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Pastebin with download links for FREE GAMES: pastebin.com/NzQifF9b (embed)

[YouTube] Fatal1ty - Practice time - By Mr Positivity (embed)
[YouTube] KovaaK teaches QuakeWorld mechanics - Episode 1 (embed)
[YouTube] Unreal Tournament - Duel Tutorial (embed)
[YouTube] Reflex Duel Guide - 1. Introduction (embed)
[YouTube] Quake Duel Theory by DDK (embed)
[YouTube] Quake Duel Theory by DDK (embed)

>(Incomplete) QC custom weapon skin showcase:
my.mixtape.moe/wrrdkk.webm (embed)

>List of /arena/ fags willing to play QC

old man thread

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haha yeah haha

First for that tutorial section

First for Slash is the cutest and most pure Quakefu, and we should have gotten a Slash comic instead of getting an Anarki one.

keel when

>that fucking OP
good fucking job

Fuck it, we'll do it live.

inject ranger with female hormones

there, happy?



Reflex can FUCK OFF


Is Quake Champions worth buying ?

QC is trash

incoming (you)s

QC is ok

Come back when everyone starts talking about the latest patch. We'll tell you then.

QC is an interpreted language developed in 1996 by John Carmack of id Software to program parts of the video game Quake.

looks like I'll have to get the cacodemon with irl shekels

QC is maybe

that's QuakeC

Because Ranger is actually living through gender dysphoria
>Too painful to be a dream. Too real to be a nightmare.

yeah but the joke doesn't work if I type the whole thing out
plus the files are .qc

these are your teammates for this match

You better suck Aniki's dick. He's the boss of this gym

Aniki and Leatherman as Ranger and Anarki when?

which champion has the biggest posterior?

Sorlag, technically.


The time it takes you to kill someone with LG and the time it takes you to die to someone else's LG is the QC version of the toilet minute proverb

Consider the following:

The reason why the lightning gun is so strong is because we have a lot of closed tight corridor maps.

If we had larger maps like the church and the Eclipse map, the lightning gun wouldn't seem as powerful. Large maps are my favorite to play on, they just give more breathing room imo.

probably nyx, but Slash's is nicer

Large maps will just prompt Railgun complaints. This is an oversimplification, but at least mid-sized maps allow for Rockets, LG and Rail to all be useful at most situations


LG complainers are either aimlets or people new to Quake which really think the reason they're getting deleted in seconds by a LG user is because hes using the LG and not because he's a Quakedad. Noobs can't make it work

Scale bearer and his tard-charge needs to be in dishonest.

Why is BJ dishonest/not dickish? BJ is so honest he actually embodies his character, a good old boy from Texas

can someone draw nyx/slash/galena/sorlag in this pose?

Dishonest for his active ability being an oh-shit damage boost, but not a dick because he sucks so bad in every other way and can't clutch on broken hitboxes or ludicrous speed.

>LG complainers are either aimlets or people new to Quake which really think the reason they're getting deleted in seconds by a LG user is because hes using the LG and not because he's a Quakedad. Noobs can't make it work

clips.twitch tv/AgileHappyClipzTakeNRG

>the counter to the LG has always been rockets, but they're underpowered at the moment

We say this every thread, don't need a "pro" to state the obvious. And his choice of words is poor - "underpowered" would mean they're statistically bad (they aren't - they're fast and high damage), the problem is, they're buggy and unreliable as shit. So currently it's pretty much "shaft back or run" to deal with the LG in Duel

Thanks for playing our KGB Quake, brainlets.
We will use your info well.

>kill friend playing as ranger several times on one same spot
>20 nailguns spinning on the ground simultaneously


Excellent choices but you forgot the one champ that would look fucking amazing in that pose Hunter

Close enough for government work?

Please God let QC live long enough for Hunter to get in so we have a model to work with

>excluding Slash

>he actually thinks she's gonna be as lewd as she was in Q3

nu-id is spineless, dude

You may already know this, but Hunter's QL artwork for some cards and backgrounds was also censored. They gave her more clothing than she originally had

user please, don't bring us down so early. I've been waiting twenty years... not giving up now.

Didn't Tim post a never before seen uncensored version on his instagram?

I think it was just the original. It was "never before seen" because the QL art was all-new, and that piece debuted censored

She was only censored on the card art, not sure why as she was just as lewd as ever ingame.

I thought it was never before seen, but that was my mistake- it turns out the uncensored version has been available on John Mueller's (the artist's) Artstation account for quite some time, but that isn't exactly a site that a lot of people even know about nevermind would think to check.

My point still stands. Tim posted that pic on his insta. He knows how we expect her to look.

>FrothyOmen is playing QC now

Haha good luck, /arena/
t. /tfg/

>as we speak an artist at id is trying to find a way to contain that bum
>cover those abs
>and ruin that cute as hell VA

Can we trust Tim? Is it even possible at this point?

>and ruin that cute as hell VA
Way too cute. She sounded like a ditzy teenager despite being a 6'6'' amazon killing machine

Something like Galena's VA would be a better fit

He can post Hunter on his instagram and mouth 'CONFIRMED' on streams all he wants, it ain't really up to him. On one hand, Hunter would be much-needed fanservice if added with the appearance we want (even Slash is a lot less lewd compared to her Q3A version), but on the other hand, she isn't even in the pipeline with four other champs already well in progress- and one of them being another brown-skinned, green-clothed woman.

One can only hope they'd get a proper VA, but I can't quite put into words what she should sound like. As for art, we just have to hope that whoever is tasked with modeling her is the same person who lovingly crafted Slash's well-defined tummy.

literally who

Also 'cause I hit enter too early, I still wish Ranger's default appearance was closer to that art instead of the more technological look they went for, even if it does take a few pieces wholesale (like the layered shoulderpads and the loops hanging off the belt).

Literally who from literally where?

>it ain't really up to him.
He's not the creative lead? Then what is he? He hasn't done level design in years

He still has to answer to the Bethesda overlords, presumably. Tim "Big" Willy bows to Todd "Lord of Lies" Howard and his cronies, and still has to rely on a bunch of mouth-breathing Russians to actually make the game fucking 'work.'

Titanfall 2 player who amassed a fanbase of clueless chimps that he showers with shitty opinions and bad advice, and the chimps take it as word of god.
If you notice an influx of babies, you know why

>implying space-amazon killing machines cannot be cute

It is hard to imagine Hunter as anything but the Q3 version of Hunter. And Ranger's armour is a bit too Yellow I agree.

I'm pretty sure Bethesda doesn't butt in with design suggestions unless they're prompted to. id is an ancient softhouse. NuDoom was a huge hit. It'd just be disrespectful to literally act as a filter for something as low-level as character design

/tfg/ and /arena/ should be friends
>Both have a fondness for projectile weapons
>Both like to go fast
>Both pine for a lost waifu with a great ass

Anyone know how he's doing in QC? I refuse to watch him after seeing him act like a shitheel in TF2, I just pray we don't get whiny slows ruining things.

tf2 is the worst fortress game

>It is hard to imagine Hunter as anything but the Q3 version of Hunter.
The only other way I'm picturing her is closer to the original Simon Bisley art, but that means exposed, flowing blonde hair and even LESS clothing, just metal nipple pasties and a string bikini- and more importantly, no massive, shit-stomping boots for crushing Sorg skulls.

I guess maybe she could work if you covered her up somehow, but not to the degree of the QL trading card- the underboob is a must.

Can you still play Quake with a key? Some weeks ago I was trying to install it but I had that black screen thing and I ignored it and I just wanted the game again and fixed it, but the site no longer gives me a beta key.

Can someone help, or do I have to buy the game?

>and one of them being another brown-skinned, green-clothed woman

she better have a dump-truck ass to make up for delaying hunter

no user, that's not what you want
because if they give her a big ass they have no reason to include hunter nevermind giving HER one- you have to think in terms of character silhouettes and shit here

>implying anything could ever fill the void of Hunter's glorious form
Shamefur dispray user, verry shamefur. You do not deserve space Amazon waifu, go and commit honorabur sudoku prs.

None of us deserve space Amazon waifu, don't be silly. She's too much woman to handle and we're all filthy men who could never best her in the art of battle.

I almost puked while playing this dogshit game today

>deny LG
>happily murder sorg on a daily basis
>snu-snu for eternity

You forgot the most important part
>Both are dead

Yeah, UT4 is awful

>bethesda shills at work


>implying you're going to outrun six and a half feet of angry amazon with no fear of pain and no love of equality

why must you be so cruel

Misery loves company

>tfw didn't think about leg length
>tfw 175cm
I-i can o-out strafe her r-right?

FFA is the most fun mode, prove me wrong

On bigger maps it's the best.
But on the smaller ones it's absolutely horrible.


what does that even have to do with anything

It should be Shub Niggurath

They changed the spelling of Shub-Niggurath to remove the part where it sounds like 'nigger wrath,'

They censored "Niggurath" to "Ngurath"

slash already has visible nips and cleavage
how would they back down on Hunter

slash has notits

lol wat
that's pretty stupid

I thought the meme was about her having a dick

seems they didn't want to BEAT THE NIGGUR

that's just a meme
slash is objectively flat

i read it as they didn't want to invoke the RATH of the NIGGUR
also, SHUB sounds like an epithet or something
just censor the entire game, no player models just brightskins