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>Latest news
- Dragon Slayer II (and much more) Dev Blog
- RuneFest 2017 is over thank god
- DMM Autumn Invitation is live, ends during RuneFest
- Fossil Island buffs, good content
- Fossil Island release, lots of new skilling and pvm activities
- Champions scroll cape

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1st for mod wolf!

Sayob is BACK!

>go from 61-69 hunter in a day
>still 11 more levels to go until I can hunt the cute boar pet

I don't know if I can make it lads
Hunting salamanders is too click intensive to do for hours and hours

Selling Rune Pouches/Emblems - PM "Cute Pker"!

Vote NO to Dragon Slayer 2

House party tomorrow at midnight gmt
Dropping over 100m in loot and "fun" games
Join "PennJillette" poh w327 rimmington
Not invited: ironmen

how do i make money as a f2p

You dont.

kys tranny


does tomorrow at midnight mean 2 hours or 26 hours



nth for spineless jmods


god, what a shitty game......

Will mr glowing stand in the corner again???

>Non-hardcore iron"""""men"""""
Literally worse than bondies

>67 slayer with those stats
Did that take a while or is Slayer really that easy to level up?


>starting ironman in 2016 - 2017

Daily reminder that RoT DDOSed the invitational AGAIN and ModMattK defended Wolf for advertising this IP logging event.

Fuck this game corrupt fuckers. Literally letting cheaters walk away with 20k cash




dumb precure poster

>less than 100 bh kills
i remember my first day on runescape

Fucking bondies

what are your honest thoughts on deadman mode?
do you play it every season?
why or why not?

what are your honest thoughts on deadman mode?
Fucking trash mode for idiots who think they are l33t gamers who end up getting shut the fuck down by RoT and their band of DDOSers
do you play it every season?
Fuck no
why or why not?
See above

>tfw the QnA will be 1 minute of Mod Matt saying reddit over reacted and RoT earned the win

It's a lot of fun for the first few days, but only if you put in a loooot of hours. I play most seasons but only if I have enough free time - this season I don't, so I didn't even log in

mr glowing was run over by a bus in 2012.

hilarious shitshow, I'm not sure why reddit is trying to turn it into the pinnacle of PVP tournaments, it's basically the WWE

>do you play it every season?
>why or why not?
pic related

>he thinks a maxed main is a bigger accomplishment than a 1250 total IRONGOD



>reddit bookmark
the absolute state of this general

Meme E-Sports mode to get Twitch views. It's Jagex's way of advertising the game for new players.


It's more fun to watch (not the finals) than play honestly. The game mode has had a clusterfuck finals with controversial results every season. Honestly it feels a waste of Dev time, but I can see why they'd keep shilling it for the Twitch views.

Need 21 more qp for culinaromancer. Any particularly aids quests I should avoid or should I just go down the list?

Just get Darkness of Hallowvale over and done with already.

does anybody want a cool exclusive code from runefest :O

>reddit bookmark
>yung lean and tyler the creator humor
these are you "rs07g" posters

Has there been polls to add new chat effects?
There should be.

>more reason for people to put public on off

how do I make the client go to osrs when I open it?
I download it and every time I open it it goes to rs3

70 prayer or amulet of fury?
t. poorfag

i see a lot of people shit on osbuddy if it's so bad tell me what client you use and don't you dare say fucking official barebones garbo client noobs

Why would you not use the official client?

by downloading the oldschool client?

wait so the rare fossils have no use?

Beta uprising imminent

exactly what I did
I install it and it opens this

>using anything but the official client
classic reddi-, I mean rs07-, I mean reddit rs07g

>turning public off
No matter whether you're in public or any cc in existence it will always devolve into people talking about smoking weed. Don't kid yourself.

you're doing it wrong. uninstall and try again

what is the lowest cape I can get that has some bonuses to melee

done this 3 times, but gonna do a 4th one in case it works

>that loot pile
absolutely disgusting


And you're sure you're using runescape.com/downloads/oldschool.msi?1506289761103 ?

You could try getting good and using the client for real men.

yes and now it's even worse wtf

pls respond this was hard for me

70 prayer if you plan on doing slayer or bossing because piety is broken if you can flick well.

>hiding name
you're just as bad as osbotters

>having invalid transform paths
this can't be real how do you fuck up this bad

I don't even know what the fuck that shit is

What process exactly do you use to uninstall it? Do you just go to the directory and delete files randomly? That wouldn't even be enough to do that

too dumb for osrs

What's wrong with hiding my name, botter?

of course not, I go in the control panel, programs and features and uninstall it properly

probably this, desu

lmao how are you uninstalling and installing it? Have you played osrs on that system before?

I uninstall it properly
I've played on this pc, but recently I reinstalled windows it and it's the first time installing osrs afterwards

I think he might be retarded

>paying billions for a piece of paper you put on your head and provides literally no stat bonuses
justify this shit

Try this, user:

favorite skills?
least favorite skills other than rc?

The end goal of anything in runescape is to make noobs jealous. Nothing makes a noob jealous more than a party hat.

what fiction do you speak of

it's a status symbol

favorite skills?
least favorite skills other than rc?

he can stay iron and still feed gold to his main
either way hes dumb af

god dammit
I wish I was making this shit up

RC and Agility are the best skills though, user.

Stop nobody thinkgs this

Zeah Runecrafting is great and Ardy Agility is the best course in the game. People only hate Agility because they never get beyond level 70.



thanks everybody now I can waste my life and hate myself once again

wait so you were seriously an idiot and not just a meme who ate replies?

No user, I did it.

yeah I was actually having trouble figuring this shit out
was what worked

but why? do you get people here that fails to install just for replies?

fair enough

Papas being cancer again baka senpai

Also reminder to never do clues

magic, enchant jewelery -> high alch can be fairly profitable



Shit streamerbait gamemode
Every season's finals have been a fucking disaster, no point grinding my ass off just to die to some bullshit like fog or RoT booting off routers

that's the sound you're gonna make when you take me inside your mouth

Brings attention to the game and takes pvpers away from wildy so I can do shit there easier. I don't see a real downside, it's not like they'd take the prize money and funnel it into developers, that's not how business works.


I don't like the idea of wasting time on something that will disappear shortly after, the finals are always a clusterfuck and would just aggravate me I'm sure.