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- iTOS: Klaipeda (NA) Fedimian(EU) Silute(SA) Telsiai(SEA)

>/tosg/ Guilds info:
There is no /tosg/ guild in Varena, if you want one, either wait for someone to make one or roll a Templar.
If Guild is recruiting, please post in the thread.

Futureproof (ApplyAFineHorse3)
cute (Merigolds and Majiene)

Kotatsu (Colyo)

Comfy (neshoi)

CoffeeHouse (Capyba)

Lewd (Nanaumi)

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Is that ApplyAFineHorse3?

I want to make a battle-templar or support templar. How do I do it?

Honestly wait for Monday, information on how Shield Charger and Forge work are scarce right now.

>battle templar
>support templar

*blocks ur path*

>struggling with anything in this game
how pathetic can you get?

>struggling with anything
how pathetic can you get?

>not struggling at all
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cute horse3!

Why does she look so smug?

How do you know having a nigger rape you ass will make you struggle?
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Because she's the leader of the strongest TOSG guild.

It's only gay if you don't struggle.
She knows how worthless she is because of those 2 circles, and she's smug because people are actually paying the 1000 talt tax to stay in CnL.

>She knows how worthless she is because of those 2 circles, and she's smug because people are actually paying the 1000 talt tax to stay in CnL.


A strongest tos guild is a strong than the weakest bot guild.

>anybody on?


When will they add the beach costumes to the Recycle Shop?


Hopefully never. I also hope everyone that wears them dies a painful gay death.

We need more furry costumes to be honest desu

Yiff in hell, furfag.

Not gonna happen.
But more like them and coming soon!

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Maybe soon!

is 800 evasion ok?

Evasion is shit.

I think we need even more cute costumes.

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>jew class is so bad, she had to sell a leg to survive
sad times


i haven't played in 4 months, is the game less shit now or still the same?

>4 months
still pretty much all the same

>played priest in both iCBT1 and iCBT2
>constantly told it's pointless because the revive crystals exist
>game releases
>chaplain comes out
>everyone plays priest
>instantly lose interest
I wish I could be a contrarian and not have a shit build at the same time, but it's just not possible in this game.

but priest is good and chaplain is shit


i forgot to draw those cute mobs

>>priest is good
>He's dying or getting hurt
Just like my sides
>Also considers the 2k damage to make a difference
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They day of the rope will come soon for you murmillos


It's ok I already have several rank1 alts at 330

How do I monk? I like the beam attack but im constantly told its useless.

You beat your enemies to a pulp with Double Punch and stack strike debuffs to crush them at atomic level with God Smash.

who the fuck is this fag listing potions one at a time


there you go, buddy:

was to

it used to be ultra cool but the new dps formula crippled it for what I heard. I think you can still use it for the cool factor while not losing a lot of dps. this pic is form before mechanics rework, monk is overall much better now but I ended up resetting him into PD

I think that you can max double punch and kamehameha if you want and you'll still have enough point for the rest, after all, once you hit inq, it's all about DP spam into wheel + god smash after monk's strike debuffs/armor break

Come to think of it isn't the beam attack going to be useless even in PvP now since you can't chain knockdown as effectively?

sometimes, all you need is the quick first knockdown to pop a mole, drop a coin and SMASH

you have mats for that stage 10 two handed mace already, right?

It's gonna be funny seeing these janky builds trying to fit in Paladin/Monk dips just to use 2h maces. Might be legit for Druid 3 but nobody plays that class so whatever.

>nobody plays druid
>one of my in game buddies pretty much mains it for wb poison tick

We tested on different wbs and whoever said the druid poison doesn't count are fucking misinfo agents.

>Play priest in both closed betas
>Still play priest to this day because I like and ejoy it and I'm not a hipster shitter

It only works because the game is dead. Anyone can get a cube now.

>Play x in both closed betas
>Still play ... tos

No, somebody said it doesn't count for the dps ranking cause it's poison, it actually does and we have been doing WB since rework and we pretty much always cube. He always did max ticks for 555k though so 8m per minute isn't bad as a padding to help get ranks.

Not really "maining" if you're just logging in to do bosses with it and have no intention of gearing beyond having enough defenses to get a few monster attacks off.

>as a padding to help get ranks.
A padding to what? To druid's dps? Druid has no dps.
To party dps? The dps for ranking isn't combined.

The beam is for serving your cryomancer masters by shooting their ice walls.


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Did you try ERP her?

I want a useful class for my 2 mages, should go Alchemist full int to do those sweet awakenings or having suport alts is pointless for the foreseable future?

Who wants shitty awakenings with the new item stat reroll system and the death of ele damage?

>sweet awakenings
Welcome to Tree of Savior, I hope you will enjoy the game.

Support alts are fine. 2222 is an okay build still if you want to farm high HP mobs or mobs with low spawn density (although, corsair is strictly better for the latter).

Necro alts are best for afk farming.

meta FF
meta ElemWL
meta CryoChrono
craft chars suck

have never been sweet (after beta)

Judging by your answers having anything on the lines of Alchemist/Squire is a waste of time and i should stick purely on making silver?

Awakenings are what's shit. Alchemist are eh. It's not really worth it until they get around to improving awakenings and briquetting.

No, Squire is very very useful.

My lodge has my main, which I use a bunch of other characters to help fund. Support characters to the main are definitely useful. Below is my general layout:

>2 SRs
One is my main bitch, the other is just a 140 slave. The "main" SR also farms high spawn rate mobs or HG
The most universally useful alt, base camp literally changed my life. Food/weapon maint is great too, and I use my shitty repair 10 when there is no other repair on the map
I like to setup shops with 17 blessing wherever I want, so my pardoner sees a lot of use.
For afk farm or farm while I watch anime
For farming monster gems or low spawn density mobs
I used this to farm orange recipe mats but lately it hasn't seen a lot of action.
I thought awakening would be a good idea too, but I use this the least by far. Awakening is hardly worth the potential, though I still do it on non-BiS gear if i'm already done upgrading it and it has leftover potential. I make pots when I don't feel lazy.

Squire is ok.
BaseCamp(Teleport) and Foodtable(buffs) are nice, max both.

Craft/Shops, like repair, suck cause there are 9001 of them, undercutting like mad

Repair / Weapon Maint / Pardoner don't really suck, but I value streamlined farming, so being able to put them wherever I want is something I like. It's also nice being able to rely on yourself for a 17/17/12 pardoner or full INT Squire.

If you aren't my level of autist then it's certainly true that you can find lots of at-cost repair and pardoner in town.

Shop classes are for utility and convenience, and farming is for silver.

Holy shit, you are THE uber autist.

Yeah, but what's your main?

How should i build him, and other stats like Dex or Spr are worth investing?

I main CryoChrono, fuck you in advanced

Max Camp+Table
One Maintenance only and max it. Armor sucks big time

STR if you want to do dmg. CON if you want to 'tank'.
or whatever else, does not really matter for Squire

This is mine, you need repair less often than maint and 115/116 repair squires are aplenty. I still use my own repair 10 if I feel like it though.

If you go weapon maint, get full INT. Or STR for leveling then reset to INT. Other stats aren't worth it, it's STR for leveling or INT for maint.

The Int is really justifiable? Even maxing int trough items+bonus stats+330lvl i would get something 6250 + 350. Isnt it to much overkill?

>Isnt it to much overkill?
It is.
Only ~5% and you'll not gonna use that much in 1hour. Even if you do, rebuff weapon.
Reseting a Squire to INT is a waste.

But no stat is importan for Squire, use whatever you want.


for reals though you don't really need the INT and STR makes dailies easier so STR is fine even longterm.

Now what meme should i go for leveling fast and doing daylies? Swordie3Cata1Squire3?

i was thinking is something like this:

Sw2Hop2Squire3Lancer or Sw1Pelt2Hop1Squire3Murmillo. Have fun.

i like hl3squire3templar

>people don't know about the super secret top tier DPS squire build

You're welcome.


It can only fall so far. There's still the turbo autists and their army of multiboxed necromancers, and the fucking Chinese still bot this game en masse to sell gold to the 2-3 people that actually RMT in this game.

I never played swordie in my life, how's this?

Put 80 in Dex rest Str?

>Lancer r8
>Riding: No

How the fuck do I get a cute costume for my Scout?!

Pay up. Get a real class. Change your fucking poorfag hair for fucks sake.

TP Shop / Gacha Boxes
get cute classes

Then this?


You pick Mergen for R8.

may I ask where do I exp as a 290 plague doctor?

Type /indun and you'll find out.

Will the game let me set up a spell shop if my character doesn't have any valid spells to sell? Getting real tired of channels resetting when I don't want them to.