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>"Septem Pickup Summon"
Period : September 21, 2017 4:00 UTC - September 28, 2017 3:59 UTC
5*s Altera, Waver
4*s Nero, Liz, Stheno, Tamamo Cat

>"Main Quest AP Cost 1/2" (who fucking cares LOL)
Period : September 21, 2017 4:00 UTC - September 28, 2017 3:59 UTC

>"Okeanos Release"
Date: September 28th, exact time TBA
Confirmed rate-up servants:
5* Francis Drake
4* Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Facebook Campaign for 20k likes and 5k shares
-10 Saint Quartz


Daily Quests: fate-go.cirnopedia.org/quest_daily_us.php
Drop rates(Click at NA tab): docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_SlTjrVRTgHgfS7sRqx4CeJMqlz687HdSlYqiW-JvQA
Check the schedule and drops before asking in the thread

>[Miscellaneous stuff]
Master Mission: Complete Mission objectives each week to gain Saint Quartz fragments
Rate ups in JP FGO: img.fireden.net/vg/image/1504/63/1504639461326.jpg

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Drake thread

What do you think Scat's butthole smells like?

This is a thread for real heroes!


You dumb stupid idiot

Vive la France!

Liz thread!

fucking kill yourself

I'm next OP!

>Irish Slut cannot make threads without embeds
This wouldn't have happened if only you let us make the threads.

Lizfags seen with a rope. I repeat, Lizfags seen with a rope. Someone call the suicide hotline.

Damn George looks good in that

Get banned faggot

Orleans almost made me want to use my ticket for her. Too bad I already had Martha.


>They sold out on a boxset that cost 400 buckaroos
Is this the real power of waifus?

>evading a ban
I hope the mods come back

Can't wait for Drake and the Dykes


no u meanie!

I love his myth, and just catholic saints in general. That's why I did THIS

>already had martha
>marie spooks me twice
stupid france!!
her first interlude is so cute

But Marie is a better Rider overall.
She'll be a better Ruler too, someday.

The fact that St. George is only a 2 star is a travesty. The man is one of the most important heroes of Europe.

>thinking that there is only one lizposter
>implying it was me who got banned
Dumb anti-lizposter, remember the Lazzard Legion and kiss my shiny lazzard tail.


>implying we're not going to get an event for a property that's licensed by Aniplex already

Ebin dude

I got both of them in my tutorial roll.

Kirei St. Michael the Archangel demiservant when?

Waifus are serious business.
FGO practically lives off people spending cash to get their waifus and husbandos.

There's only one faggot that calls her "Lazzard" and has "lazzard" filenames.

>has a named sword
>murders a fucking dragon
>is a rider
>is a 2*

>skill level 8

you madman

Evil Cat!

I feel the same way with Leonidas.

>get temp ban for "being off topic"
>for telling players of this very gatcha game that there's a cheaper way to get cards to play the game

Fucking idiot mods.

Again, if you play FATE GRAND/ORDER on your APPLE iPHONE Amazon has $100 iTUNES cards for only $85.
Limit is 1 per person.

Damn you're more dedicated than me, I only max ascended him. I'm saving my grails for the tamamos


Nice evil artifacats.

>he gets tricked by a couple of filenames
Anti-lizposters are the dumbest race

Until her (now returned to existence) soul can be saved!
>tried to time a Jalter thread and failed because of the number of post getting deleted and when I posted it it was 739 again
N-next time.

You won't roll your waifu

Mods confirmed working for Apple.

>Lazzard Legion
You're less popular than a shitty loli, a girl with cancer, Ambition, shitty kouhai, a boy, and a traitorous fox

I want to breed with that kitty!

brb, buying stock in Apple

Avatarfaggotry is against the rurus you know?

I would actually whale for a St. Michael.

He could be ruler if summoned as such. HE has no desire for the grail at all. The real reminder is the part of his NP where he forces dragon element on. He does NOTHING with it. They probably removed the bonus vs Dragons purely because he'd be bonkers if he kept it.

I want my Geroge to be the ultimate waifu protector. Noone asks for my friend code nowadays but I know his time will come. And so I'll keep investing in his tanking, working towards his bond CE. I'll protect all of you you /alter/

But I will roll you, and any other strong servant. Also the jokes on you I will roll waifus.

I want to make fuck on this one!

Yeah but this was the US boxset, I don't expect us to act as crazy as japs

>Gawain starts spamming his noble phantasm every turn
>every time I block it, I get 100 MP

>they don't ship to my country
I should've bought the cheap digital codes when I could.

Leonidas I can kinda get because at the end of the day they didn't defeat the Persians, the united greek front did.

But that's not St. George, that's the God Emperor of man slaying the Void Dragon (who is actually a necron)

>My namesake is a dirty 3*
Think he'll get a 4* or 5* ruler version?

There's an implication in 40k lore that the Emprah WAS St. George.

Surely you're not complaining the one of the best 3*'s in the game is inadequate, are you?

He'll be a God send in Okeanos, if you use him properly.


>dirty 3*
>one of the best 3* in game

As a Georgefag you take that back.

There's always Davinci if you want a 5*.

So is there any reason DW doesn't want to let us have accounts tied to an email address? You know, as to avoid getting utterly fucked by losing your bind code or so on. Not to mention having a proper login would let you play on multiple devices without having to constantly worry about keeping the right bind code. Not to mention a PC version would be nice.

I really wanted Leonidas to be useful but he kinda sucks. Shame.

Wew lads

>2 lancer monuments
>3 assassin monuments


He's good, cute and voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura. What more could you want?


Ignatius Loyola servant when?

Yea I just read his skills and such, also is his Ark of the Covenant CE as good as it sounds? He seems pretty damn solid might have to grail him.

He's amazing for taking a hit that would kill someone more important.

she looks so happy

What's wrong with her face?

Now that's one smile I'd like to roll and protect

Wait for strengthening quest. He's a really strong tank with great buster team support.

Too much Moon

He loves David too.

>3rd ascended CA Hassan
>3x dodge and Crit Gen buff onto of absurd crit gen

Huh. I can see him being useful in certain situations in that case. Thanks.

babyfaced servant. If she had the (non-sexualized) body of a 8 year old her design would work.

What's wrong with your face?

The curse of Soejima

Should I spend 90 SQ and 2 tickets and attempt to get Waver?

What makes David so good anyway? His party dodge?

That sprite tho

Updated animations when?

I got so spooked when I saw it for the first time.

I have 170 quarz (started to play 3 weeks ago) and 3 tickets. Didn't use a single quarz yet.

Will I have enough quarz to summon sensei?

His CE is a budget Heavens Feel. The 10% instant death will never work on big things so your best hope would be the 1/1000 chance of it proccing on trash. Still, it's a unique card and his NP IS good if you have no other NP CEs.

Why don't you ask someone who really knows his stuff?

go right ahead



That, and his bond CE.

>Leonidas to be useful but he kinda sucks

ok shitty priest, what should I do?

jack every thread until she can be adopted

Bad artist, I-IV draws crappy females when his forte is mecha see Babbage


>already did all interludes that give quartz
Who /prepared/ here