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> have a gross income of around 2k
> army cost is 1950
> net income is 50


> confederate with next faction
> upkeep drops to -2k a turn

That would imply the AI is operating on nearly -2k a turn? Fucking seriously? How dumb is this shit that they get to ignore economy, one of the biggest parts of the entire game

Isabella is messy with that wine...

Daily reminder that rats make wonderful pets and should never be bullied, especially by lizards

>our enemy skullmasherz have invited nordland to their war against us

So it's nothing and as always /twg/ is having a several thousand post long argument about it?

>I really do love you guys

I always thought that wasn't wine.




>Lionheart keeps trying to cast Bless with Filth on enemy units because he didn't read the spell description properly.

Is there a single LPer who doesn't constantly do this shit?

Normal difficulty best difficulty
artifical difficulty worst difficulty
used to play hard difficulty, don't see how it is improving my enjoyment in any way. Same for over normal battle difficulty, don't see how a flat statistic buff to the enemy is going to make it more enjoyable for me.


No, remember every faction including the player gets 2500 every turn, but his doesn't increase when you confederate. The ai only gets a higher tax rate & lower costs, afaik no flat money gains.


whats best ssd for total war games?

3 !

So wait, on higher diff in TWWH2, unit upkeep is going to go up?

Anyone else going to raze any cities not of your race so that you can build your own city type from the ruins?

i really don't like the idea of elves living in stone temple cities and what not.

>We’ve long spoken about our end-goal for the Total War: Warhammer trilogy: to realise the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world in the most complete and detailed way as possible. All those races from 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles with army books, each with their own starting positions, all playable in the kind of holistic, mega-sandbox of Warhammer joy nobody has ever attempted before.

They have the warhammer people they hired right this? This has to nearly bring a tear to the eyes of some people who have played fantasy forever.

Yep, it's pretty fucking retarded

If it works like that, I will. If even the new cities are premade into some other faction, then I will be really disappointed.

>the original and best Solid State Drive.

>nobody has ever attempted before
except for, you know, the call of warhammer mod

Pretty sure that changes when you upgrade your town

whose campaign is so incredibly shit that it isn't worth mentioning.

I can't believe they didn't give Skrolk a Screaming Bell for a mount.

Vampires can enjoy a fine Wine they drink more then just blood. Though it's probably both in that cup. Either way she's being very messy with it.

these can't be the final images right?

no it isnt

But Wulfric gets a mammoth, fucking why?

Why would he get a bell over a plague furnace? Thanquol will have the bell if any rat shall shall

Of course, settling anywhere is fucking retarded.

>Be a proud noble Dawi
>Live in Athel Loren

>Be a prissy Elf
>Live in underground Karaks

Any faction that leaves their designated areas is getting ethnically cleansed.

Wew lads, Thanquol is at it again.
>plotting to take Skavenblight itself with Clan Skurvy as pawns
His DLC will be glorious. Maybe they're saving it for the Mortal Empires update?

still stupid desu

>mega-sandbox of Warhammer joy nobody has ever attempted before.
Wasn't there a mod for Rome 1 that did it?

>anyone more stupid than dipshits like you who contribute nothing

What went wrong lads?

yes it is.

hell it wasn't until recently that it was stable enough to play more than 10 turns without crashing.

they update automatically when I conquer a region

is it not this way for everyone?

Not him, but I don't like that type of campaign(expanding is met with script spawning stacks and whatnot). The beginning of the end times was better, but they fucked up the campaign map in the "recent" patch or whatever so I don't play that mod anymore.

in TWW1 yes.

>Also, due to the different teams’ development schedules, Norsca won’t make it into Mortal Empires when it first becomes available – they’ll arrive in a patch soon afterwards. But we’d much rather release Mortal Empires to you sooner and get Norsca implemented in due course, which will then take the Lord/startpos count to 37/27.

This is odd

Either one honestly. They're sticking too much to the Tabletop rules for the Lords where many of them were stuck on foot from the older editions.

Vlad should at least get a damn horse.

we are talking about TWW2

Why can't we have navies in TWWH?
Not naval combat, just navies.
Just unit cards, names, stats for ships that can make up a navy which can be used in autoresolve fights only.
If embarking without a ship remains, a proper navy gets a massive boost to autoresolve vs an army that's just embarked on its own.
Otherwise, you need actual ships to be able to embark with your army.

This really shouldn't be that hard. They already have the models for the ships on the campaign map. They have the names in the lore. CA would just need to add new unit cards, stats and autoresolve values.

is it different for W2?

Not a problem, since Norsca was a mistake anyway.

>Shoulders wider than hips

thanks for contributing to the discussion bud

>more than a year since the game launched
>still can't separate Franz and Deathclaw into two separate units

Seems like it doesn't change on capture, but on upgrade

if it wasn't we wouldn't be talking about it would we?

Yeah, lad.
I drew a couple skavens, decided to make a "growing horde every day" meme for 13 days before release as some oc/hype shit.
Ironically, after copy and pasting so many fucking skaven, I might be so sick of rats by release that I play lizards or elves instead.

It just means we will get to live the Chariot meme again.
>Skaeling sailing a 19 stack of Chariots to Ulthuan's shores by turn 10

>Vlad the Chad needing a horse
>shush manlet.

Can't wait till White Lion Chariot comes in DLC

Gonna mod it into a mount for the White Lion special Lord you can recruit

well maybe a mod will fix that.

What happened with Witch elves they had lovely soft bellies and nice legs in one screen then a day or two later they were all ugly hags with badly photoshopped six packs. Did they fix this?

I don't really think the "change on upgrade" thing is a problem as long as it changes so I don't care

That's one pimping lion alright.

btw what's the lore between the different Ulthuan provinces? Which one is the Mousillion equivalent?

someone dug into the code

the AI automatically get 2k cash every turn that they go under 2k

that way they NEVER run out of money and can just spend to their hearts content because the next turn they get refilled

what do you mean by mousillon equivalent?

So is there a warhammer fantasy Australia, or maybe India? What's there, if anything?

>Which one is the Mousillion equivalent
there isn't

>There is an elf somewhere who's job is to shovel that things shit.

>Elves live for centuries

>Finaerion the shit shoveller will continue to shovel lion shit as his race slowly dwindles into oblivion. His shovelling but a pale echo of the shovellers before him.

It's all so poignant lads.

A cursed province full of fucked up High Elves.

>Wanting to separate Karl and Deathclaw

What the fuck is wrong with you. You're just fucking jelly that you'll never experience such a strong bond as Karl and Deathclaw have.

As a side note, you can raid them out of money. I've done it before as Archaon. Karak Azul under the Dawi was the last city left alive other than Norscans, and I plopped all my armies down to raid them and they began taking attrition and disbanding units each turn.
Still bullshit that they get free money though.


>fucked up High Elves
they are called dark elves

>His shit shovelling is so graceful and magnificent to behold that it could bring the greatest human craftsmen to tears.

lots of semi-civilized beat men and a million god pantheon.

don't think there is one.

Will the minor, unplayable factions like Dwarves, Empire, Bretonnians, Orks, Vamps, etc have their old research trees from TWW1 so we have something to research once they are unlocked via mods?

>witch elves cause anything in melee with them to go berserk

Witch elves are going to be the broken strategy for tww2, get them on your enemy's best units and laugh as they lose control of their army

>or maybe India
The Kingdom of Ind. It's got minor Chaos daemons that behave mostly lawfully as local gods.

love this game, looks so cinematic

Nagarythe is the province that was previously Malekith's domain. No one in Ulthuan trusts the province and it's basically deathly quiet all the time. Home to the Shadow Warriors and their Shadow King, Alith Anar, who have sworn to destroy the Dark Elves at all costs.

That's as close as it gets.

Nagarythe, now known as the Shadowlands is the former home of the Delfs and I believe starts under their control in game.

The lands got pretty fucked up during the Civil War, it has a Ghost population of remaining Helves who stayed loyal.


read the lore

them being "ugly" with toned bodies is a hundred times more lore accurate than super models with knives and big hair

>Were Cletus Von Scheissshovell to see such maginificient precision with a spade he would eat his floppy hat in shame.

I don't see why they wouldn't. If anything, they'd probably use any updated research trees. Old research that removed corruption had to have skaven corruption tacked on/changed to "uncorrupted", so maybe a few other nodes got tweaked, like wood elves getting +diplomacy with high elves/dark elves/lizards so they can make MA with them for amber.

Really I think they should not five any characters that weren't mounted on the tabletop a mount. It's dumb as fuck to have the great dueling wulfric riding a mammoth and knocking away whole regiments. Or have Isabella flying while Vlad stays on foot.

They all got kicked out and became their own race dude


I just want to see Franz get up close and smack things with his Ghal'Maraz while retaining that sweet terror bonus on Deathclaw

can you source that claim
because all i've heard about them is that they use magic to enhance their beauty

I've read it. Witch Elves are pretty. Even Morathi is meant to be pretty.

> can just spend to their hearts content because the next turn they get refilled

They don't because that would mean they would have endless stacks. They won't spend money if it is at a certain amount IIRC. So gifting a faction a ton of money will make them create a lot of stacks(that will die out after a while when you stop giving them money).

E.G It's a good way to keep Kislev alive and fighting. They will send their stacks to their deaths against chaos and keep making new ones with your money. Their stack making would be slow otherwise.

>not just getting the fear skill point

Full of horrible creatures, and only a bunch of oversized savages who used to be part of the civilized world could think to live there.

> They don't because that would mean they would have endless stacks.

but they do

ever seen the empire running around with 4 full stacks by turn 30? I see it all the time.

or VC? Or Thorgrim? They build up hard and fast to 4 stacks because they can just buy buy buy.

tired of rats???

how is that possible

If you read the lore with Morathi it talks about the exclusivity particular to her and in relation to hellebron.
no let your curiosity flourish and let it take you to the answer you seek

Malekith doesn't really sound like Gelt from what I have heard in these current streams 2bh

I just got my boy Balthasar Gelt after building the College. Do I spec him into magic, blue or red?

every time I start to get tired of skaven, I read that story of the skaven and his companions raping the elf and it gets me rock steady back in the game. love skaven


Ah sod, I meant "The Southern Wastes." It's literally just marked with "here be daemons"



Im extremely sick of talking about something that doesn't exist.

>lollololol upbote.