55 euro, that's not too expensive but I'd rather wait for a sale, as I said I'm going through Mary Skelter right now and I got NepNep already preordered coming out in 2 weeks-ish, and last Friday the new Guild Wars 2 expansion came out so I'm also playing through that.

Life is hard, too many videogames, not enough time.

Not when they got older.

Raiko is never wrong

Rorona gets younger though. :^)

It's like a real family gathering and having nice comfy time together.

What you want to to find a wife and make a happy family user.

>Not Shis


Gonna need a pixiv id breh.

Too old and too crazy.

I want to get a double naizuri from Cordelia and Totori.

how do you know she's too old? Can't argue with the other one.

*with extra cream

>oldest of 14 kids

Unless Ozen had a lot of kids at once or has a harem she's in her 30's.


And how would you cum? By getting your heart stimulated by the weak heartbeats you can feel through their skin?

>crazy snow lady in her 30's
A wonderful combination.

>oldest of 14 kids
Sounds like her mom wasn't screwing around
or was she

flat chests are super soft

Pettan pettan tsurupettan



that isn't indecent, Lilian. That and that is.

She just took after her mother.

Mary Skelter question:

What's the optimal way to play the mimic class? I got the scholar ability which gives me skills from the enemy but I can't put any points in it so I obviously should spend those in other classes. Should I unlock secondary classes (like mage or healer or whatever) and stay in them while using the scholar skill or should I go back to playing mimic to take advantage of her passives?

Vita's flat chests are too alluring.

>14 kids

How many will Rulu want once she runs into Haku again?

I want to do indecent things to Lilian.

Best girl

>Do you need to do absolutely everything in the licence menu to reach max rank


>Also when I can rank up but still get some points are they already for the next rank or do I lose them?

No, you don't lose them.

>Maybe it's just me but following guides on your first time through a game is a surefire way to suck the fun right out of it.

For Atelier games, it's the opposite. My OCD demands me to get everything and I'll feel bad if I just cruise by not knowing what the fuck I am doing.

There's a scene like this too in Meruru about the Totori cast.

Thanks user. You can have this miku.

Is it wrong that I want to impregnate Michiru?

She looks like a holy Saint. It's perfectly normal to desire her body in such cases.

Alter is better.

Unholy spirits can never be more pure than a holy Saint.

>Nio pops up when Escha is talking about Keith being No.1 on the most wanted list

I like little things like this that only those who've played the prequel would get.

Except that one actually is.

Post more.

Keeping it moderate with Jannu tends to give better results.

I agree with this user

I'm stuck in mary skelter /vitagen/, help me out. I am in chapter 4 and I just recovered Cinderella's earring/shoe, Jack fainted and the party went back to base. I played a bunch of events there and had a weird scene with the guard dude that looks creepy as fuck.

Now I got no more events and I don't know if I should keep exploring Downtown or if there's any other area I should be investigating instead. Any tip?

Alters in general are more fun than their counterparts, at least in most cases.

I prefer the purity of holy Jannu.

If I want to search for an Alter brand scale figure of an alter version fate girl, how do I differentiate this in a search?

Good night vitagen

weren't alter figs the bad quality ones?

Totally understandable, user. However, I side with this user here: Alter Jannu and Saber had more of an aggressive personality that I really like.


>playing DRV3 demo
>yasuhiro dies
>monokuma breaks the fourth wall and says this is the second time yasuhiro has died but whatever just ignore it

Wait, what? I played all 3 games and watched DR3 and specifically remember him surviving everything. Am I missing something?