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pastebin.com/wENXbKNh (embed) (Wow!)

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pastebin.com/55KZTiUK (embed) (Good Fight!)

>Multiple hero video guides


>Character values

>Gear modifier values

>Gear appearances

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1st for native american huntress

Dead game
>Dead thread
Someone put a bullet
>In my head

There will be no "Huntress"
Quote me on this


Since all the new hybrids are male gender locked and the new assassins so far are gender changeable, does this mean we'll have hunter with huntress and male only ronin? And in year 2 female locked heavies/vanguards?

I'm starting to kind of like these ballistae.

>That damage

N-nani!? Does that guy have negative defense or something?

You take double damage while manning a ballista.

Huntress will be the Viking assassin, Highlander was already a hybrid.
Ronin will be an Assassin/Vanguard style hybrid, since Shinobi was already an Assassin.

>Honorable (1v1) bonus

this is why i only man the one at C fulltime and use the others only when there are targets. with C, you get TONS of warning before someone gets in range to hit you unless you're retarded

Remember that smug anime faggot who was so sure there wouldn't be Gladiator, then never showed his face again?

Today i went to a festival who had some fake Japanese armor around,fitting for kensei
you guys wanna see them?

well its not the most off topic things for the general so it

Yes. Nothing else to do.

quality won't be the best for some of them
like this one

good start
why the fuck it's like that if it's showing properly on my pc


>Those horns and ears





last one


Starting to like this stun bomb thing, too. People tend to just run into it a lot if you toss it in front of them.

>going around at the festival
>sudden drums

xth for Ronin

And a lot of people don't expect you to double GB them for some reason.


Is this how Redditors are born

They even had that music? That's kinda sugoi, where did that festival even take place?

Descending dragon or Antlers?

Gotta go fast

>100+ rep peacekeeper main (Peacekeeper rep 30+)
>Starts edge speaking before dominion match

Jesus Christ

>Expecting anything else from an Assassin main

>it's a "samefag user tries to defend Centurion" daily re-run

Why not both? Just alternate between them.

I saw 3 stages,one for Indian dancing,another for mixed stuff(Japanese/chinese/Egizian/Nepalese and more) and one for Martial Arts
One of the japanese show had a bunch of guys playing small drums,with an old japanese man playing a bigger one while shouting YOOOO

165 more steel until I can buy the centurian.

What are my go-to moves to be super-fucking-good in 4v4s?

Getting nerfed.

Okay, I gotta ask, what's with weeb shit and this sound?


Spam kick while ganking, spam quick heavies followed up by jabs, and run if alone

It represents manliness.

Pinning motherfuckers for teammates to fuck up. Avoid kicking too much as it feeds revenge now. Same with jabs, only do them when the enemy is low health to guarantee death. Also be wary he might be nerfed in October. So earn him to a comfortable rep of your choosing before firing squad has your versatililty

It's used in kabuki theatre. So is pretty much every other instrument you hear that goes with that sound effect.


Hell yeah

>It's used in kabuki theatre.
I thought it was noh, not kabuki.

Wait shit that was just another tab

You're probably right. My weeb-no-jutsu isn't that advanced.

ronin leaks yet?



Nobody here went to the workshop let's be real here user lol.

lmao 2kat

You legitimately cannot dodge Valk's sweep as Shug, even on prediction, right? Your hitbox is just so big that it gets you every time anyway.

Post the best dressed maaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnn in the world.....
Or I'll eat your souls


guard switch delay fucks you over. if you switch guard to block but you're too slow and get hit, your guard will only start to switch after your hitstun duration and you're stuck in that guard switch animation which delays your dodge which causes you to eat the sweep


Not that dude, but the YOOO is all over the song in and it says that's a kabuki play. I wouldn't know the difference between kabuki and noh tho so idk.

>Beat a guy who's not playing his xXDARKSKILLXx main
>He busts out his mains from there on out to "prove" a point and play in the most "i have to fucking win" way possible
>Quits after spamming taunts

He reclaimed his "honor" and made you upset/annoyed enough to comment on a taiwannese image board for videogames


Why Orochi feels so weird to parry sometimes? Sometimes it's like the blade just fucking slips from the parry and impales your ass.


You mean his top lights? Because it's a 500ms attack that has a tiny parry window and actually comes out at 400ms now.

True, but it's weird how it's a constant. I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't immediately bust out his Rep 10+ mains to "prove a point" when I lose a duel.

I don't I just keep playing kensei

Are we ever going to get any decent looking armors sets? Goki's new masks suck. Just slight alterations from the old ones.

No. You're just meeting the average duel kiddie anyway. Once I pick a new hero, I follow some anons method he posted here. Which is just get them to rep 1 by duel alone, makes you get a feel for the hero. Currently on OBLIGATED, having a blast on managing my stamina like a workaholic/OCD person at a file session.

>Which is just get them to rep 1 by duel alone
That sounds like absolute hell.

Oh it is. But once you reach the goal, playing the character feels as easy as drinking water or breathing. It's what I did for Cent and Shinobi , and I'll do the same for ronin and huntress.

thanks to whoever that faggot warden was that just ragequit after round 1 in elim and crashed the game


ha ha hey ;) wyd rn?


Threadly reminder: put me into the op edition
If you think that cent is good in 1v1 you can go to

>Plays OP character and still loses
>When in doubt blame reddit

>havent played cent since s2
>havent lost a single 1v1 to cent since early s2
Enjoy your NOOPENERS

anybody have that faction war jeb/minion pic

>in tournament
>play whoever I want for pre-qualifiers
>make way to finals
>know this guy plays cent
>pick conq
>he can't do anything
>dodge shield bash his kicks for lights
>block his heavies for gb into heavy
>party lightspam
>sends me a message saying to get good
Kek, salty cents with no openers BTFO

Why does Shinobi consistently get revenge faster than the people he ganks? Is his revenge buildup doubled that of the rest of the roster?

Maybe you just keep finding people with high gear score? After all anybody still sticking with shinobi has got to be devoted. Alternatively it would make sense if revenge built based on your health but I have literally no idea if that's a thing.

Can i get a quick rundown on the current state of the game and if it's worth buying?

defensive meta is too strong. 4v4 = ganksquads and incompetent teammates/1-sided matches, all other modes = turtles turtling

not fun. not even a hater, it's just objectively frustrating and not fun

Its fun but don't buy it if you expect it to work or be balanced before next year (if ever).
And even then don't spend more than $30.
t. GoodGoy Edition owner

Literally fucking pirate it
t.Xbox high rep player
That's your best bet, I still like the game despite its short comings, but you PC folk have access to stealing, so do it.
Also duel is the most shittiest mode since attacking in duel means you lose


If you're a Viking and interested in a not dead for honor community come on over and give our discord a try. We're active for the most part, and we'd be happy to have you.
Have a nice night!

>nigress tranny
>too many knights

>probably kushqueen in disguise
No thx

there's a black tranny that plays for honor?

any tips for DUNMAGLASS man? I know he's shit but I still wanna try to be at least slightly fresh garbage as opposed to rotten dog shit garbage

I went to one once, but it was before the game launched, so I don't know dick about any DLC stuff.

On GB you get a zone, cancel after first hit. You also get a top heavy after you've thrown them to a wall, remember to switch your guard during the GB start to make sure its top. Crushing counter strike on all 3 directions lead to instant offensive stance if you've held the heavy button during the animation. If they dodge your kick, do another one, if they have a side dash attack don't. They'll stuff you with an attack before it's activated. Caber toss tracking is ok, remember to cancel the the kick to toss for range.
Also never bother using your second light after the first, since if they block it, they get a free GB no matter what. Your spin move the Celtic curse is great for 4v and people who role too late, but it's also ass against any numbskull who can dodge back or left or right. Also take note that your offensive lights consume more stam then most moves so only use 1 or 2 if you think it can land.


Theme Music: youtube.com/watch?v=eys1vNuY8-Y

>Long before Apollyon brought her war to the gates of the Samurai capital there were mighty swordsmen disgusted by their complacent peacetime Emperor. Rather than serve a dishonorable coward they became nomadic Ronin. Wandering the

outskirts of the Dawn Empire, dedicating their lives to complete mastery of the sword, the patience of a monk hiding the ferocity of a wild beast. A homeland in need and the call of a new, and worthy, Empress has brought these

vagabonds to the front lines and their finely honed skills will mean the end of many a foe.

Ronin: Hybrid: Mixup/Counter Attacker

Wields a Katana and Wakizashi

HP lower than Vanguards but little better than Assassins

>Ittōryū and Nitōryū stances

>Ittōryū has normal guard Nitōryū has reflex guard

>Ittōryū heavies do more damage and are faster but light attacks are weak

>Ittōryū GB gives a heavy

>Ittōryū Zone is 500ms but has two parts and is punishable on block with a GB, can feint the second part but it doesn't chain into anything, if both zone hits land you can transition into Nitōryū (your stamina will be low though)

>Ittōryū dodge lights can transition to Nitōryū on hit

>Ittōryū heavy hit gives confirmed Niten Ichi gut slash with the Wakizashi dealing >20 damage

>Ittōryū parry gives guaranteed Niten Ichi counter attack with the Wakizashi up and across opponents head dealing damage and applying stun effect

>Transition into Nitōryū stance from Niten Ichi

>Nitōryū enhanced light attack chains don't end on block and speed up with stance changes (down to 500ms only) but chew through stamina and stamina can't regen while the stance is held

>Nitōryū heavies are weaker and slower but can be canceled into enhanced lights

>Nitōryū enhanced lights can be canceled with a dodge

>Nitōryū stance can't parry, GB, or zone attack but opens up deflects

>Deflect delivers blow to chin of opponent with buttcap of Wakizashi which is then sheathed ending Nitōryū stance, opponent is stunned but Ronin regains some stamina and can transition into Ittōryū attacks but a heavy is not confirmed

The lack of a bash makes them dependent on feints to open up turtles an obvious weakness and might force them into turtley play in the current meta. Goal is to take the advantage with a successful hit or parry then pressure opponent

with a series of fast attacks in the two sword stance, ideally ending with a deflect to transition back before getting gassed out and punished. Risk a long series of attacks or end it before you get parried.


>Tier 1:

Fast Recovery, Bounty Hunter, Kiai

>Tier 2:

Chilling Stare, Mountain Trained Footing (Rocksteady), Righteous Deflection

>Tier 3:

Slip Through, Punch Through, Nukekubi

>Tier 4:

Unblockable, Poison Trap (from campaign), Auto Revive

Ronin are not leaders, they are accustomed to depending only on themselves and their skill with the sword. So no feats for calling in airstrikes from off screen troops, banners to help allies, and only one "damage" feat because everyone

apparently has to have at least one, but his should be something that wouldn't burn down a forest and perhaps makes use of his unique knowledge. I think it would be cooler if his Auto Revive worked by him not dying if killed without an

execute, but not even going down and regaining his full HP, tempered by the HP slowly draining away like a permanent bleed effect unless he kills an opponent (probably OP though).

user you've probably been the single most hopeful and most anxious out of the bunch. At least the negativity hasn't claimed you yet.
>I gotta admit I have something for savage women. But I'm sticking with my hunter girl over kenseis cooler brother


The obvious ideal here is to have a mix of armor options, some that suggest a level of protection and others that are just tattered robes. This goes for the head armor as well where some basket hats and unmasked options would be nice,

but would make designing ornaments a proper bitch and therefore seems unlikely. Weapon parts probably divided into two blades and one hilt option or blades, hilts, and tsubos.


Take out a pipe and take a long contemplative drag

Pull a drinking gourd out of nowhere and take a swig or pour one out for your dead homies

Blatant chin scratch and yawn

>>Executions: Gotta be Edgy

Pull Katana from chest and sheath it, opponent thinks they got a free shot and take a swing, quick iai draw chest slash with a gout of blood ending with Ronin behind opponent as they stumble to the ground

Wakizashi stabed into guts and katana sheathed, eviserate opponent with wakizashi, wipe blade down as they clutch at their ruined abdomen
That's all I've got, feel free to tell me how autistic I sound or how OP the moveset is, anything to pass the time until season 4.

>Enemy team has a Lawbringer and Shinobi duo
>The Lawbringer literally body blocks the Shinobi and never leaves his side, tanking while the Shinobi spams ranged attacks

I legitimately have a headache after that, holy fucking shit. Shinobi is such an abortion of a character and I really wish they'd straight up remove him. Who the fuck at Ubisoft thought it was a good idea to design a character based around avoiding combat and close range in a fucking close range combat game? His kick is totally, 100% safe too.

>Whiff the kick
>Do emergency escape backflip that you can also use to punish your enemy if they have the fucking GALL to try and punish you

>I lost against a duo that know what the fuck they are doing
Why don't you just ledge the lawbringer or have a teammate assist you Jesus

I didn't lose, and it was a Dominion game. It was just headache inducing to beat them. Shinobi is unique in that he literally never had to be at risk in that situation and could just keep running away safely, which is... probably why they lost in the end, because having a player constantly running from fights is a detriment.