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scarlet johana is best johana.

Both Ana's and Junkrat's release skins are so fucking pathetic; they barely change anything in their models. Basically just recolors.

Post you are player level retards

Why is Sonya so fun?

so just like in overwatch


>wanting overshit characters to have nice things
You must go back

the redpill is that default tint on default skin is actually best, like every other hero (except arthas that ugly bastard)

>attack while moving
>can go over terrain
>lobbing attacks can hit backline over frontline safely
>super high range
>two huge range ults
Who /dayonebuy/ here?

>weaknesses: CC

>attacks can hit backline over frontline
waow what a unique and different feature
i should start spamming raynor because he can do this too
they must be like the only two moba characters ever to have such an ability or something,

Succubus kerrigan or dreadlord jaina? this is important

I don't think you get how much potential range and disruption bouncing AOE grenades will be to squishie backline heroes. It won't be like 6.6 range, try more like 12-15 when max bounces.

>almost 4k doritos
>dont know what do

what would you do?

buy happy cloud
pick your favorite 100-400 triangle skin for every hero you own/play
hoard the rest

were junkrats abilities spoiled at some point? or what

>happy cloud
No, buy angry cloud, so when you're tilted as fuck about your feeding teammates you'll have company.

>pick your favorite 100-400 triangle skin
I already have the non leggo skins I want

user is just shitposting because he's mad they're adding an OW hero instead of another ebin horde warcraft assassin

then hoard the rest forever until a good skin you want gets released (maybe lightsaber varian?)

You can see some of them in the Volskaya assault video
Start here and go frame by frame.
>lobs while moving
>grenades clearly bounce when they fail to collide with hitbox
>he blasts himself over terrain with a mine (can't see it, maybe cloaked?)
>has riptire
>has big rocket bomb ult thing
All there

save up for another jainalord skin then

they could add some non-shit alliance character , wait those don't exists
or some boss/legion/old gods stuff


High Priestess Ishanna or Velen would be nice for Priests since we hardly see any of them around.


this is so bad please delete you're computer


What an awful weekend this has been to play ranked in. They usually tend to be awful but this one has been a special kind of awful

but HOW will it benefit her?

Reminder that DONKTRAIN is our local THICC BOI



Reminder to shame every ungabunga poster you see. It's not healthy to this community.

ironic shitposting is still shitposting
just call the bungaposter a retard and move on
this shit is physically painful to read


i've decided any retard using bunga is a retard, whatever that retarded word means

it's pretty funny that he's stunning himself while jumping with the mine

I'm sorry you cannot see the truth as I do, but it is a task that nontheless has to be done, no matter how unthankful my peers might be for it.

Rest assured you'll see no bunga unanswered, except when I'm at work or sleeping or drunk or playing pathetic porn games or playing the actual game or when I don't feel like it. This thread is safe in my hands.

Didn't you know that everyone here is a retard?

That includes you, user.

Where are the TANKS?
Will next year be TANK year?

i don't invent words or copy reddit words or reddit quality pictures, but yes i know

It's a cross-general thing, if you don't know you don't play league or haven't lurked enough, the former is good and the latter is bad.
Point being you suck no matter what, just don't use bunga or unga unironically and keep the ironic use to an absolute minimum too and you're good.

Which hero has the highest skill ceiling?

me unga team bunga is not a reddit word it is a proud Veeky Forums tradition

His stitches would be more convincing if he lost a few.

Don't mind me just healing my entire team to full for nothing and punching your skeleton out through your ass



>quickmeme on battlefield of eternity
>alarak on team
>they go 0/3/12 on a 14 minute game that we obviously lost

it'll be this guy

i'm beginning to think that leoric is probably the best hero for carrying your team

>almost always present
>great at claiming objectives
>can dive squishies decently
>can neuter damage dealers with ghost walk build
>can tear down tanks with drain build
>march of the black king punishes greedy deathball teams
>entomb gets ez pickoffs

he doesn't strike me as explicitly amazing at anything except maybe the whole damage debuff aspect, yet he's so well rounded that it's hard to find a game where he doesn't do at least decently well

Is this a bungapost WITH anime?
Shame on you. Don't mess up this community.

I was Azmo and had the highest siege and hero damage on the team as well as the fewest deaths. I'll bungapost a game where someone on my team dives and dies nearly once per minute if I want.

I've had an okay time.

>teammate Valla takes every Q build talent EXCEPT monster hunter

how come malthael feels like absolute dogshit when i pick him but he has 55% winrate

is he really something you can only pick vs 2+ big beefy targets or on a map with a big HP objective monster or what

An off-tank whose value relies mainly on countering double tank teams will never "carry" his team the way a Sonya or Greymane can

>>almost always present
They completely nerfed his respawning talents, he's still annoying to deal with on maps where objectives are contested for a long time like Shrines/BoE but that's about it

>>can dive squishies decently
your E is your escape/juke, if you use it to "dive" squishies you must average 10 deaths a game

maybe you are bad at video games

He's 55% winrate because
1) people who play this game suck dick
2) He's basically unbeatable when against double warrior
3) 55% winrate still means he loses 45% of the time

Because he's really, really good and not all that difficult.

Or maybe you just need to git gud.


>chromie on brawl map

When is Nova getting new skins? Best girl is seriously lacking in cool looking shit.


I'm still waiting on her infested skin, the concept art had a neat identity outside of how infested Kerrigan looks.

she needs a casual friday skin like raynor and tychus

Browsing through my images and found this
Man things were so much simpler back then. Why can't we go back to the good ol' days?

who should i """""""""""main""""""""""" until i get to master in HL?

Whoever you find fun you nog.

not sure which supports are gonna be best after patch but definitely not rehgar

I only really use the specter skin, because it has a matching vulture bike

was rank 1 in preseason
now can't get back past plat 5
where did it all go wrong?


Place your bets

looking back on draft Artanis probably wasn't the best choice.

why is nazeebo not gutted

replace his trait with blood ritual and remove all references to maxhp increases or quest stacks
maybe keep vile infection with reduced damage as a talent option though

uses voodoo powers on devs

I'd say the Muradin+Jimmy picks are worse than the Arty.

Cause he is dog shit and doesn't win games. If you lose to a nazeebo you aren't even silver, probably bronze.

If they don't add RNG protection for boxes like Overwatch then boxes will forever be a waste of time/money.

There are like 82,000 cosmetics in this game and only 71 of them are heroes, so what's the point in even trying to buy boxes if your odds are better at winning the lottery.

>RNG protection

>so what's the point in even trying to buy boxes if your odds are better at winning the lottery.
(a) There is a pity timer for legendaries
(b) You can buy heroes with gold. Boxes made cosmetics available for purchase without the need to pay for cash, not heroes. Heroes being available is just a bonus.

jimmyjams is kinda funny on tosq though
you can take puttin' on a clinic and spam hyperions every 20 seconds

But I used to spend money all the time, now I just refresh stimpacks if they run out.

I feel like lootboxes just removed income from them because the RNG is too shit even WITH the pity timer of roughly 1 legendary every 17 boxes.

Only Alarak.

Other heroes in the game literal shit, designed for autistics with low comprehension and skills.

literally every paid lootbox system in videogames relies on consumers being stupid retards, preferably prone to gambling addiction, who don't think things through very much and waste way too much money trying+failing to get an item they want


Ended up losing badly. Feel free to tell me how terribly i did in terms of stats

>I feel like lootboxes just removed income from them
Not really. The system only worked for autistic whales like you while 99% of the populace didn't bother with the shop. Now everybody wants to buy loot boxes to try and gamble at a chance of getting cosmetics and doritos for a lesser price than whatever is advertised. And if they don't get what they want after 20-50 boxes, they can just buy the cosmetic with doritors. And given that skins aren't $20 each, it's attracted a lot of people. And clearly their model of "charge a 50% premium on new shit" works whenever they release new shit because of people constantly buying non-stop.

They changed their model to be more nickel-and-dime to make people spend more with smaller purchases and it works.

>be solo top and winning my lane, holding control point
>li ming rotates to my lane without saying shit or even attempting to gank
>just stands there
>rotate bot myself because no point in me being there anymore
>li ming immediately loses the lane and loses the control point
>everyone throws a bitchfit at me for rotating bot
>one guy leaves the game
>ask li ming why he even rotated top
>"u werent holding the point noob"
>narrowly lose the game at 28 minutes with a bot


Do you have a waifu if so who?

Your problem is that you didn't swap KT enough.

Bet he finished Convection in 2 minutes because nobody could touch him and you guys wanted to do some 5v5 mid.

My waifu is Bikini Stitches
That's actually quite accurate, to be honest. Kept hitting the Stitches instead of the Squishies.

I just knew someone by that used the same name on b.net from Veeky Forums a long time ago is all. You kids and all your unoriginal names

Their waifu was ruri

I'm always amazed at low rank meta. There's so much wrong with everything.

Your fault for rotating away.

>Kept hitting the Stitches instead of the Squishies.
it's okay, but only because stitches is your waifu

But butcharlisk is a good skin

you were equally at fault for
a) saying nothing
b) not taking advantage of a now 2v1 lane

What would the stats for Leroy Jenkins be?