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My slut is...

Spring brides

Hey faggots if you are newfags starting now on heroes grab your fucking BK because he is not coming back any time soon.

My little sister!

fucking degenerates

should i invest anything into a +HP/-ATK cordelia

i have a ton of hana fodder so i can give her life and death maybe

How many orbs are you sitting on user? Who are you saving for?


101 orbs. Saving for Kaze.


I don't play heroes.

Is a +Spd -Res Ninian OK?
I merged another Ninian into this one but I hope I didn't bamboozle myself

-Attack Cordelia is dead fodder.
Give someone their Brave Lance, Galeforce, or Triangle Adept.

Didn't play this game and I'm starting to get annoyed with Raven. So he canoically ignores his sister and has a strong attraction to Lucius? Sister is a bro-con?

>Investing in a -ATK unit
>Using Cordelia at all

Oh come on now user


Wait, that's is! We creampie Femui and Elise at the same time!

*kills his brother*
Psh, nothing personell.

402. Saving for charlotte

I want a Nowi alt!

>Male Corrin
This is your Halloween banner ladies and gentlemen.

Why even respond to him if you aren't saving orbs then? And why say that in a thread that predominantly discusses heroes?

These seem like okay pairings to go for provided I don't fuck up and get everyone killed again.

Nothing really, just don't have a reason to spend.
I kind of want Elincia and Klein but eh, I don't really have a use for both.

How do you get everyone killed in SS? Are you 12?

I can believe this.


>I don't have a use for brave bow
huh, you're so smart



>Man Corn and Water instead of Lobster and Hinocopter
No thanks

Pls respond

What if Halloween Takumi retakes the meta?

>grand matron
>Nowi all grown up and with over 50 children

98 orbs. I don't know exactly who I'm saving for. Maybe Genealogy


I have a ready to go Effie and Hector, and a shit IV BIke and enough feathers to give BK QR3.

I NEED that Amelia banner. I will whale so fucking hard.


Playing with Femui's tail! Burying your face into her hair from behind! Smelling her Dark Breath+! Impregnating all three of her holes! Cuddling until you fall asleep together!

It's a dancer so any IV is fine, +spd even moreso to avoid being doubled.

I guess I am not allowed to post anything anymore.
First Heroes dominates the general, now they try to stop people posting if they have never played it.

Give it two months

4. Saving for Elincia.

I already have brave bow fodder, though, and I don't really have someone to give it to.
>implying I would kill Klein



Is this a Persona reference?

Same, but I'm up to 362 now. I was braced to spend them all to get Elincia since she's one of my favorite characters too, but I got her in 60 orbs.

You and me both know it will be a Femui alt.

I'm not a clever man.
Not recruiting reds also plays a part in it.

*Brother's son becomes Lord of Velthomer with qt wife*
Looks like Azel wins in the end BBQ boy

How many years/games until ISIS is forced to give us another Magvel game/remake

Mah nohrian


>1½ months without a new GHB

45. Saving for Naruto.

I'd roll for cockura ironically desu

I did something similar. I was prepared to spend all 140 orbs I had for Elincia and Neph, but 65 was enough for them both. At 179 now.

>alright boys, get ready to hand over those V-cards! Now start lining up from darkest to lightest!

Excellent taste. It's a crime that he isn't in yet.

What would his class be?

He's probably just fishing for (You)'s user, he posted something similar with Severa with no context last thread.
Have a Camilla for the trouble. inb4 he posts source anyway after I say the nigger won't

Kaze will be shit when they release him like all daggers

It'll end up like an Eldigan Shagall situation where there's a branch of the family that is wielding Falaflame from Saias but not ruling. Eventually it will find its way back to the inheritor of the Crusader's power, like the Heavens intend.

I'm liking the reruns

Why is Charlotte still the only character who is a holiday event exclusive?

Seriously axe Charlotte when?

Reposting from last thread because why not, maybe we can have some discussion.

Why aren't daggers melee? All colorless units are ranged as it is. I kinda get that thieves and the like have speed and dodging as their main defensive ability, and dodging is not a mechanic that would work well in heroes, but I feel like there was unexplored potential in the effects their weapons or unique skills could have, maybe even to simulate dodging. Or hell, just outright give them more defensive stats.

Colorless is still hell, but as more good archers keep being released, there's more good fodder for them in the pool. The same could work for the other two weapon types. I wonder if they're actually taking steps to balance out daggers and staves

I don't know and it's not fair but I need my waifu NOW

Not as good as Nah or Morgan desu.


>Panic Ploy and Threaten skills don´t stack
What a let down.

feh hates green

Groom or Butler Takumi!
Swordsman Takumi!
Flying Archer Takumi!

They could very well add melee daggers, or just make melee daggers a type of sword. For some reason, I couldn't imagine Dew being a throwing knife user.

>IS slowly gives us Charlotte variations every half a year until we have every weapon for her except axe

That user's right though

Takumi x Camilla is funny and adorable, the only cross-royal pairing worth a damn IMO

What is the best line in the franchise?


We're in Tempest Trial season please try again later

A reminder that the summoner support shouldn't be wasted.

You know who you are.

That's not Ryoma x Xander

>not having the older brothers impregnate the other nation's little sisters

All that def on wendy.

"Pick a god and pray"

i liked the demo

I can't believe someone actually saved it!

Pick a god and pray

Lynn has always been my favorite character in the entire series. Awakenings had some close contenders but i will always love having the last Sacaean in my team.

Ninian is a melee character so most of the time she won't be dealing with magic. Honestly, she's there for her dance so her IV's don't matter too much.

Alright sweeties but how about this


mating press




Pick a god and pray

It's a bit of a shame that Kiragi of all people would be stuck with Camilla's good stat bonuses, but yeah it's a really adorable pairing.
>attention starved Takumi getting infinite love from Camilla

Why wouldn't they? Panic Ploy affects buffs while debuffs are a separate thing handled by threatens and the like. Attack ploy works perfectly fine with Panic, for instance.

Pick a god and pray!

Writing a smut for real this time

First 2 replies = fighters
3 replies after that = spectators

The 2nd spectator will rape the fighter who lost. The fighter who lost will be decided by the 6th reply, via the last digit of the post number being odd for a 1st fighter victory or even for a 2nd fighter victory.

FE characters preferred, but any character from any media welcome? You want Batman? Go for it. You want Lebron James? Say the word. But ONE FE CHARACTER must be in it, at least one.

>regular Charlotte finally gets added
>there's another green unit on the banner with her

It's a good pic